WIEMSPRO SL in the ICEX Next Program, has had the support of ICEX and the co-financing of the European ERDF fund. The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company and its environment.

Wiems Lab

More than just a lab

What is Wiems Lab?

WiemsLab is a laboratory specialized in analyzing the impact of muscle electrostimulation on people’s health. Its headquarters are located at the iMuds Research Center of the University of Granada.

Our job is to apply quality in research processes and in their subsequent dissemination.

Our goal: is to understand how electrostimulation can help people improve their quality of life, and detect the best strategies for each case.

In this way, we analyze which are the best strategies and help health professionals and their clients in the achievement of objectives.

EMS / Wiemspro System / Wiems Lab

What projects are running?

There are various topics that are studied in Wiems Lab, but we can simplify them in two very well differentiated areas depending on the population to which they are oriented:

  1. Healthy people.
  2. People with pathologies.

In both cases, studies are conducted on the acute (short-term) and chronic (long-term) effects.

Important studies are: energy metabolism, activation of the nervous system, hormonal levels, hypertrophy and muscle strength, pain treatment or improvement of functionality and quality of life.

Our professionals:

Francisco Amaro Gaete

Project manager of the EFFECTS 262 research group of the University of Granada

  • PhD candidate in Biomedicine (UGR).
  • Medical student (UGR).
  • Master in Research at CCAFD (UGR).
  • Bachelor of CC. Physical Activity and Sports (UGR).

Francisco is a world benchmark in the professional field of full body electrostimulation.

He’s specialized in nutrient oxidation, physiological aging and the effects of exercise on klotho protein.

He is one of the star professors at international specialized symposia and congresses. He supports Wiemspro Academy by reviewing educational content and participating as a collaborating teacher in various face-to-face and online courses.

Abraham Carlé

Technical Director Wiemspro

Abraham Carlé Wiemslab
  • PhD student in Biomedicine (UGR).
  • University expert in micro and macro nutrition applied to health and quality of life (UAL).
  • Specialist in active cellular nutrition and orthomolecular medicine (INCA).
  • Expert in prescription of physical exercise in special populations (P & H).
  • University expert in personal training (UGR).
  • Sports science Degree.

Unai Adrian Perez

Researcher at Wiemslab

Unai Wiemslab
  • Graduated in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences.
  • Researcher in the PROFITH-ACTIBATE group.
  • Master’s degree in teaching staff at the UGR.
  • PhD candidate in biomedicine from the University of Granada (UGR).
  • Coordinator of the IPEFC blog.

Jon Cañedo-Arguelles

Technical Staff & Master Trainer

Jon Wiemslab
  • Graduated in sciences of physical activity and sports.
  • Master specializing in training optimization for seniors and master athletes.
  • Master trainer Wiemspro Spain.

Jonatan Ruíz

Researcher at Wiemslab

Jonathan Wiemslab
  • Department of Physical and Sports Education.
  • Professor at the University of Granada.
  • Research Group: CTS-977 PROFITH.

University collaborations

Wiemspro collaborates with the main Spanish universities in the research and development of their training and study protocols and validation of their effects in the different aspects of training.


Full body electrostimulation and physiological aging. Impact on health biomarkers.

Full body electrostimulation and strength work.

HIIT & Full body electrostimulation.