Wiemspro system at Apolo Stark Fitness Center

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Tomás Mayén is the manager of Apolo Stark in San Pedro de Alcántara (Málaga), where they are using Wiemspro for more than two years and where hundreds of clients go through their gyms to train with our muscle electrostimulation suits, either in individual sessions or in couple.

Being a wireless system, it allows to move completely free throughout the gym, being able to take advantage of any available machines or rooms, and even go outside. The possibilities are endless, and with a reduction in workouts time that never hurts, with the busy life we are leading.

In this video we see how Francisca Serrano carries out a workout in the hands of Roxana, an expert trainer. Thanks to the comfort of our system Francisca moves with total freedom and performs exercises of any kind, adding to her training the benefits of electrostimulation. A winning combination


Our system, thanks to the latest generation device allows training up to twelve people at the same time, so the performance is maximum in every way.

Pioneers worldwide in wireless full-body electrostimulation, our system is already being used in more than 30 countries with more than 45,000 training sessions every month.

We want to thank Tomás, Francisca and Roxana for this video recorded in Apollo Stark. We really appreciate your confidence in our products and the enormous professionalism that characterizes you.