What is the best aesthetic body treatment equipment?

body treatment equiqment

The cosmetic beauty sector is experiencing a golden age, that’s no secret. However, this has also given rise to a multitude of centers, which means more competition. So, how can you stand out in the current market? In this article, we reveal the key to having a quality beauty center: not only having the best […]

5 Keys to a Longer Life

Keys to a longer life

How can we live a longer life? This has been one of the questions that human beings have asked themselves with the greatest concern throughout history. Fortunately, science has given us the keys to turn this collective dream into reality. With this goal in mind, we will give you the keys to a longer life. […]

Taking a break from exercising: What happens when I stopping exercising

The consequences of stopping exercising: here's what happens

Exercising is something that everyone should do regularly because of its many health benefits. In fact, there are so many benefits of exercising that it would be tough to list them all in this article, but our goal is to encourage you to never give up. So, in this post we’ll talk about all the […]

What is High Blood Pressure and How to Prevent it

high blood pressure

High blood pressure is a dangerous condition that can put our lives at risk because, unfortunately, there are no warning signs. Nevertheless, whether you have high blood pressure or not, only a healthy lifestyle can prevent seriously damaging your health. To prevent risks, in this post, we’ll discuss what this condition is and what causes […]

5 Essential Technologies in Aesthetic body Treatments

aesthetic body treatments

The technologies applied to aesthetic body treatments allow us not only to reshape our bodies and correct those small flaws that torment us; they are also a great solution to treat health problems, which, in the long run, may be of concern, such as the appearance of varicose veins, strengthening the pelvic floor, treating injuries […]

What a Beauty Salon Needs to Be Successful

Onnafit in beauty center

 In our current times, beauty Salons are booming and growing at an increasingly accelerated pace, and this is due to the strong demand: we care about maintaining a good physical condition, attractive appearance and a healthy lifestyle, even more so, with the constant exposure we have on social media. Although we should not obsess, we’re […]

5 Advantages of having a Personal Trainer

These are the 5 advantages of having a personal trainer.

The advantages of having a personal trainer are many, but the most important thing is that he/she is responsible for overseeing your mental and physical process of change. Nowadays, personal trainers have become one of the most sought-after professional profiles, and not just by elite athletes, celebrities and the wealthy, but also people who exercise […]

The Importance of Sport for our Mental Health

Can sport improve your mental health?

An increasing number of studies state that taking care of mental health and physical exercise are two of the keys to overall well-being. Setting and maintaining a range of healthy routines helps you feel better. So, in this article we’d like to discuss the relationship between mental health and sport. What is good mental health […]

10 Healthy Resolutions for 2022

healthy resolutions for the new year

At the end of each year, we see 365 new days open up before us in which to do everything we want to do. Have you already given thought to your healthy resolutions for the new year? If one of your resolutions is to improve mental and physical well-being, bear in mind that everything happens […]

What is a muscle strain and how should you treat it?

muscle strain

Muscle strain is one of the most common sport-related injuries caused by explosive force, due to muscle fiber contraction. In sports such as athletics, basketball or soccer calf muscle strains are commonplace. However, this injury, which occurs when muscle fibers tear, can strike while doing any type of sport. Some studies suggest that the strain […]