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Electro-Muscular Stimulation, or EMS, is a training system based on the electrical stimulation of a large number of muscle groups (8 or 10 muscle groups).

It stimulates muscle mass providing benefits such as resistance, strength, energy expenditure and increase in muscle mass. The impulses are generated by a compact device and then transmitted to the desired muscle groups via carefully located electrodes. By mimicking the signals sent via the central nervous system, EMS impulses cause muscle contraction. When combined with exercise, EMS creates up to 40% more strength.

Yes, it provides you with greater energy expenditure, therefore, fat burning will be higher. Training with electrostimulation transforms moderate training into high intensity training.

Yes, it improves the quality of muscle contraction, so the stimulus will be greater and there will be a greater increase in muscle mass.

With electrostimulation you can achieve muscle hypertrophy.

  • It allows you to achieve results in less time.
  • It helps achieve session objectives in less time.
  • You can get the same stimulus in high or low loads.
  • It protects the joints when performing high impact exercises.

We tell you here all the benefits of EMS.

Yes, Wiemspro is an FDA approved device. Low-frequency electrical impulse is widely used in training and rehabilitation therapy. Muscles are electrochemical organs and receive electrical impulses from the central nervous system to contract. EMS technology adheres to this natural principle – simply intensifying the contraction by applying electrodes directly above the muscle.

It varies according to the person. However, studies show that just after 8 weeks, muscle and strength is improved by 31%. When accompanied by a healthy diet and lifestyle, you should see a noticeable difference after your first 4 weeks.

We recommend training 2 times per week with 48 hours in between sessions.

EMS equipment should not be used on people with heart disease, cancer history, pacemakers or other electronic medical devices, Rhabdomyolysis, or during pregnancy.

EMS is also not recommended for people with a predisposition to epileptic seizures or convulsions, infectious diseases, prone to hemorrhaging or heavy bleeding (hemophilia), an abdominal wall or inguinal hernia, arteriosclerosis, high fever, blood pressure related illnesses, skin disease, or people with metal body implants.

Here we tell you all the benefits and contraindications of a electrostimulation workout.

Just sneakers, we provide you with a washable undersuit so the suit never touches your skin. An electrostimulation suit, a device and our free app so that you have the right software to do an electrostimulation workout.

EMS workouts can be tailored to anyone, from a novice to a professional athlete.

The most advanced technology in wireless muscle electrostimulation.

  • Wireless system, train with total freedom of movement.
  • Security and protection systems integrated in software, firmware and hardware.
  • Multi-user training on a single screen: up to 12 users.
  • Electrostimulation programs that adapt to any training methodology.
  • You can create your own programs and share them with other trainers.
  • Save all intensity data of your users to facilitate intensity adjustment easily and safely.
  • Reports of each training and evolution of the client: calories consumed, heart rate and work zones, anthropometric evolution and much more.

The Wiemspro Academy eLearning platform includes all the information you need to specialize in the use of electrostimulation.

The most outstanding sections of Wiemspro Academy are:

Wiemspro Library: Blog where you will find summaries and explanations of scientific articles on the use of electrostimulation. Each entry includes links to other blog entries and the original bibliography. At Wiemspro we always provide you with first-rate scientific information.

Wiemspro courses: Our course section will help trainers to become electrostimulation specialists. You can access a training line that will help professionals of all kinds, both those who are coming to this technology for the first time, and veterans who seek the highest degree of knowledge and rigor.

These trainings include:

  • Explanatory videos with teaching resources specially designed by world experts in the field.
  • Process lists for you to learn how to use the system step by step.
  • Explanation of electrostimulation programs.
  • Questionnaires to help you understand the most important concepts.
  • Practical exercises that will help you master all the functions of the system.
  • Chats and forums to ask renowned specialists in the field your questions.

Videotutorials of use of the system:
From the first moment you will be able to take full advantage of the Wiemspro system thanks to its system of videotutoriales and quick start guide.

Wiemspro Workouts: Training proposals grouped by objectives. Each training plan is made up of 8 sessions that will help you achieve your client’s goals.

We offer you training plans for:

  • Beginners.
  • Body composition 1: fat loss.
  • Body composition 2: increase in muscle mass.
  • Aesthetic-oriented training: for men and women.
  • Various sports disciplines.

* IMPORTANT: These training plans are recommendations to help you use the Wiemspro system. You can make adaptations of them or create your own training plans.

Training proposals and science-based progressions.

Wiemspro Workouts are training schedules that combine the most effective methodologies with the best electrostimulation programs. Thanks to this combination you will be able to achieve your clients’ objectives in the most efficient and innovative way.

Our training plans are constantly updated so that your clients always have new challenges and new sensations. Forget the word “routine” in your business model.

Our schedules include 8 sessions whose exercises become progressively more complex in the electrostimulation program sequences. These progressions, based on highly prestigious scientific articles, respect the physiological foundations of training.

Precision, fun, and efficiency go hand in hand at Wiemspro Workouts.

You will be able to create your own unique EMS programs and training systems.

The Wiemspro system allows trainers to create their own electrostimulation programs. In this way you can:

  • Create special programs for your clients.
  • Configure your own training method, ensuring that your quality standard is met in all your workouts.
  • Adapt electrostimulation programs to other services or activities of your center, integrating electrostimulation in group classes or other activities.

Our technical support team is made up of qualified specialists from various fields: software development, engineers and sports science experts.

This allows us to resolve any questions you may have about the use of the system.
In addition to this, we have various tools that allow us to analyze the use of the system and its behavior.

Every time you login to the Wiemspro App with an internet connection, our database is updated to offer you the best customer service.

Software updates and services to enhance your business model.

We are a company in constant evolution and development. Every year we introduce innovations in our products to help you always be at the forefront of the training and health sector.

By producing and developing our entire range of products, we can evolve at a higher pace by following a strategy that meets our clients’ real needs. 

By purchasing our system you are not only investing in our current technology, but in all the software tools and services that we implement over time.

Your business model will never be outdated thanks to our innovations that help your business expand.

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EMS Terminology:

Full body electrostimulation

“Whole body electrostimulation (WB-EMS) has recently become an innovative training modality, allowing simultaneous exogenous muscle activation of up to 18 regions with a total area of 2,800 cm2 covered by electrodes. It allows the configuration of different intensities in each region”.

F.J. Amaro-Gahete, 2018.

“The WB-EMS has evolved technologically during the second decade of 2000, both at the hardware and software level. In a few years we have gone from a basic technology, where the client had to be connected to a large electrostimulator performing isometric exercises, to achieve wireless systems that allow functional training.

The most interesting aspect of this evolution resides in the ability to completely configure the electrical wave and create an infinity of electrostimulation programs since.  When it was created, this technology was very limited in terms of available programs as well as the control that the trainer had of the system”.

Abraham Carlé, 2020.


“A trend in the fitness world based on the use of WB-EMS as the primary or sole training method. This trend is strongly associated with a business model based on training boutiques or studios and the creation of franchises.

In this business model, the main or only service offered to customers is electrostimulation training. Typically, methodologies specific to the trend and the leading brands are used, which are not connected to the conventional training methodology based on scientific evidence.

This training methodology is known scientifically as WB-EMS Classic Methodology”.

Abraham Carlé, 2020.

Functional WB-EMS

“Research concept and application of full body electrostimulation based on the integration of this technology with scientifically proven training methodologies.

 It is not intended to be a business model itself. Trainers and fitness entrepreneurs can adapt this technology to several business models.

This concept can be integrated into various business models in the fitness industry. Therefore, it can be understood as a supplement to the services offered in a business model; either as an independent service within the center’s cross-selling catalog or as a tool that is integrated into the services already offered by the center before acquiring the technology”.

Abraham Carlé, 2020