Online courses

Certificate level 1:

This course is designed so that any trainer, with or without experience in WB EMS, can understand the bases of the operation of the Wiemspro System and start working with it.

You can learn everything you need about the basics of full-body electrostimulation. Elements of the system, user preparation, safety rules and main effects of muscle electrostimulation.

Get started in this exciting professional sector and access our global employment exchange.


Certificate level 2:

This course is designed so that new trainers in electrostimulation can evolve and get more out of the Wiemspro device.

We will see the scientific bases that help us to work efficiently in each field of application, from sedentary population to high performance athletes.

You will also have important tips and clues to manage group workouts, create programs and apply electroesitmulation correctly during your workouts.

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