Wiemspro and Sports Performance · Electrostimulation and Football

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We usually receive many different questions about the usefulness of Wiemspro training in different sports such as football.

Our answer is clear, if you use the technology in the right way it could help you to improve the performance of your athletes and their recovery processes.

Today we will be focus on football, providing scientific evidences which could be _ to other similar sports such as basketball or handball.

Wiemspro technology into football

According to Andre Filipovic (one of the most outstanding researcher) it is possible to obtain much better results combining electrostimulation with conventional training.

Recent studies with soccer players shows that during fourteen weeks they reached their best scores in vertical jump, leg’s strength and velocity.

The improvements in strength were transferred to a football profile (lineal and both-ways sprints). Was proven that WB-EMS produced better results than conventional training.

Taking into consideration that those skills are being improved during the season, it should be completed with WB-EMS.

Getying better results with complements to your conventional training

Furthermore, the results of the workout seassions show that two sessions of WB-EMS mixed with 6-7 weekly soccer sessions can improve the capabilities that soccer requires in players during the competitive season.

We would like to point out that those interventions were performed using the continuous electrical settings. Imagine the possibilities that you could achieve with this technology, which allows the user to customise the electric impulse to his needs.

We attach the original article for anyone who wants to read it and study the processes in detail: Https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5131218/


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