Professional athletes that train with Wiemspro Electrostimulation

Professional atheletes Dani Carvajal in wiemspro

Wiemspro has become every athlete’s best friend. It is an electrostimulation system ideal for optimizing the results of physical exercise. Once again, technology is here to help those of us who care about our bodies and want to go one step further. But what are the advantages of this device? What is it for? In […]

Spanish Fitness Studios that use Electrostimulation by Wiemspro – it works!

Spanish Fitness Studios

Electrostimulation or EMS has proven to be a perfect complement to exercise and diet to improve your physical condition. There are more and more fitness studios that allow you to use these types of materials for  your business’ personal training sessions. This means that the alternatives so that you can have, for example, an electrostimulation […]

Is it beneficial cold weather training in winter?

beneficial to train in cold weather

If you are an athlete, you will already know that cold weather training requires extra motivation so you don’t skip training. However, in this article we will look at the benefits of exercising in low temperatures, as well as run through some precautions to take into account. We will also explain what type of clothing […]

Professional ballet dancers train with Electrical stimulation


Electrical stimulation has proven to be one of the most efficient training methods. Its ability to tone muscles has been proven in numerous studies over the years. On previous occasions, we have seen how it can be very useful when it comes to improving athletic performance. However, did you know that professional ballet dancers also […]

Winter Sports: What sports can I do in winter?

Winter Sports

The colder months give many people the perfect excuse to laze on the couch and put exercising off until spring comes round. However, you probably didn’t know that cold weather is perfect for doing so-called winter sports. If you like outdoor fun and adrenaline rushing through your body, there is no season like winter! What […]

The celebrities’ secret training

Eva gonzalez training with Wiemspro

We all know that the most well-known celebrities on the Spanish national scene take care of their bodies. They rely on strict training plans which lead them to adopt the latest bodily treatments to achieve all their goals. For this reason, in this article we are going to let you in on the secret kept […]

Are you a personal trainer? 5 tips to attract more customers

personal trainer with Wiemspro

Nowadays, one of the most stimulating professions is being a personal trainer. If you like sports, health, and interacting with people, you can become an exceptional personal trainer. In this article, we’ll give you more information about this activity, which may become your vocation, and help you boost your personal brand in this competitive field. […]

Professional Electrostimulation: Get Certified and Boost Your Business

electrostimulation professional Certified

Electrostimulation is being increasingly applied and demanded in a large number of areas related to health, aesthetics and fitness. As a result, it is becoming a trend in the present and is assured of a great future. Therefore, it presents itself as an excellent career opportunity for many future professionals interested in this field of […]

Wiemspro Electrostimulation in the Fitness Sector

Electro stimulation in Fitness Sector

Any fitness business needs to update itself, differentiate itself from the competition, and offer valuable alternatives capable of seducing and building customer loyalty. Electrostimulation has become an extraordinary opportunity in the fitness sector. Betting on these techniques means standing out from the competition, offering effective procedures of state-of-the-art technology that ensure spectacular results, and counting […]

Electrostimulation and the Aesthetic Sector: the perfect combination for your business

Know the Wiemspro in te Aesthetic sector

It is scientifically proven: electrostimulation or electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is beneficial for achieving positive and more than flattering aesthetic results. These include cellulite removal, toning of the glutes, shaping of the abdomen, elimination of flaccidity in the arms, and fat loss, among others. Consequently, it has become a very important element for today’s aesthetic […]