Why choose the Wiemspro Electrostimulation System for your Fitness Business?

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Wiemspro in the Fitness sector

f you surf the web a little and ask around, there is no doubt that electrostimulation training is a trend that is gaining more and more followers, but what are the reasons that are making this training technique to be so successful?

On the one hand, busy lifestyles mean that we have less and less time. EMS or Electrical Muscular Stimulation solves this problem in spades. Instead of having to spend hours in a gym and achieve dubious or sometimes barely visible results, it concentrates all its potential in highly effective 20 – 30 minute sessions. You’ll offer in-depth training with quality results in a short time, which translates into a more satisfied clientele who won’t hesitate to come back.

On the other hand, with the outbreak of the pandemic worldwide, many users have stopped going to gyms or sports centers, causing the closure of many businesses. With the Wiemspro system, you will have on hand a tool that will help you to differentiate yourself from the competition so that you don’t find yourself in this situation. Thanks to the new services and applications it offers you, you will not only keep your customers, but attract more.

Why is Wiemspro the best Electrostimulation System for your Fitness Business?

There is no doubt about the advantages of electro-stimulation, but what differentiates Wiemspro from other brands that work with EMS? We are a Spanish company that has developed a product that is ergonomic, wireless, easy to use, adaptable to your business and is useful to use for people of all ages and levels. In short: it works and has been tested by our scientific laboratory in iMUDs, UGR Granada.

  • Our technology is designed to, through an electrical stimulus, activate the muscles of your clients in a similar way to when they are training. The big difference is that the strategic placement of the electrodes and the different levels of intensity make it possible to work areas that are difficult to access or at a level that would be impossible through physical exercise.
  • Wiemslab helps us to constantly improve with new uses and systems of our electrostimulation suit. Few brands can boast of having their own scientific department that studies the effects of its products in the short and long term, both on healthy people and on the chronically ill.
  • We design effective products for everyone. Unlike other brands’ products, our EMS suits have the electrodes integrated within the inside of the design. This makes it easier for your technicians to successfully place them in every session. In addition, they are made with quality materials, hypoallergenic, are resistant, and adapt to all body shapes and sizes.
  • We teach our customers to explore the full potential of our products. If you decide to incorporate our electro-stimulation systems into your sports center, you can be sure that they will be put to good use. Academy by Wiemspro will give you all the training you need, both in person and remotely.
  • The suits are wireless. Forget about training your clients in a confined space with wires. The system of wireless electrostimulation is the future.

Our Electrostimulation Suits: The latest in Technology for your Fitness Business

We’ve told you above that we use the latest technology to develop our suits, but we’re so proud of the fruits of our labor that we feel it’s important to deep dive into how our suits are made and what are the differences between them.

Professional electrostimulation suit: Revolution Pro

This suit is intended to provide solutions for owners and managers of training centers and gyms like you. If you want to incorporate electrostimulation services into your offer as a complement to the workouts you offer on a daily basis, this product is for you. It has a vest and trousers with electrodes that are placed and adjusted manually. We have sizes from XXS to XXL, although all sizes are fully adjustable for all body types and morphologies.

This type of suit is designed to make your life easier. It gives you agility when putting on and taking off the device between different clients and facilitates the sanitizing process. On the other hand, the materials and design are designed for intensive use and fit all bodies.

For washing, disinfection, deodorization and disinfection you only have to follow our instructions for use. The separation between the waistcoat and trousers also gives you great freedom and allows you to customize the treatments according to the needs of each person.

Personal Electrostimulation Suit: Ultra Lithe

Unlike the Revolution Pro, our Ultra Lithe model is designed for individual use. The electrodes are placed on the inside of the trousers and vest and both garments can be put together independently. If your customers need different sizes for the top and the bottom, they can buy them this way without any problems.

The materials from which it is made are completely flexible. In other words, your clients will be able to train and move freely without having to give up comfort. This option is ideal if you offer luxury personalized training services and your clients train from their own homes or offices.

Our wireless device: comfortable and ergonomic

Organize EMS-powered training sessions anywhere. Its wireless technology allows you to take electrostimulation out of the gym. Adapt the training to the tastes and needs of your clients and go out with them in nature or outdoors. It has a Li-Ion battery that lasts up to 8 hours of uninterrupted work, and recharges quickly (in about 40 minutes, it will be fully recharged).

Connect our device automatically to your favorite mobile device and organize individual or group training sessions anywhere. Take your customers outside your center and attract the attention of other people interested in trying out your services and learning how they can make their workouts more precise and intense. Everyone will know what you do and thanks to its ergonomic fit, it is effortless to take it with you wherever you go.

Our App for iPads

Keep track of each client individually and monitor their progress. If you do group training, you can add them until the last minute. This way you will have visibility of the evolution of each member of the group even if they arrive late. In addition, it saves the programs according to profiles. You will not have to calibrate the intensity of the electrodes at the beginning of each session.

If you need to control the progression of each client, thanks to our App, you can check from your iPad at any time. This is a guarantee for the safety of the sessions, since the monitoring is accurate and in real time.

Allows you to work with up to 12 clients at a time and it also saves all the information in the cloud. Lose your fear of computer problems and recover your information anytime, anywhere without having to wait. The best part? Our App is free, so managing all the training sessions with your clients won’t cost you a single extra euro.

App Wiemspro

Elite athletes rely on Wiemspro

Our EMS technology is so effective that we have become the perfect ally for elite athletes to take their workouts to the next level. Some of our Olympic stars include Natalhie Moelhaussen, Blanca Manchón and Fátima Gálvez, who have bet on our products to prepare themselves physically for these Olympics.

Stars in their categories, such as Sandra Corcuera in retrorunning, Daniel Carvajal in football, Joao Sousa and Roberto Bautista in tennis, or Paco Bavo in the world of crossfit use and recommend us. But we are not a product exclusively for high-performance athletes. Celebrities like David Bisbal, Paula Ordovás or Patricia Montero also use us in their routines as a complement to their sports practices. Not only will you improve the physical condition of those who need it, you will also be able to accompany them on their way to improving their appearance.

Interest in Electrostimulation

There is no doubt that interest in electro-stimulation is a growing trend in recent years. You only need to look around social media to see how more and more people are joining the EMS movement.

The reason? Wiemspro electrostimulation is very versatile. You can use it in workouts for athletes, but also to enhance the weight loss in those seeking a physical transformation or for the progressive recovery from injuries.

Moreover, it is a system suitable for everyone, regardless of age or level. Use it to strengthen those hard-to-work muscle areas or to prepare your clients for the next level of exertion.


If you have a gym or fitness center, Wiemspro can help you improve your service offering. Depending on the product you buy, you can organize group training sessions in which electrostimulation is the differential element or individual sessions aimed at achieving specific objectives.

With our EMS suit and device, the limit is your imagination. Use it for any of its proven purposes or keep up with Wiemslab innovations to discover new applications. What is indisputable is that, however you use it, it will raise the brand of your sports center.If you think our product may be interesting and want to know more about us or keep up to date with all our news, subscribe to our blog or follow us on our social media networks, or write to us here to receive personalized information.