Revolution Pro EMS

Increased strength and durability

Wiemspro has several models of suits, which are characterised by how they perfectly adjust to the body. 

The Revolution Pro electrostimulation suit is suitable for use by several clients, following cleaning and disinfection by the training professional.

uso extensivo

Intensive professional

Versatil y resistente

and resistant.

Electrodos ajustables


dos piezas

Two combined

Strengthen your body

It is made from a state-of-the-art fabric that allows the sportsperson to carry out high intensity training with the greatest resistance and comfort, maintaining ideal user conditions for maximum comfort through movement.


The Revolution Pro electrostimulation suit. It is formed by an electrostimulation vest and electrostimulation trousers. Both are joined at the waist. It is necessary to add 2 bands to them with electrodes for the arms. 

External Tissue




Conductive fabric


Characteristics of the Revolution Pro electrostimulation suit

Easy maintenance

Easy to use and store, everything has been designed so you can forget about maintenance tasks.

Fit & force

This smart fabric maintains ideal conditions for the user for maximum comfort through movement. High resistance as well as incredible freedom of movement.

Adjustable electrodes

The placement of the electrodes can be adapted to the body shape of each client, obtain maximum performance and optimise the quality of muscle work.

Plug & play

It speeds up and reduces the time taken to connect the suit to the device, using Wiemspro cables and the Plug&Play system.

Interior wires

The in-house production of the cables guarantees optimal adaptation to the suit, making it possible to hide them in the inside to offer versatility and comfort.

Maintenance and care

The maintenance of a Revolution Pro electrostimulation suit is very simple.

As with any other type of training, it requires 4 basic actions: disinfecting, deodorising, drying and washing. Below, we have detailed each of these actions:


  • Disinfection: Following each use, it is recommended to spray electrostimulation suits with an antibacterial product. It is necessary to let it take effect for the time outlined by the manufacturer (normally 10 minutes) and then rinse.
  • Deodorising: Following this, spray with anti-odour product with or without a fragrance. Normally it isn´t necessary to rinse, even so, we recommend that you follow the instructions of the product manufacturer.
  • Drying: The electrostimulation suit should be hung on the hangers provided for that purpose in the drying area. A drying system can be used to speed up the process. In this case, avoid the heat source coming into contact or being very close to the EMS suit.
  • Washin: It is recommended to wash the electrostimulation suit every 5-10 days of intensive use. In the case of stains or odours, the EMS suit can be soaked in a soapy solution that is not very concentrated. Detergents and aggressive products should not be used to clean it. We also recommend soaking the electrostimulation suit in cold water to extract the mineral salts that accumulate in the fabric after training (It is recommended to eliminate the accumulation of salts once every two weeks).


To carry out this task, the cables must be removed in order not to damage the connector. Once the suit is dry, the cables can be put back on following the instructions that will be provided below.

For further information about our electrostimulation suits, visit this section on Wiemspro video tutorials.