EMS training software

Total training control

Control all settings and access all functions of each device quickly with the intuitive EMS Training Software by Wiempro. Pre-configure your trainings in the application, then link up the devices for complete control and adjustment during the session. The APP will automatically store all user training information, providing access to metrics to analyse and track each athlete’s performance.

Enhances your existing skills and knowledge and allows you to optimize results for your athletes.

Late check-in

Add latecomers into your session at any time and regulate their program individually, or with the group.

10 channels

Work the 10 main muscle groups for each connected suit.

Left handed mode

Flip the app controls to left or right for maximum control and security when holding your iPad.

Quick start

Fast login, and no wasting time calibrating impulse intensity. Record optimal training intensity for each client and recover it with a single click – or adjust it later, depending on client needs.


Real-time status indicators for connectivity and signal strength for each linked device.

Safe intensity

Intensity values of each session are automatically recorded, so you know the status of your client at all times.

Apple partnership

Wiemspro have secured an agreement with Apple and its range of iPad products for the development of Wiemspro technology worldwide.

Up to 12

Maximise profits with up to 12 EMS clients at the same time thanks to innovative and advanced WiemsPro technology.

Top iPad selection

Compatible with the entire range of latest generation of iPads.

Remote device manager

Geolocate and control all of your devices.

Wiemspro cloud

Automatically uploads all client and training data. Work, organize and recover your data at any time.

Free APP

Download our app free from the Apple Store.

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