EMS for cellulite

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EMS for Cellulite  

EMS for Cellulite, Cellulite is a metabolic disease characterized by irregularly shaped furrows and bumps on the skin. Generally, cellulite appears on the legs or buttocks, and is formed by the increase in fat cells. It appears when fat that hasn’t been burned is accumulated, or there is water retention and lack of drainage.

Besides the impact that cellulite has because of the way it look, it’s really important to treat it, as it may cause serious health problems. So, can you prevent its appearance, or accelerate its disappearance, with the use of electrical muscle stimulation in the buttocks or affected area? Will electrostimulation help you get rid of the cellulite in your saddlebags?

Impact of cellulite on health 

Many times, obesity has been linked to cellulite, but it’s worth noting that its appearance is not related to being overweight, in fact, they are two separate entities (which means that when you lose weight you don’t lose cellulite). The appearance of cellulite is caused by hormonal overproduction, which causes the fat cells to stop working properly. Some of the factors that favor the appearance of cellulite are:

  • A sedentary lifestyle.
  • Consumption of artificial hormones such as estrogens.
  • Very tight clothes.
  • A diet with excessive amounts of sodium.
  • Natural changes like puberty or pregnancy.

What’s more about EMS cellulite, depending on the appearance of the skin, we may differentiate between various types of cellulite:

Hard cellulite 

Associated with hormonal disorders, it can be accompanied by stretch marks, and they appear in young women even if they do sports. This type of cellulite can’t be seen with the naked eye, but we notice it when we pinch it; it may appear on the thighs, knees, or hips, forming those famous saddlebags.

Soft cellulite

It usually appears in people between the ages of 30 and 35 with a sedentary lifestyle. It can be seen with the naked eye and may appear in different areas, like the thighs, face, arms, buttocks, and even on the back. This type of cellulite causes the skin to be more flaccid than usual.

Swollen cellulite 

This type of cellulite is rare and its appearance should be taken seriously. It may appear in the lower extremities and can be painful to the touch.

It causes swelling and the main characteristic is that it looks like orange peel.


Any of these types of cellulite may appear together, creating a case of mixed cellulite. If this type of cellulite occurs, we are no longer talking about a case with medical treatment or aesthetic changes, but a serious case that requires surgical intervention.

EMS machine for Cellulite  

EMS for cellulite works

Electrostimulation is one of the most popular toning methods today, either for aesthetic or health reasons. EMS has numerous benefits too.

Its ability to act on fat cells and muscles, allowing them to oxygenate and increase the drainage capacity of fluids and fat, has made this tool a great ally for many treatments.

The application of electrostimulation on cellulite, ems cellulite to make it disappear works, especially in the early stages of its appearance. However, you should not depend solely on this tool; you must combine the EMS system with a healthy lifestyle in order to enhance the result and achieve the desired goal.

Watch out! There is a false belief that says that to get rid of cellulite with electrostimulation, we only need to add aerobic exercises, like running or any cardio exercise. But to get positive results, we must also do anaerobic exercises, like weights, squats, or lunges.

So, you can start by warming up with aerobic exercise and continue your training with metabolic exercises. In this way, your body allows the cells to drain the fat and water that cause cellulite. Combine the electrostimulation suit by Wiemspro with sports activity, and you will achieve much faster and more effective results.

Electrostimulation and anti-cellulite massage

In the previous section, we mentioned why it’s important to combine exercise with electrostimulation. In this section, we will show you a different area, where we can get effective results with the EMS system, and get rid of cellulite or prevent its appearance.

Massage centers use electrostimulation in combination with massages that improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. What’s more, they cause the fat cells that cause cellulite to break down.

Among the massages proposed by clinics, those for recovery after sports, applied with the appropriate intensity and combined with the use of electrodes for cellulite areas, mainly buttocks and legs, produce an anti-cellulite effect with progressive effects.

can ems help with cellulite

How to prevent cellulite?

To prevent cellulite from appearing, simply make changes to your routine or maintain the healthy habits that you already have. But here are some specific tips:

  • Drink lots of water.
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol or coffee.
  • Don’t eat large amounts of food with high sodium content.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Eat a diet rich in potassium, and vitamins C and E.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Take cold water baths.

If we keep these factors at bay, and combine them with electrostimulation, we will improve the ability to prevent or solve problems related to cellulite.

This is because the EMS system strengthens the internal muscles, but there’s also specific software and hardware to attack this problem, like the Wiemspro electrical muscle stimulation system.

Wiems EMS machine for Cellulite

Wiems has spent years creating and perfecting the perfect tool to prevent injuries, recover from them, improve well-being and health, and also attack cellulite.

Wiems EMS tools are prepared to help exercise the most hidden muscles and muscle fibers of the human body, making you able to work parts that can’t or are harder to work out without electrostimulation.

EMS for cellulite works. Through the use of electrodes and the tools provided by Wiemspro, you will be able to work the areas of the body with cellulite, leading to improvement or preventing it altogether.

The pack consists of a suit with electrodes, which are totally flexible and comfortable, thanks to wireless technology and, additionally, it allows you to monitor the entire training session, since it records the activity over time so that you can compare results or review your work.

To sum up EMS for cellulite

Cellulite is not directly linked to obesity. Rather, it is caused by bad habits that contribute to poor health. It’s not just about the way it looks; it may also cause major problems if you don’t take care of your body and physical condition.

You need to avoid eating foods with high sodium content, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol, not overdo it with coffee and, of course, you should do physical activity to keep your body healthy and active.

When you do your exercises, try combining them with electrostimulation, and it will boost your results, since a healthy routine combined with the EMS system leads to better overall health and greater physical ability. If you also add massages focused on the elimination of cellulite to the application of the electrical muscle stimulation, you will get rid of those saddlebags even more effectively.