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Ownership is an Internet domain owned WIEMSPRO SL., CIF: B72305832 and headoffice in C/ Duque de la Victoria 6, 1º, 1º 29015, Málaga.

Terms of Service.

  1. Acceptance and availability of the General Conditions of Uses

By accessing the Website the User declares that he has read and accepts these conditions:

In any case, the General Conditions of Use contained herein are mandatory and binding; anyone who does not accept these conditions must refrain from using the Website and / or services promoted by the Contractor through it.

These Terms of Use do not create any partnership, mandate, franchise, or employment relationship between the Contractor and the Users.

These conditions regulate the use of this Web Site, which puts the Holder available to persons accessing in order to provide information on products and own services and / or third party collaborators and facilitating access and hiring the same.

  1. Rules

This Legal Notice is subject to the provisions of Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data, its implementing regulations, RD 1720 to 1707, EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data and the Directive 95/46 / EC (General protection Regulation repealing people data), law 34/2002 of 11 July, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce, Royal Decree-law 13/2012 of 30 March, which transposes directives on markets electricity and gas interiors and electronic communications,and measures for correcting deviations mismatch between costs and revenues of the electricity and gas sectors, and any subsequent regulations that modify or develop are adopted.

And specifically to the provisions of Article No. 22 of the Spanish Constitution on the right of association and the Organic Law 1/2002 of 22 March regulating the Right of Association.

The access to the property holder Web site and the use made of the information and content included therein, shall be the sole responsibility of the person performing.

The conditions of access to the Website shall be subject to the law and the principles of good faith and lawful use by the user of it, I generally forbidden any kind of action to the detriment of the Contractor. use the Website for illegal or unauthorized purposes is strictly forbidden.

  1. Modification of the General Conditions of Use

The Owner reserves the right to modify at any time the presentation and configuration of the Website and these Terms of Use. Therefore, the Consultant recommends the User read them carefully each time you access the Web Site. They will always have the General Conditions of Use in a visible location, freely accessible to all queries want to perform.

  1. Description of services is the website of the Contractor and serves as a tool for both information and recruitment services offered.

  1. Registration

To request information data user is required, but registration is not necessary.

  1. Termination

The Owner reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Website or any services therein, at any time and without notice, for technical reasons or any other, so can it modify unilaterally the conditions of access, as all or part of the contents therein without prejudice to rights acquired at that time.

Users shall keep the Contractor harmless against any claim or third party claim related to the activities promoted within the Web Site or for breach of the Terms of Use and other policies which are hereby incorporated herein, or the violation of any laws or third party rights.

  1. Ineffectiveness and inefficiency of Clauses

If any provision of these Terms of Use is declared fully or partially invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability will affect only that provision or part thereof that is invalid or ineffective, subsisting the General Conditions of Use in everything else, such provision, or part thereof that is affected, not included.

  1. Notifications

All notices, requests, demands and other communications to be made by the parties in relation to these Terms of Use shall be in writing and shall be deemed to have been duly made when they have been delivered by hand or sent by mail usually the address of the other party or to email it, or to any other address or e-mail for this purpose each party may designate to the other.

  1. Intellectual Property

The intellectual property rights of this web site, its source code, design, navigation structure and the various elements contained therein code are the exclusive property of the owner who is responsible for the exercise of the rights to exploit them in any way and, especially the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation, according to Spanish law and the European Union applicable.

Total or partial reproduction of the contents of this Web Site without express written consent by the Contractor is prohibited.

The unauthorized use of these contents by any other person or company will result in legal action.

The Holder will market the products under the trademarks and trade dress indicated that their suppliers.

These are the rightful owners of Trademarks and promotional material can be made available for the promotion of the product and give the holder the necessary authorization for the use of them without in any way be a transfer of ownership, being the supplier solely responsible for any claims filed by third parties regarding the use of the trademark, exempting the holder any responsibility for intellectual property rights.

Any form of exploitation is prohibited, including any reproduction, distribution, transfer to third parties, public communication and transformation, through any medium or medium of the abovementioned works, creations and distinctive signs without prior express authorization of their respective Headlines. Failure to comply with this prohibition constitutes an offense punishable by law.

It is prohibited, except where expressly authorized by the holder to present this Web Site or the information contained therein under frames, distinctive signs, trademarks or company or trade names of another person, company or entity including explicitly the content photographic is considered the exclusive property of the Contractor.

Violation of any of these rights may constitute a violation of these Terms of Use, as well as an offense punishable under Articles 270 and following of the Penal Code.

  1. Jurisdiction

For any questions that arise about the interpretation, application and enforcement of this Legal Notice, as well as claims arising from their use, all the parties to the Courts of Jerez de la Frontera undergo renouncing expressly to any other jurisdiction that may apply.

Privacy Policy

The Contractor undertakes to comply with the rules on data protection of personal character and respect the privacy of users.

The aim is to provide the best service and we need to have certain data.

According to the provisions of Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD) and its implementing regulations approved by Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December, we inform the personal data provided through this website or through electronic mailings, will be incorporated into a file property Holder. They will exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by post enclosing a copy of document proving your identity to the following address: C / Sevilla nº 36, Local 23 11402 Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz indicating “Data Protection”

  1. free text fields

Free text fields that available to the user, may appear in the forms on the Website are the sole and exclusive purpose the gather information to improve the quality of services.

The User shall not, in those areas that the website can offer as “free text fields”, no personal data that can be classified within those data for which a protection level medium or high type is required, understood as medium or high data rate, without limitation and without limitation, those relating to economic and financial situation, psychological profiles, ideology, religion, beliefs, trade union membership, health, racial origin and / or sexual life.

  1. Required

The Titular informs the user the non-binding nature of some data collection, except in the fields otherwise indicated by a (required). However, not filling in said data may prevent providing all those services related to such data, freeing them from liability for the non provision or incomplete provision of these services.

  1. Access and correction of personal data

The User agrees to provide certain information regarding your personal data, and maintain always updated information provided to the Contractor. The user, in any case, the veracity of the data provided, the holder the right to deny service to any user who has provided false information, without prejudice to other actions stipulated by law.

Data provided by the User shall be presumed correct, so, if misdirection of data by the User, the Contractor disclaims any liability for improper performance or nonperformance shipping and improper compliance of the necessary administrative procedures.

  1. Communication of personal data

Regarding management services data Users may be processed by companies providing the Holder various services, among others, shipping, courier services, accounting, consulting, computer maintenance, or any other that their condition of charge of the treatment is necessary or inevitable or try accessing this data. This treatment will not be considered under any circumstances a transfer of data.

Being integrated within a MLS system shared exclusive real estate holder, the properties that are managed with any of them may be offered by all others, so when a user is interested in any of the properties published on this Site web and contact will go directly to the custom associated possessing for sale or rental property.

Holder not give your data to third parties in any case.

  1. Notice

In addition, you also have the status of confidential information of any kind that the parties exchange with each other, that they agreed to be nature, or simply be on the content of such information.

Data visualization via the Internet, will not direct access to them, unless express consent of its owner for every occasion.

  1. Photos

In compliance with the provisions of the LO 15/99 of Protection of Personal Data and its Regulations 1720-1707 RD inform you that the photographs that appear people have consideration of personal data. This communication reports on this website pictures of people and / or promotional reasons workers may come and who have voluntarily agreed to it. If in any case, anyone who wants them to appear in a photograph is not displayed, please get in touch and proceed to remove as soon as possible.

Cookies policy

  1. Definition and function of cookies

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to the user’s equipment to access certain websites.

Cookies allow the web site, among other things, store and retrieve information about browsing habits of the user or your computer, depending on the information they contain and the way you use your computer, can be used to recognize the user .

  1. Types of cookies that you can use this Web Site
  • Cookies themselves: those that are sent to the terminal user’s computer from a computer or domain managed by the holder and from which the service requested by the user is provided.
  • Third-party cookies: those that are sent to the terminal user’s computer from a computer or domain that is not managed by the owner, but by another entity that is data obtained through cookies.
  • Session Cookies: Cookies are a type designed to collect and store data while the user accesses a website.
  • Persistent Cookies: Cookies are a type in which data are stored in the terminal and can be accessed and treated for a defined by the head of the cookie, and you can go a few minutes to several years period.
  • Cookies analysis: those that well treated by the owner or by third parties, to quantify the number of users and perform the measurement and statistical analysis of the use made by users of the service offered. To do your browsing in order to improve the supply of products or services offered analyzed.
  1. Revocation and deleting cookies

The user can allow, block or delete cookies installed on your computer by setting options installed browser, if that does not allow the installation of cookies in your browser you may not access any of the sections of the Website . You can find information about configuring cookies depending on the browser used on the following links (valid from the date of publication of this text links)

For more information on how to block the use of cookies in ‘Explorer’ click here:

For more information on how to block the use of cookies in ‘Chrome’ click here:

For more information on how to block the use of cookies in ‘Firefox’ click here:

For more information on how to block the use of cookies in ‘Safari’ click here:

The Contractor shall not be held responsible for content and accuracy of the privacy policies of third party links included in this Legal Notice.

  1. third party service providers

In particular the parties that has managed a service for which it is necessary to use cookies are:

Provider’s namePurpose of the cookieDescription of the purpose of the cookieFor more information on using
Facebook Social PluginsWidget, SocialTool to share experience with other users of the social network from other websites
google TranslateToolTranslation tool
google AnalyticsWeb AnalyticsStatistics on visits to the Website

Holder disclaims any responsibility for the content and accuracy of information and privacy policies regarding third-party cookies.

For more information about the use of cookies on this website the user can request via the contact form.

This policy was amended to date February 20, 2017.

  1. Web Analytics – Google Analytics

This Web site can use Google Analytics a web analytics tool provided by Google, Inc., whose registered office is located at 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, USA ( “Google”).

This tool allows the holder to know the degree of involvement of users with the Web site, with the possibility of consulting various reports which described how to interact with the Web site users in order to improve it.

Google Analytics collects information anonymously, ie, reports website trends without identifying its members.

Google Analytics uses “cookies” of origin, which are text files placed on your computer to keep track of user interactions on the Web site.

These cookies are used to store information such as the time of the visit, if the user has previously visited the site and which site has recommended the user to visit this Web site in question.

Browsers do not share first-party cookies from the same domain.

All computers and devices connected to the Internet are assigned a unique number known as the “Internet protocol address” or “IP address”.

Since these numbers are usually assigned depending on the country, IP addresses are often used to identify the country, state and city from which the computer is connected to the Internet.

Google Analytics records the IP address of users who visit the Web site so that the operator can know from where in the world are visiting the site.

This method is called “IP geolocation”.

Google Analytics does not provide information about the actual IP address.

Conditions of service Google Analytics prohibits the tracking or collection of personal data identifying a person (such as name, email address or billing information, and other associated data) using Google Analytics or While associating personal information with web analytics data.

The Contractor may control the information that you can use Google and decide if you want Google use this data or not through sharing options Google Analytics data. The data are used to improve Google products and services.

In order to offer users more options for the way it has Google Analytics to collect data, it created the opt-out browser Google Analytics. This add instructs the JavaScript code (ga.js) from Google Analytics that information about the website visit should not be sent to Google Analytics. However, it does not prevent information from being sent to the website itself or to other web analytics services. Users may refuse treatment of the data or information by rejecting the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser however, the user must know that doing so may not be able to use the full functionality of this Site Web.

By using this Web site the user allows the treatment of your information by Google and the Contractor in the manner and for the purposes described above. For more information about this tool and Google’s privacy policy to users visiting the following link is recommended:

Y de manera específica el Real Decreto 1591/2009, de 16 de octubre, por el que se regulan los productos sanitarios/as como cualquier normativa posterior que lo modifique o desarrolle.

Tanto el acceso al sitio Web propiedad del Titular como el uso que pueda hacerse de la información y contenidos incluidos en el mismo, será de la exclusiva responsabilidad de quien lo realice. Las condiciones de acceso al Sitio Web están supeditadas a la legalidad vigente y los principios de la buena fe y uso lícito por parte del Usuario de la misma, quedando prohibido con carácter general cualquier tipo de actuación en perjuicio del Titular. Se considerará terminantemente prohibido el uso del Sitio Web con fines ilegales o no autorizado.