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The best Wireless Electrostimulation Technology

Wiemspro is a full body electrostimulation system that, when it is used in any type of individual or group training, it enhances the effect of the training and allows the user to achieve better results in less time, compared to the same training without electrostimulation.

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EMS / Wiemspro System

100% Results

With our sophisticated electrostimulation bio-suit we are able to increase muscle contraction (more contractions and stronger contractions) in the main muscle groups, during training.

With Wiemspro, the system user achieves an increase in output and improved results in the range of 30% to 50%.

The intensity and frequency of these electrical impulses are controlled via Bluetooth through software and a wireless device. Electro is ideal for:

Wireless EMS technology

Small Groups

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Our suits guarantee maximum freedom of movement, thanks to their unique material quality. 


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Warranty and guaranteed quality certificates. 100% Spanish manufacturing. Certified worldwide by different countries: FDA. ANVISA, INVIMA, CE, SGS, etc.

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