Fátima Gálvez

World and European Olympic Trap Champion
Olympic Diploma in London and Rio de Janeiro

Fátima Gálvez is an Olympian shooter of Olympic skeet. In 2011 she was proclaimed European champion, becoming one of the greatest athletes in the history of the Olympic shooting.

At the Olympic Games of London 2012, Fátima Gálvez was just one position to obtain a medal, she achieved an Olympic Diploma which maybe looked not enough for her meteoric career. In the 2014 Skeet Team Championships as well as in the individuals Fátima shows her innate capacity for the shooting winning bronze and silver medals respectively.

But it would not be until three years after when Fátima Gálvez makes history. This time, the Olympus of the winners did open its doors in 2015 on the European Games of Bakú. Fátima Gálvez achieved her first gold medal making history and reaffirming that it is just the beginning.