Myths about EMS in 20 minutes

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EMS  is not a magical training system as we often see in many advertisements about it. It is rather an evolution of the training model that makes the results even more effective. Therefore, we tell you some of the myths about EMS:

1. You can only train 20 minutes a week

This is an example of evil interpretation of the scientific knowledge. Some investigations of ends of the 90 and beginning of 2000 determined that incertain contexts a training with electrostimulation was really effective applying it in meetings of 20 minutes approximately (we see the electrostimulation it has many years of life). These conclusions must be applied specially to sports men during its force trainings.

The number of trainings per week, aswell as its duration will depend on the needs of the person. So we can be cases in which several meetings are realiced to the week of 30 minutes or more or others in which only the electrostimulation is used like one more material, introduced scarce minutes in some meetings.

It is a responsibility of the trainers to have formation and experience sufficient to be able to decide on as to modulate and to dose the electrostimulation in very case. If some health peculiarity should exist, it will be necessary to be provided with the opinion of a sanitary professional (who also must have good knowledge and experience on the topic).

2. It slims with only 20 minutes a week

The excess weight and the obesity are serious problems both at level of health of the individual and to epidemiologic level. It is for the above mentioned by that every time more products and services are thrown faced to help the persons who are in this situation. Frequently the virtues of these elements are irritated to manage to attract a big number of persons. Which might be corrected of erroneous, and  enclosed, of ethical little.

This is one of the main errors that has been committed in the sector of the electrostimulation of finished body: to promise the impossible thing.

There has become popular the belief of which they can train only 20 minutes a week, without taking care of your feeding, and managing to lose fat to a very intensive rhythm. This is not completely true.

The electrostimulation can allow you to accelerate its slimming process, in addition to contributing other benefits extra to your training programming. In an inactive person, we can see a big evolution for its first weeks of training, thanks to the increase of the caloric expense of the proper exercise and after him (increase of the metabolism). Never the less if you want to obtain longterm results and it is permanent form foundamental that you change habits and take a healthy life style, which supposes realizing physical activity every day.

We know that Wiemspro can promot every much your results, but it will always depend on you making these changes permanent.

3. It burns 3.000 Kcal in 20 minutes

This is literally IMPOSSIBLE

Investigations realized in the University of Granada determined that after training with electrostimulation of finished body the participants were increasing basal metabolism. In other words, the participants who were training with electrostimulation of finished body were “burning” more calories through out the day.

This increase became (in the best cases) of 1.000 Kcal per day, for 3 days. Therefore, after only one electrostimulation training, it can help us to consume 3.000 Kcal through out 3 days. In this case, the trainings if the lasted 20 minutes.

This increase of the metabolism can be faced to the attainment of several targets, being the most popular to manage to slim. This effect can be interesting also for certain sport men, and even, you present yourself with some health peculiarity.

Therefore, we can conclude that this affirmation leads to the confusion of the user. We can not spend these 3.000 Kcal during the achievement of the exercise, out organism is unable to produce those energy quentity. If that we can use the electrostimulation as a complement to increase our weekly energy consumtion of a very efficient form. You would need to invest many hours to obtain this effect doing “cardio”.


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