Wiemspro, wireless electrostimulation grows in Mexico

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During the month of July, Abraham Carlé (Technical Director) and Daniel Olivero (Manager of Business) were travelling around Mexico to conduct a series of training sessions related to the technical aspects of wireless electrostimulation training, business models and special features within fitness market. An unforgettable experience provide by the good organization of Wiemspro Mexico, which turned to ensure the maximum use of each of the days.

Knowledge and rigor provided to the world of wireless electrostimulation in Mexico

Coaches and entrepreneurs from all over the country attended this event, which indeed was a meeting point for professionals of the sector. We were able to share experiences and to learn from each other.visFirtly, one of the aims of our visit was to create the conceptual and practical bases from where we will be growing the next season. That is to say, establishing a correct vocabulary shared to define the basic concetps for a correct management in training systems with electrostimulation of complete body.

In order to achieve that, 3 full days were dedicated to the realization of the Official Training (1 day) and the Advanced Course WB EMS Wiemspro (2 days).

Furthermore, WB EMS is not just theory, but to practice how to apply different training methods and how to combine them with electrostimulation in the safest and most effective way.

Moreover, in a short term, the next event will take place in the same country in which the 3 levels of training (including the “Expert” level) will be discussed and new features that Wiemspro has prepared for this 2017-2018 season will be released.


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