Wiemspro system in Entrenum

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Introduce yourself and tell us who you are in your center.

My name is Marcelo Fabiano, I am co-founder of Entrenum, we are a center for Personal Training and injuries Rehabilitation, Nutrition and Osteopathy.

What made you become a personal trainer?

My passion for sports and exercise has made me devote my body and soul to this profession. Without a doubt, what motivates me most of this profession is to generate changes in my clients´ habits. Beyond an aesthetic improvement, that is always appreciated, I think that a coach good job is much more than lowering the percentage of fat. Instilling healthy habits both in exercise and in eating a balanced diet is our main objective. I think that achieving this is the best job done by a coach.

Why did you start with your Entrenum personal training center?

We started in 2012. I used to work in a gym the whole day, I worked on my own, renting a room for hours. Luckily, with time, the room was getting small so we decided to ride Entrenum. As always, the beginnings were very hard but step by step we were growing, with a lot of work, affection and dedication we were making ourselves a little place in this world.

What have you learned in this sector during the time you have been working that they had not told you during your training?

Hahaha, this is good … A lot of things. Everything, good and not so much. One of the most important things is to be in the latest trends, have the ability to decide what type line you want to have in your center, from there on, you have to know how to select the new tools that are coming to the market which are the ones that adapt to the profile of customer you have and how to sell that product to get the most out of it. Today with the Internet and social networks we are immersed in a brutal amount of offers, both in tools and trends, training methods and in theory all are “the best”. It is important to have the knowledge to know how to select the tools that more and better can be adapted to your center and your clients.

What happened to you to decide to integrate electrostimulation and Wiemspro as a training tool?

In our case we were the first center that started in Barcelona with electrofitness. We started working with electro in May 2012 with the first (German) machine that arrived in Barcelona. It really generated a spectacular change in the center. The customers were very happy and motivated to work with this new method since the benefits it brought were noticed in a faster way than usual.

How has the training of your clients evolved?

From 2012 to July of this year we have worked a lot with electro. We calculate today that we have done more than 14,000 sessions. The market is advancing by leaps and bounds and we always stand out for being at the forefront in terms of technology and renewal, in 2015 we bought a second electro machine (from Hungary) that apparently was the best there was at that time. With time it did not give us the result we expected, in our center there is a lot of work and this unit gave us many problems. Because of this, we started looking for alternatives and going back to study the market.

How has your business evolved?

This time we were looking for something that really makes a difference, a lighter suit, working without cable, with ample freedom of movement, that we can modify the training programs (hz, work and recovery times, ramps up and down) to adapt it to the client quickly and safely. Having the freedom to alternate different programs in the same session so easily was one of the things that most motivate customers. So we came to Wiemspro, this company gave us all this and once again we could add value to the center and resume the client’s motivation.

In addition to the advance in terms of technology, we knew that behind this company was Mr. Abraham Carle. We knew that it was a reference in the world of electrostimulation. After our experience it was vital to be with professional people, committed to the system and above all to give us support if needed. Wiemspro gave us this security. Also that it is a Spanish company we offered a plus of security that until now we did not have.

Where do you think you will continue to evolve and generate value to your environment and potential customers thanks to Wiemspro?

Our clients have evolved in several aspects. First in terms of motivation. It is very motivating to know that you are training with the latest technology and with all that that entails. Since we’ve been working with Wiemspro, new clients have come to us on recommendation and we’ve even recapped a few others that we had lost. The agility and comfort of the vest is a breakthrough, it is one of the things that most customers comment and those that are most appreciated. We have also evolved a lot in terms of the type of training, now the freedom of not being “tied” with a cable is a wonder, we can make circuits of all kinds, works with displacement, we can vary and change the programs to stimulate different capacities. It has been a great contribution, without a doubt.