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Defining and achieving muscle hypertrophy can become a difficult task. Sometimes we spend more time in the gym than at home, and we still can’t get the results we want. An electrostimulation workout of 20 minutes twice a week can be the difference that you get to set your goals. In this category, you will find posts related to muscle toning in men and women, and how to increase your muscle mass with an electrostimulation workout.

Why is Vitamin D important in sports performance
Health & Wellness

Why is Vitamin D important in sports performance?

Vitamins are necessary nutrients for the proper functioning of our body and, together with other nutritional elements, act as catalysts for all physiological processes, such

The deltoids is a super important muscle for our balance and mobility
Body composition

Work the deltoids with these 5 exercises

We always talk about the importance of having our body in the best physical and mental state possible, and in this case, we are going