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EMS transforms your body with just 2 sessions a week of 20 minutes. With the arrival of Covid-19, being fit and feeling healthy and agile is more important than ever. Electrostimulation can improve your muscle fibers, increase your strength, strengthen your muscles, and make you not only look good but feel better, and other EMS benefits. In this category, you will find posts related to electrostimulation and body composition.

The deltoids is a super important muscle for our balance and mobility
Body composition

Work the deltoids with these 5 exercises

We always talk about the importance of having our body in the best physical and mental state possible, and in this case, we are going

Know the multiple uses of Electrostimulation
Body composition

Know the multiple Electrostimulation applications

Electrostimulation is used for more than muscle rehabilitation, or commonly called electrotherapy, which is widely used in physiotherapy to treat injuries in elite professional athletes.