Five flawless pressotherapy methods that work

Five flawless pressotherapy methods that work

Let’s talk about pressotherapy; and even better, learn about the benefits of this treatment combined with the power of electrostimulation. Keep in mind that this procedure promotes lymphatic drainage through the compression or decompression of air chambers that are placed around the area to be treated; and EMS, specifically, is responsible for generating impulses in […]

These are the top 5 stretching exercises

Stretching exercises, not stretching before or after exercising is something we often do either out of ignorance or because we are simply short on time. However, rushing won’t get you anywhere, and if you want to exercise safely, you need to prepare well beforehand. Just 10 minutes of stretching will get your body ready for […]

5 types of lunges that are a must in your workout routine

You’ll surely have heard of the benefits of including squats in your workout routine, but what about lunges? In this article, we’ll run through the benefits of lunges, the different variations and how to perform better in your daily workouts. Benefits of incorporating lunges into your workout routine Lunge-based workouts will strengthen your glutes, develop […]

What you need to know about your metabolism


The set of processes that we include under the concept of metabolism is vital for life itself. And not only in human beings, but in all living creatures. Even if we simplify it by relating it to gaining or losing weight, it is much more. Therefore, we are going to explain everything you need to […]

Keys for proper muscle recovery after your workout

Recovery Muscle

A basic pillar in an athlete’s training, whether elite or amateur, is muscle recovery immediately after exercise. This must be accompanied by proper nutrition, hydration and an effective warm-up. When we talk about recovery it’s important to understand that we’re talking about the time in which our muscles recover from a physical activity. Every workout […]

Strengthen Your Pectoral muscles with EMS Training

pectoral muscle definition

Applying electrical muscle stimulation to the pectoral area is something that many athletes have already discovered improves their performance on many levels. EMS training has a number of advantages that greatly enhance the performance of conventional exercise. And more so in an area like the chest, which tends to be complicated to work out due […]

Effects of electrostimulation on body composition

electrostimulation and body composition

Physical exercise and body composition As we already know, physical exercise not only helps to attain significant benefits in body composition, such as weight loss, toning and muscular hypertrophy; it also reduces the risk of developing some illnesses such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. There are different types of training according to the […]

Avoids the loss of muscle mass during slimming diets with electrostimulation

Muscle mass

Training with electrostimulation enhances results for fat loss, while maximising your maintenance or increase in muscle mass. Whether you are considering starting an exercise programme to lose weight or you are an exercise professional, it is important to be clear about what the keys are that guarantee fat loss prevent the loss of muscle as […]

Personal training based on whole body electrostimulation


On personal training, every good personal trainer knows that strength levels that somebody can develop are directly related with his heath and life quality. It can be apply to all population groups, it does not matter its age, although in elderlier groupa the results are more evident. That is why in every personal training program is fundamental the […]