Electrical Muscle Stimulation: Does It Work?

¿Funciona un entrenamiento de electroestimulación?

We can do sports training for many reasons. These range from defining our muscles to achieve optimal physical shape or simply, losing weight. But, in all cases, we try to make the most of the time we spend doing physical activity. And in this regard, electrical muscle stimulation or EMS is a great tool.  With […]

Strengthen Your Pectoral muscles with EMS Training

Electroestimulacion y pectorales

Applying electrical muscle stimulation to the pectoral area is something that many athletes have already discovered improves their performance on many levels. EMS training has a number of advantages that greatly enhance the performance of conventional exercise. And more so in an area like the chest, which tends to be complicated to work out due […]

ABS stimulation and muscular electroestimulation

electroestimulador muscular abdominales

Abdominals comprise the muscle group that is the most difficult to define, and are among those that are most sought-after aesthetically. Will we get a 6-pack using a muscular electrostimulation system? In this post we will answer that question, and talk about the health benefits that we can obtain with the combination of abdominal training […]

Electrostimulation as a method to attain muscular hypertrophy

hipertrofia muscular

Many people seek to work on muscular hypertrophy with training sessions based on EMS. Electrostimulation can help you to achieve this objective but it must be accompanied with specific training. The link between electro training and obtaining muscle mass has led to a considerable increase in the number of people who request this type of […]

Avoids the loss of muscle mass during slimming diets with electrostimulation

Electroestimulacion para adelgazar

Training with electrostimulation enhances results for fat loss, while maximising your maintenance or increase in muscle mass. Whether you are considering starting an exercise programme to lose weight or you are an exercise professional, it is important to be clear about what the keys are that guarantee fat loss prevent the loss of muscle as […]

8 tips to achieve your goals by training with electrostimulation

8 tips - wiemspro1

  Today we want to show you 8 tips, which will make you achieve your goals through a series of decisions that will help empower them, in your workouts with electrostimulation. 1- Choose the best training center: When you made the decision to start a training program, you projected an image of what you wanted […]

Effort recovery with electrostimulation system


Today we began a line of post that will aim to show both professionals and users the versatility of the wireless whole body electromyostimulation system Wiemspro. We will see how whole body electromyostimulation is a technology with multiple applications. Today we will focus on recovery process after or between efforts. Wireless electrostimulation Wiemspro- How to […]

Personal training based on whole body electrostimulation


On personal training, every good personal trainer knows that strength levels that somebody can develop are directly related with his heath and life quality. It can be apply to all population groups, it does not matter its age, although in elderlier groupa the results are more evident. That is why in every personal training program is fundamental the […]