Define your Glutes with Electrostimulation

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Not everyone has the same amount of time to exercise, even though we all dream of having a knockout glutes. Surely you have at some point thought that you do not see results and this has caused demotivation since you did not see your effort rewarded. 

Well, that’s over. Don’t you know about electrotherapy for glutes yet? We invite you to read the following article, and discover the benefits that electrostimulation can bring to your body, both at a muscular and aesthetic level.

How to take advantage of Electrostimulation for your Glutes 

Muscular electro-stimulation is a method which was not well known because, until a few years ago, it was used by professionals and elite sportsmen and women. It is now a concept that many people are interested in, thanks to the advances in sports medicine that make it one of the best training supplements available to everyone.

Do you know of any traditional fitness technique that allows you to maximize the time/work ratio? Or that offers you the possibility of exercising multiple zones at the same time? 

Electro-stimulation has proven to be a perfect ally to obtain results in less time. This does not mean that it is a miracle technique with which to get your body in shape without doing anything. Like any machine, it needs voluntary action for its effects to be reinforced and for the best results to be obtained.

Electrostimulation in the Gutes

Electrostimulation helps to physically condition, increase strength and tone muscles. Although it is also true that it is always better to do it combined with voluntary exercises.

To tone the glutes it is necessary to choose the right program and not always choose the same program. The reason for this is that the body gets used to the program you have chosen and after a while it is no longer effective. You also have to change the posture and types of exercises to guarantee the results.

Does Electrostimulation for the glutes work?

With the work carried out on the glutes with electrostimulation, it is possible to increase muscle mass in the glutes, improving the toning of the area.

Electrostimulation is the ideal complement to your training and diet if you want to reduce flaccidity in the glutes; but let’s not forget that, to achieve results, we must accompany this technique with cardio and a correct diet.

Glutes Electrostimulation before and after

Many times we only look at the aesthetic component that the gluteus represents, and we forget about the power that this muscle has and contributes to our health.

The glutes are one of the largest and most important muscles in the human body, with which we manage to maintain balance when we are standing and remain upright thanks to the fact that it is in charge of keeping us bipedal; In addition to this, it has such important functions as the stabilization of the pelvis and the lumbar region. Therefore, a strong gluteus decreases the possibility of suffering back pain or injuries in the lower extremities, such as hamstrings.

The problem is that a sedentary life makes our glutes fall asleep, since we spend too much time sitting down. This negatively influences when starting a physical activity because the more they sleep, the more difficult it is to wake them up.

Consequences of not training your Glutes 

Many times we only focus on the aesthetic component that represents the gluteus and we forget the power that this muscle has and brings to our health.

The glutes are one of the largest and most important muscles of the human body, with it we manage to maintain balance when we are standing and stay upright because it is responsible for keeping us in standing position. In addition to this, it has important functions such as stabilizing the pelvis and lumbar region. Therefore, a strong gluteus decreases the possibility of back pain or injuries to the lower limbs such as the hamstrings.

The problem is that a sedentary lifestyle makes our glutes go to sleep because we spend too much time sitting. This has a negative influence when it comes to starting a physical activity because the more they sleep, the more difficult it is to wake them up.

Define your glutes

Composition of the Gluteal Musculature 

To better understand the anatomy and functions of this great muscle, we must know the components. The glutes are divided into 3 parts:

  • Gluteus maximus: It is the captain of the team because without it we would fall forward or sideways, since it provides stability to the hip.
  • Gluteus medius: This muscle is the main stabilizer of the pelvis when we lean on one foot. It also allows us to separate the hip, rotate it slightly or close it. 

Although the gluteus maximus is the most voluminous, and the most striking for the aesthetics it provides, if the hip extensor and abductor muscles are not strong, the glutes will fall asleep, complicating activation for training.

  • Gluteus minimus: dDon’t be fooled by its name. This muscle is as important as the rest of the team. It is abductor like the gluteus medius, but its flexor and internal rotator action stands out.

Why use electrodes to lift Glutes?

As we already know, electro-stimulation is one of the best allies for training the human body. Not only can it help to tone and gain muscle mass (among many other advantages), but electrodes are also the best option for gluteal stimulation. Why?

Well, the gluteus maximus is the most complicated to stimulate and at the same time the one that offers more visible results. Therefore, it is normal that sometimes you think that your effort does not translate into the results you wanted. While with a squat you are able to activate 60% of the quadriceps, your gluteus is only stimulated by 10%. So, how does the gluteal electro stimulator work? Why is it a great help?

Easy! Electrostimulation allows you to train in depth because it activates the muscles and activates muscle fibers that cannot be reached with voluntary contractions alone. In this sense, Wiemspro suits are the best option because they have the most advanced technology and are composed of two comfortable and adjustable pieces to your body, which allows you to perform the training enjoying total freedom in your movements. This way you can choose whether to work all your muscles one day or diversify by zones.

Cellutie and electroestimulation

Electrostimulation and Cellulite 

First of all, we should know what cellulite is: 

It is an aesthetic alteration more frequent in women and in localized areas, which can coexist with an overaccumulation of adipocytes. Cellulite, in general, can be defined as a modification of the texture of the superficial subcutaneous tissues, characterized by an increase in thickness, consistency and sensitivity, as well as a decrease in mobility due to adherence to the deep plane.

Why does the electro stimulator work for Cellulite?

One of the benefits of EMS is the improvement of blood circulation which is possible thanks to the massage mode implanted in the electro-stimulator vest. This option is not only used to rest and recover the body from injuries (pain, heavy legs,…) but it allows the muscle tissues to regenerate and take in oxygen up to five times more.

Electrostimulation for cellulite is an excellent aid for fat percentage reduction therapies, since the electrodes work better when they reach a greater number of muscle fibers. In this way, you get a hardening of the area, while increasing your glutes and reducing flaccidity and, consequently, cellulite.

TIPS to fight Cellulite

It is difficult to eliminate cellulite without a good routine and a correct diet, so here are some tips that will help you fight it:

  • Practice aerobic exercises, they help burn fat and accelerate blood circulation.
  • Combine them with toning exercises that increase muscle mass, in addition, a firm and strong muscle achieves a more uniform appearance.
  • Stretching before and after training, promotes muscle relaxation and prevents injuries.
  • Drink plenty of water, this will make your skin hydrated and more elastic.
  • Massage to stimulate the skin to help remove fat deposits and improve blood circulation.
  • Relax and rest! Stress is not good for you and your muscles need a break too.


The gluteal electro-stimulator will become your best ally to help you achieve the best results. Remember that the two types of contraction (electrostimulated and voluntary) must be combined in order to successfully achieve all your goals.

Frequently asked questions about gluteal electrostimulation

Gluteal electrodes, how to place them?

Placing electrodes on the glutes can be done for a variety of reasons, such as muscle stimulation for rehabilitation, strengthening, or to relieve pain. To achieve effective stimulation, the electrodes must be placed properly. Below, I detail how to do it, but remember that you should always follow the recommendations of a health professional or physical therapist:

  • Identify the specific muscle or area:
    • The glutes are mainly made up of three muscles: the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus. The gluteus maximus is the most superficial and largest, and is generally the focus of stimulation.
  • Preparation:
    • Make sure the electrostimulation suit is properly hydrated.
  • Electrode placement:
    • Wiemspro electrostimulation suits have electrodes properly placed on both the gluteus maximus (top of the muscle near the base of the spine) and the gluteus medius and minimus.
  • Device Settings:
    • Before turning on the device, make sure the electrodes are properly attached.
    • Set the device based on the recommended treatment type (for example, TENS for pain relief or EMS for muscle stimulation).
  • Intensity:
    • Start with a low intensity and gradually increase until you reach a level that is felt but not painful.
  • Treatment time:
    • Follow the specific session length recommendations from your therapist or the device manual.
  • After use:
    • Once the session is over, turn off the device before removing the suit with the electrodes.
  • Safety and considerations:
    • Do not place electrodes on open wounds, irritated skin, or if you have a medical condition that contraindicates their use (e.g., pacemaker).
    • If you feel pain, burning or any unpleasant sensation, stop the session immediately and consult a professional.
    • Do not use electrostimulation without a doctor’s approval if you are pregnant, have heart problems, or a history of cancer.

While these are general guidelines, electrode placement may vary depending on the type of electrostimulator you are using and the goal of the therapy. It is important to always follow the specific instructions for your device and the recommendations of health professionals.

When do you start to notice results with gluteal electrostimulation?

Electrostimulation of the glutes is often used as a complementary tool to strengthen and tone muscles, as well as for rehabilitation and pain relief. The effects of electrostimulation can vary from one person to another due to multiple factors, such as initial physical condition, frequency of sessions, intensity of stimulation, and duration of the training or treatment program.

Here are some points to keep in mind about when you might start to notice the effects:

  • Muscle strengthening and toning:
    • Visible results, such as increased muscle tone or definition, may take several weeks or months, depending on consistency and complementation with physical exercise and proper diet.
    • Some people notice an improvement in strength or endurance in just a few weeks of regular use.
  • Rehabilitation:
    • If used for injury recovery or rehabilitation, effects may be noticeable in terms of regained function or pain relief within a few sessions, although full recovery may take longer.
    • Electrostimulation can help prevent muscle atrophy during periods of forced inactivity, such as after surgery.
  • Pain relief:
    • For pain relief, such as with transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), the effects can be felt immediately during and after the session.
    • The duration of pain relief can vary, with some experiencing relief for hours after the session, while for others it may be shorter.
  • Sensations during the session:
    • During the electrostimulation session, you should feel a clear muscle contraction without pain. If you feel pain or discomfort, you should reduce the intensity.
  • Frequency and duration:
    • Most electrostimulation programs recommend regular sessions, which can range from several times a week to daily, depending on the goal and individual tolerance.