Why are Training Centers incorporating Electrostimulation Training?

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Training with electrostimulation

Our pace of life makes it more and more difficult for us to go to the training centers. We don’t have time to train and this ends up frustrating our expectations of progress. The consequence is that we end up quitting. As if all of this were not enough, the covid-19 crisis has caused the majority of training centers to suffer from a drop in sales, and some have even had to close down.

“If you want your business to work, you have to differentiate yourself from the rest”.

If you are the owner or manager of a sports center, you will be well aware of all the difficulties we are talking about. And you’ll also know that, in the face of declining demand and increasing competition, if you want your business to work, you need to differentiate yourself from the rest.

This involves offering new services and applications that adapt to the double objective that your clients are looking for: stay for a short time at the training centers and, despite this, obtain visible results in a short period of time. In this sense, electrostimulation (or EMS, as it is also known) will fit your business like a glove.

Advantages for Training Centers

Including electrostimulation training at your training center will bring you numerous benefits. This innovative technique allows your clients to achieve visible results quickly.

Specifically, if you offer it at your training center, it will change your business model for the better. That’s how innovative and cost-effective the introduction of EMS is in your training center. It will increase your range of activities and, with it, you will gain new customers, and you will be able to increase the average membership cost by offering new services.

Upon observing their great results, customers will bring their friends and family. That is to say, call to action strategies will work on new customers because they will see the improvement on those who making the recommendation. And all this will result in greater loyalty of those customers at your training center.

“Electrofitness is the combination of physical training and electrostimulation to get your clients in shape in an effective and fast way.

Training Centers Wiemspro

As an example of new activities for your center, we’ll talk about electrofitness, one of the most innovative activities that EMS will bring to your training center. Broadly speaking, it consists of a combination of physical training and electrostimulation to get your clients in shape effectively and quickly.

The 20 minute sessions are equivalent to almost 4 hours of traditional physical exercise. Therefore, it is enough to practice twice a week. The sessions begin with a 5 minute warm-up, followed by 10 minutes of exercises and a final 5 minutes of relaxation. 

In turn, the exercise itself is based on both cardio and strength routines. Both allow you to work all muscle groups, from the largest to the smallest.  

The caloric expenditure achieved with the electrofitness is very high: approximately 2,500 calories per session. This is due to its high intensity which produces the so-called afterburn effect. The lack of oxygen during physical activity helps to continue burning calories after completing the exercises.

Electrostimulation Training is Trending

As if all of the above wasn’t enough, you should also consider that electro-stimulation training is becoming a worldwide trend. It is increasingly valued by sportsmen and women, whether amateur or professional.

Keep in mind that EMS work is different from the conventional training your training center users do. Conventional training involves making more effort and achieving goals more slowly.

However, electrostimulation is much more effective. It allows you to work several muscle groups at the same time. In addition, thanks to the EMS impulses, the so-called recruitment of fibers occurs from the inside out, which makes them develop a more complete workout.

These circumstances allow your clients to work more muscle in less time. That is, to achieve visible results in a shorter period of time, which may vary depending on your body composition. And all of this will benefit your business.

Digital transformation for Training Centers

Related to the above, you should also keep in mind that digital transformation has already reached training centers. We understand as such the use of new technologies applied to physical work.

The most recent generations have already been born with digital tools and can’t conceive almost any activity without them. In this sense, if you incorporate EMS into your training center, you will also have a powerful argument for attracting younger people as customers.

In other words, EMS will help you attract and retain members of all ages to your training center. It is an indispensable part of the digital transformation that is being imposed on sports centers.

Advantages for the personal trainer

The Wiemspro electrostimulation system is FDA certified. These initials stand for Food and Drug Administration. It is a U.S. Government agency under the Department of Health and Human Services dedicated to ensuring that all types of medical devices for human or animal use are safe and beneficial.

In addition, your employees will receive training from Wiemspro and, at the end of their training, a certification as an EMS trainer thanks to our e-learning platform. Thanks to this, they will enrich their CV with this specialization. Best of all, they will be able to lead individual or group training sessions of twenty minutes each. In just eight sessions, you will notice a customer’s improvement.

Advantages for the customer

The advantages of electrostimulation for your clients are many and they will help you to build their loyalty to your training center. As we said, in just 8 sessions of 20 minutes each, you will notice the results of EMS training.

Electrostimulation improves overall physical activity performance by up to 30%.

In addition, their exercises will be much more fun and dynamic. Electrostimulation is compatible with any sports activity. Simply put on the electrostimulation suit and you can practice everything from bodypump to yoga, from running on the treadmill to Pilates sessions.

But more importantly, clients who sign up for EMS will achieve their goals in a very short time, whether they’re there to eliminate cellulite or lose weight or simply, tone their muscles.

Electrostimulation improves overall physical activity performance by up to 30%. More specifically, it increases aerobic and muscular endurance and even strength.

On the other hand, as these activities will require a less intense effort, customers will avoid muscular injuries, which are so frequent in sports activities. For example, they will not need to lift weights, one of the most demanding practices for the musculature.

EMS is even useful for your clients as a relaxation technique after their training is finished thanks to the relaxation and tension release programs. By applying it, they relax the muscles that have worked, which eliminates the dreaded stiffness.

Training centers

Electrotherapy in a Training Center

This is an application of EMS for physiotherapy and rehabilitation. It is very useful for physiotherapy centers, in case this is your business. And you can also use it in your training center if you have the right professionals.

Electrotherapy is scientifically proven for the recovery of muscle injuries and for other treatments, such as those applied to people with reduced mobility or suffering from other ailments. Specifically, it uses electric current for the treatment of pathologies. To do this, it uses two types of currents:

  • Galvanic, which produces a continuous type and follows the same pattern.
  • Diadynamics, which works in the opposite way to the previous one.

In both cases, the operation is the same. The device emits an electrical signal that reaches the skin and goes deep into muscle tissue and other structures of the body.

Moreover, the application of electrotherapy is useful to reduce pain. The application of electrotherapy can improve cellular tropism and regenerate cells. It even has anti-inflammatory effects, increases circulation and relieves myalgia, a term used to describe different types of muscular pain.

However, there are certain circumstances in which electrotherapy is contraindicated. This is the case for patients with pacemakers, tumors, pregnant women and people with sensory disorders or open wounds.

Apart from these cases, this technique can achieve very beneficial effects in physiotherapy. One of the formulas it uses is transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TENS). This is a low frequency electrotherapy program that has two basic functions:

  • Reduces pain. To achieve this two methods are used: the production of endorphins and the blocking of nerve fibers in the medulla, which prevents pain from reaching the brain.
  • Improves muscle injuries. To do this, it contracts muscles that lack strength due to illness or inactivity.

In conclusion, the advantages of electrostimulation are that it is useful both for injury recovery and for optimizing sports training (and the Wiemspro laboratory is constantly finding new applications).

If you own one or several training centers, with EMS you will find a way to improve your activity grid and help your users optimize their results in less time and with less effort. Logically, all this will result in you having more customers.

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