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EMS device

All Wiemspro technology is exclusively developed in Spain and Europe.

Meet our EMS Devices. Wiemspro designs and manufactures electrostimulation equipment that boasts cutting-edge technology for the generation, conditioning and processing of signals for electrostimulation. Our multi-generator system makes it possible to create impulses in a controlled and safe way for all kinds of waves, with greater performance and reduced energy consumption.


The Wiemspro device for electrostimulation training is designed to give you maximum freedom. Plan your sessions inside and outside your training center and discover a new experience with our electrostimulation machine.

In / Out unlimited

Designed to give you maximum freedom to plan both indoor and outdoor training sessions and create effective and enjoyable new workout experiences for clients.

Li-ion battery

Provides maximum performance throughout any kind of training with up to 8 hours continuous use.

Easy charge

Charge with any Mini USB connector for optimal convenience.

Max wave performance

Unique to Wiemspro, configure all Wave parameters to customize each training, for up to 10 suits.

Bluetooth 4.0

Using Bluetooth Low Energy for low consumption, high performance for every training training, and the most stable and fast between device and software control.

Auto link

Automatic linking between device and application: Just turn on your device and train.

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What is the Wiemspro device?

Wiemspro has created a wireless electrostimulation device that we call the device. The device makes it possible to work with electrostimulation without space limits, or a training methodology (except for aquatic activities). The electrostimulation device is especially recommended for:

  • Carrying out personal (individual) electrostimulation training.
  • Carrying out group electrostimulation training.
  • Use indoors: Indoor.
  • Use outdoors: Outdoor.

The device has a simple and ergonomic design, but is powerful in terms of use and connectivity, enabling you to undertake correct
electrostimulation training in the most comfortable and effective way possible.

The device is wired to the electrostimulation suit, as it is physically connected through cables attached to the electrostimulation vest. Once the device is connected to the EMS suit, we ensure that it is correctly housed in a specific cover for that purpose, and that the cover is well fastened to the user.

The device is wireless in terms of connectivity to the iPad and training app. Through Bluetooth we connect the device to the iPad and the app, which means that the EMS training sessions are comfortable, safe and efficient.

EMS traje

Use of the Wiemspro device

Before putting on the electrostimulation vest, you need to have an undervest on.

Then, moisten the electrodes of the electrostimulation suit, and place them strategically around the body. Finally, put on the arm electrodes if the suit requires them.

 Once the trousers and electrostimulation vest have been put on, the device is connected to the EMS suit using cables, and put into a specific cover for that purpose, you should ensure that the device is secure and protected.

 In order to begin the training, we need to select 3 items: client/s, programme/s and device/s.  When this is ready, we can begin our electrostimulation training programme.

Performance of the Wiemspro device during training

Having confirmed that all of the material is correctly fitted, you then calibrate the intensity of each of the channels through the Wiemspro app on the iPad.

 At the start of the electrostimulation training (and each time it is restarted after a break) the device emits 3 beeps, one per second. This is a “countdown” signal which helps us to know the exact point that the electrostimulation training programme begins.

 The device emits an electrical stimulus with the characteristics we have established via the Wiemspro app on the iPad. During the course of the emission of the electrical stimulus, the battery indicator lights blink, while during the rest period they remain fixed. Thus, the trainer can know what phase the device is working in without the need to look at the iPad.