Wiemspro Electrostimulation in the Fitness Sector

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Electro stimulation in Fitness Sector

Any fitness business needs to update itself, differentiate itself from the competition, and offer valuable alternatives capable of seducing and building customer loyalty. Electrostimulation has become an extraordinary opportunity in the fitness sector.

Betting on these techniques means standing out from the competition, offering effective procedures of state-of-the-art technology that ensure spectacular results, and counting with an unquestionable competitive advantage. If you want to incorporate them into your sports project, you have the possibility to become certified as a personal trainer specialized in EMS with Wiemspro. In this way, you will not only enhance the differential brand factor we mentioned, but you will also have the security of providing a highly qualified service to your customers at all times.

In just a few sessions, your clients’ workouts and results will show visible improvements. Thanks to this, their satisfaction will grow and, with it, their loyalty and recommendations within their close circles. Quickly, you will have new potential clients interested in your services. It’s what your sports business needs!

“At Wiemspro we are leaders and pioneers in the global electrostimulation market.”

Wiemspro adapts to your business in the Fitness Sector

Every fitness business model is different: it has its own particularities and characteristics. Whether you intend to remodel it or continue with its good results, it is essential to start from these singularities to multiply your possibilities.

“We adapt the Electro Stimulation Fitness technology to your needs, and we provide you with the ideal advice and support to get the most out of your business activity.”

At Wiemspro, we are leaders and pioneers in the global electrostimulation market. We lead with our technological solutions. We are international spearheads that have been backed by a good number of research and scientific analyses that endorse the effectiveness of our solutions. Beyond the effectiveness of this technology, we are very clear that the success of your business is also our success. That’s why we enhance the technical benefits of our EMS with a close and permanent partnership. We are your professional partner and not just a distributor of cutting-edge sports technology.

That’s why we adapt electro-stimulation fitness technology to your needs, and we provide you with the right advice and support to get the most out of your business. This approach for professionals is highly profitable because it increases occupancy rates and average sale, optimizes the use of facilities at off-peak times, builds loyalty with existing customers, attracts new ones and sets you apart from your competitors.

We have our own distributors in more than 77 countries worldwide to help you find the right approach to successfully implement our technology in your business.

Guaranteed profitability in the Fitness Sector

Investing in the renovation and modernization of your sports business is essential. But, of course, doing it profitably is the key. One of the greatest differential advantages of our electro-stimulation strategy for professionals is the economic aspect.

Firstly, contrary to what you may guess, the initial investment required is quite moderate. It is true that we are talking about the latest technology, but you can start your journey with very affordable costs.

Secondly, the positive results are noticeable from the first weeks. This is essential in your corporate development strategy: your customers’ expectations are immediately satisfied. Therefore, they are convinced of the suitability of the services and continue to hire them. At the same time, you not only increase the loyalty of your current customers, but you also gain access to new potential audiences thanks to the recommendations and referrals of these satisfied initial customers.

Furthermore, the provision of these services does not lead to any additional costs or direct costs for the provision of these services. Its profitability, therefore, is really juicy. Even more so if you consider these two additional issues:

  1. These services are ideal for those moments of least occupation of your facilities.
  1.  The quick satisfaction they generate improves the brand image of your business and favors the contracting of other services from your sports catalogue.
Wiemspro in the Fitness sector

Disruptive Business Model in the Fitness Sector

Our society is constantly changing. Evolution has become a constant in everyday life, also in sporting offers and consumption.

Consequently, the disruptive fitness business models are positioning themselves as truly appropriate. What is disruption? Basically breaking away from the old ways and offering new ways of doing things that meet demands and needs.

In other words, in a time of permanent change like the present, having a sports business capable of turning reality around and offering alternative services for toning, muscle building, fitness and general activation processes is synonymous with success. The public is eager to try new options and these, in particular, respond one hundred percent to what they expect.

With less effort, time and difficulty, improved results are obtained thanks to cutting-edge technology that not all centers have. That sense of exclusivity is also an additional attraction. We use technological advances to improve our daily lives; consequently, we were attracted to see that electrical muscle stimulation can be incorporated into the training routines we perform.

For example, our electrostimulation vest is presented as an eye-catching technological proposal that provides a revolutionary user experience. After the initial excitement of trying it, the results become the main arguments for its continued use.

Return on investment in just two months

We have previously told you about the economic profitability of implementing our sports electrostimulation approach. However, in times of crisis and economic difficulties such as the present, time limits are essential. How long will it take you to recover your investment? This is a crucial question to be able to consider the viability of this commercial strategy for each case.

According to the analysis we have made based on facts, based on the experience of other similar businesses, we can say that the average payback period for your investment is approximately a couple of months. Generally, from this period onwards, you will already start earning valuable extra income, in addition to your conventional business activities. Doesn’t it sound like an irresistible business opportunity?

The best put their trust in Wiemspro

We have presented ourselves as leaders and pioneers in the field of global sports EMS. It is not mere “posing”, it is a demonstrable reality. Thanks to our experience and technological innovation, we have earned an unquestionable prestige and support among specialists, professionals and users of these systems for physical development and toning.

Their application is very wide and versatile, they work to strengthen the pectorals as well as a complement to crossfit, to recover after competitions or to complete training sessions in a multitude of sporting disciplines: running, hockey, golf, football, tennis, swimming and many more, with the real result of improving final performance.

Many top athletes are already working with our electro-stimulation equipment as part of their routines. Among them, we can mention the following champions:

  •  Nathalie Marie Moellhausen, fencer specialized in epee.
  • Blanca Manchón, windsurfing world champion.
  • Paco Bravo, crossfit specialist Mister 95.
  • Carlos Pérez Rial (Perucho), Olympic canoeist.
  • Fátima Gálvez Marín, World and European champion in the Olympic shooting pit.
  • Emilio Pereira, physical trainer for the best golfers in the world.
  • Dani Carvajal, elite footballer.
  • Sandra Corcuera, world champion of retrorunning.
  • Roberto Bautista, Spanish tennis player.
  • João Pedro Coelho Marinho de Sousa, one of the best tennis players in Portugal.

In addition, our techniques are also used during their physical preparation by other renowned professionals. Among them:

  • David Bisbal, world-class Spanish singer.
  • Patricia Montero, actress.
  • Paula Ordovás, fashion journalist and blogger.
Get the Certificed

We train and certify you as an EMS trainer

We put ourselves in your shoes: in addition to providing you with the tools you need to optimize the productivity and performance of your fitness business model, we also advise you at all times and provide you with the training you need.

We have extensive experience in the training and qualification of electrostimulation specialists. We do it in two ways: in-classroom or online courses, so you will always find the most suitable alternative for your circumstances.

In these trainings, you will not only learn how to handle and apply our technology, you will also acquire the skills and knowledge that will allow you to implement these EMS alternatives in any personal or sport preparation process. Do you want to design more efficient and faster tune-ups? We train you. You will soon be able to work with electrical muscle stimulation with absolute naturality among your clients.

And, do not doubt it, this will end up being another of the differential values of your sports center compared to its competitors.

Our laboratory: Wiemslab

We are fully committed to technological research and the ongoing development of EMS systems. For this reason, we have Wiems Lab, a laboratory that analyses the impact of electrostimulation on people’s health. It is physically located at the UGR University of Granada specifically in the iMUDs Research Center.

Thanks to these specialized scientists and their continuous work, we are able to optimize our devices and constantly improve our solutions. In addition, the results and reports we obtain become the didactic basis for the training and qualification we provide to our collaborators.In short, at Wiemspro we are your partner to definitely boost your fitness business. Get access to the latest sports performance technology trends with the world leader and receive all the support and coaching you need to achieve the business success you deserve.