Electrical Muscle Stimulation as a Method of Recovery after COVID

Electroestimulación y covid

COVID disease has caused (and continues to cause) a great deal of bewilderment, not only in the general population, but also in health and science experts. Each infected individual presents a highly variable and disparate set of symptoms, which makes it difficult to identify this disease if it were not (of course) for PCR tests. […]

Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor with Electrical Muscle Stimulation


The pelvic floor is one of the most affected areas after childbirth. Ensuring a correct recovery is essential to resuming your life as a new mother without suffering any consequences. In this regard, electrical muscle stimulation has proven to be one of the most interesting advances in recent years, so we are going to explain […]

Get Fit after pregnancy with Electrostimulation Training

La electroestimulación después del parto

During pregnancy, your body undergoes a huge hormonal and physical transformation, from which it’s not always easy to recover. Each woman experiences this process in a different way and, in fact, the postpartum physiognomy varies enormously from one case to another. Either way, the good news is that you can get back in shape quickly […]

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and electrostimulation

Electroestimulación y tiroiditis de hashimoto

What is thyroiditis? Before talking about what thyroiditis is, we should review what we know about the thyroid gland. The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped endocrine gland located in the front of the neck. This small gland produces hormones that control the pace of several metabolic activities in our body, such as the speed with which […]

Electrostimulation and fibromyalgia

Ems electroestimulación y fibromialgia

What is fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) is a chronic and complex condition mainly characterised by mulitfocal or widespread musculoskeletal pain, that is to say, pain all over the body, fatigue, cognitive dysfunction and sleep disorders, among other symptoms. Although this illness may cause joint pain, is not a joint illness. According to the WHO (World […]

How is TENS electrostimulation different to EMS electrostimulation?

Tens y EMS

Applying science and technology to the way that we train in our daily lives will enable us to obtain better results. For example, the use of electrostimulation in your training not only serves to improve your physical health, such as being in shape, losing weight or increasing muscle power (although it is true that its […]

Multiple sclerosis and electrostimulation

Esclerosis multiple electroestimulacion

What is multiple sclerosis Multiple sclerosis is a chronic and degenerative illness of the nerve system and it mainly affects the brain and the spinal cord. It occurs when the myelin sheath is damaged. This sheath is the covering that protects and surrounds neurons. When our body´s autoimmune system attacks it, it ends up being […]

Covid-19: Wiemspro Disinfection Guidelines

Desinfección covid

See you never Covid-19? Welcome dear ‘New Normal’! We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, however the uncertainty and fear are still there… That’s why we wanted to make sure that all Wiemspro users are aware of the maintenance and desinfection protocol to follow with our electrostimulation suits. Because we take […]

Is it possible to apply whole body electrostimulation in cancer patients?

This is a recurring question in the field of physical exercise/fitness. A priori we could say that taking into account the physiological requirements of muscle contraction induced by electrostimulation, there is no problem in applying this type of stimulation by a qualified professional. Recently, the first high-impact article has been published in which whole-body electrostimulation […]

What is exactly the whole body electrostimulation?

que es la ems a cuerpo completo-wiemspro

Have you heard about whole-body electrostimulation? Are you in a mess and you do not know whether to try it? Surely you have read and heard opinions of all kinds, often with little foundation. Today we are going to give you a simple explanation based on experience and real knowledge, not assumptions or beliefs. Go! […]