Wiemspro, the organization.

World leader in muscle electrostimulation.

A business in continuous expansion.

Join us to discover new ideas, broaden your horizons, and create meaningful connections. Get to know us and let’s be part of this exciting adventure together!

Wiemspro, the organization.

World leader in muscle electrostimulation.

A business in continuous expansion.

Join us to discover new ideas, broaden your horizons, and create meaningful connections. Get to know us and let’s be part of this exciting adventure together!

About us

World leader in muscle electrostimulation since 2016.

Wiemspro is a pioneering Wireless Whole Body Electro Muscular Stimulation (Electro Muscle Stimulation of the Whole Body) system worldwide.

We are present in sectors such as the fitness, health, and aesthetic sectors, providing solutions to clients in all of these areas. Our wireless muscle electrostimulation technology adapts to each sector’s needs, helping improve sports performance, rehabilitation, and body aesthetics through a comprehensive EMS 360 system that includes a device suit/vest, an app, and training or aesthetic treatment developed under the strictest scientific standards.

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In continuous global expansion

Wiemspro, the world leader in wireless muscle electrostimulation (EMS), has successfully established itself in over 77 countries around the world. Our company, headquartered in Málaga, Spain, takes pride in providing a revolutionary technology that has gained recognition and acceptance in various parts of the world.

At Wiemspro, we understand the importance of being close to our customers and understanding their individual needs. That’s why we strive to maintain a strong global presence and have a network of trusted distributors.

Our global expansion has allowed us to form strong partnerships with international distributors. These strategic partners are dedicated to providing quality service and personalized attention to our customers in every corner of the world. Their extensive experience and knowledge in the field enable us to offer close and reliable assistance, no matter where you are. We are committed to improving your well-being and performance, and our international reach ensures that we are available to meet your needs anywhere in the world.

Committed to our customers

We understand the relationship with our customers as strategic partners. We want to help you maximize the profitability of our systems. That’s why we offer the following management tools:

| Dashboards for distributors and operator clients: Here you will find support for any aspect that affects the management of your center, such as marketing, technical area, support, logistics, etc. This platform is completely dynamic and constantly updated.

| Wiems Lab: Through our research teams at the University of Granada, we constantly generate scientific evidence (EMS and strength, EMS for treatment of pathologies, etc.) so that you always have solid scientific foundations to present to your clients and make the engagement process more efficient.

| Academy: Academy is an e-learning training platform where you can acquire advanced knowledge about EMS and obtain certifications for both yourself and your team.

In addition, we understand the importance of marketing and continuous support to drive the success of our clients. Therefore, we provide digital marketing resources and promotional materials to help them promote their services and reach their target audience.

To ensure uninterrupted service, we offer quality 24/7 support. Our team of experts is available at all times to resolve any technical issues or provide additional assistance.

The Wiemspro team

At Wiemspro, we take pride in having a high-quality and highly skilled team that drives the success of this leading company in the field of muscle electrostimulation (EMS). We firmly believe that our team is one of our most valuable assets, and their expertise and dedication are essential in providing top-notch products and services to our customers worldwide.

Our team consists of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in various areas related to muscle electrostimulation. From engineers specialized in wireless technology to experts in sports science and physiotherapy, each member of our team brings unique skills and a deep commitment to excellence.

In addition to their expertise and technical knowledge, our employees are committed to ongoing research and development. They stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field of EMS and remain informed about emerging trends and best practices. This innovative and learning-oriented mindset allows us to offer cutting-edge solutions tailored to the changing needs of our customers and the healthcare, sports, and beauty sectors.

We take pride in fostering a collaborative and motivating work environment that values creativity and entrepreneurship. We encourage active participation from our team in decision-making and provide them with the necessary tools and support to reach their full potential. Furthermore, we promote a culture of growth and personal development by offering training and continuous learning opportunities.

The quality and dedication of our team are reflected in every stage of our process, from product research and development to customer care and technical support. We strive to provide exceptional service to our customers by offering expert and personalized advice to ensure they obtain maximum benefits from our products.

In summary, at Wiemspro, we have a high-quality and highly skilled team that drives our leadership in the muscle electrostimulation industry. Their experience, commitment, and passion for excellence allow us to continue innovating and offering cutting-edge solutions to our customers worldwide. We are proud of our team and their contribution to the success of Wiemspro.

Wiemspro mission, vision and values


Our mission at Wiemspro is to provide professionals and beauty centers with a state-of-the-art WB-EMS system, with guaranteed certifications of safety, quality, and technology. We aim to offer visible and effective results, providing improvements for both health and aesthetics. Additionally, we strive to bring our system closer to others, highlighting its high compatibility with other technologies.


At Wiemspro, our vision for fitness professionals and medical aesthetic centers is to establish ourselves as the best non-invasive, painless, wireless, hands-free WB-EMS system that is compatible with other technologies. We strive to help your clients efficiently achieve their sports, fitness, aesthetic, or health goals.


- Quality: We strive to provide quality in everything we design and do.
- Reliability and safety: We develop reliable and safe products to ensure the trust of our customers and users.
- Enhance sports performance, health, and aesthetics.

For our distributors, our mission is to lead the distribution and implementation of the world's best WB-EMS system in the fitness, medical aesthetics, and healthcare sectors. We define ourselves as a highly compatible technology with other technologies, enhancing results and supporting excellence through warranty and safety certifications.

For our distributors, our vision is to position ourselves as the best non-invasive WB-EMS system in the fitness industry, aesthetic medical sector, and healthcare sector. We aim to comply with all warranty and safety certifications, thus supporting the latest MDR law in Spain.

- Innovation: We consider innovation as a constant driving force in our work.
- Comfort and usability: We care about providing comfortable and user-friendly products for an optimal experience.
- Value contribution: We strive to add value to both our customers and users by providing effective solutions and results.

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Civil and environmental responsibility

In addition to our mission, vision, and values, at Wiemspro, we are committed to civil and environmental responsibility in all our operations. We strive to operate ethically and sustainably, minimizing our impact on the environment and promoting responsible practices.

Furthermore, at Wiemspro, we also care about the well-being of our team and promote employment and continuous training. Through training and development programs, we ensure that our employees acquire the necessary skills to grow professionally, thereby contributing to individual and collective progress.

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