Wiemspro workouts en FIBO Cologne 2017

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FIBO Cologne-Wiemspro

We went to FIBO with several goals, which included showing our concept of training with WB-EMS and the technological development that supports it.

Training professionals at FIBO Cologne 2017

The aim of our participation in FIBO Cologne 2017 was to go beyond the expansion and exhibition of the company and product. We were focusing on to show, to explain and to train people about of our concept of personal electroestimulation training.

We provide trainings and mini-trainings of 30 minutes. Understanding the electrostimulation system and feeling in real time its effects. At the same time, we teach the basics in order to make them ables to give a proper advise to clients and offer them the best experience ever.

News presented at FIBO Cologne 2017

We take advantage of the oppotunity, and in FIBO Cologne 2017 we showed part of the new products that will be released during this year.

Some of the novelties shown are:

  • Control of the hearth rate
  • Design of full workout, adapting automatically to the personal parameters
  • Linking training programs with the video-system (WIEMSPLAYER)

These are some of the features that will be realised during this year and which are bosting Wiemspro to the forefront of the personal training with electrostimulation.


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