Face to face courses

Formative Experience

Wiemspro offers you a comprehensive training experience in which online courses, webinars and face-to-face training are combined.
In this way we can put emphasis on different important aspects in the training of a professional, attending in a balanced way to both theory and practice.

In our face-to-face training, we invite different professors from the world of training and health to expose the different ways of integrating electrostimulation with different methodologies and intervention techniques.
In this way, each venue has its own character and a peculiarity that makes each event different.

Sevilla Training

On February 23, 2019 a training session was held in which we brought the latest of the latest research and application of electro-stimulation.

We had great speakers such as Ángel Guitierrez, Abraham Carlé and Fran Amaro. Together with them we knew the new results of scientific research and ways to apply electrostimulation in health and sports performance contexts.

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