In which profitable businesses it will be better to invest in 2023

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Which profitable businesses will be better to invest in in 2023

There is no perfect business model, but although it is true that, depending on consumer behavior and new trends, we have a clearer idea of which will be the most profitable businesses, and that they are penetrating strongly in sectors such as health, body care, and technology.

The main thing to know if profitable businesses are that the income exceeds both sales and administrative costs, in short, that it is a business that brings benefits. This seems very simple, but the reality is that this accounting exercise does not always turn out to be positive, especially at the beginning, when you will have more expenses than income; but with a sales projection, dissemination strategies, and continuous monitoring of costs and income, the chances of generating profits will increase, since you will have much more control over the evolution of the business, and you will be able to make more efficient decisions.

What are the profitable businesses of the future?

The world evolves very quickly and the business we choose to invest in this 2023 must know how to adapt quickly and efficiently to changes.

The Internet has caused a radical change in our behavior as consumers, and this is because we are in a world full of information and answers to the needs of the moment.

If we want to know which is the best business of the future, you should check if your business idea meets the following elements typical of profitable businesses:


That the business is in demand, if you sell the best product in the world but nobody wants it or does not need it, it is useless. That is why a profitable business must have a solid and consistent demand. This is the only way to create profitable businesses.


That it is a business with a margin, can mean that the sales income covers the acquisition costs, but not only that but that the business is capable of generating enough profits to compensate for the effort and dedication that all ventures entail.

Quick and easy to create

What a quick and easy business to create. All profitable businesses need a lot of effort, but it is indeed important that they can be launched on the market fairly quickly to meet demand. If you take too long to set up e-commerce, you may be late and those potential customers that we expect are already covered by other competitors.

If your business meets these three statements, congratulations! It’s time to launch.

What profitable businesses can be set up with little money?

Starting a business is not always an easy task, indeed, it is a daunting task; but the amount of time, money, and risk involved depends on the business idea you have in mind. There are many ways to start a business that does not require as much initial investment, leaving you more time to get creative.

But it is important to know what actions should not be skimped on:

  • The creative process of developing the branding of the brand, to create a strong and recognized brand
  • Invest in digital marketing, these actions are important to attract new customers and strengthen the brand.
  • Offering excellent customer service, one of the best strategies is to have happy customers since they are the ones that generate our income. It is said that a client can return for the price, but not for service, that is, they can return even if they are more expensive than the competition, but they will not return if we have provided them with bad service.

What are the best profitable businesses to invest in 2023?

Below we are going to focus on profitable businesses for the health, body care and technological sectors, since, at present, they are the most demanded to invest.

What are the profitable businesses of the future

Profitable Businesses in the Fitness or Health Sector

Within the fitness sector, many business models are depending on the needs of potential customers. As a result of this, there are profitable businesses such as:

Personal trainers

Require a more personalized treatment adapted to clients, especially to improve the efficiency of training and feel that the time for them is better optimized. This service can be both individual and small groups.

Virtual gym

Not everyone has the necessary time to go to the gyms and carry out a training routine, which is why they are guided by virtual advice from home. These business models consist of pre-recorded virtual classes, personalized video call classes, nutritional advice from a professional, and countless other services.


This methodology is born from the refined technology of electrostimulation, and in this sense, Wiemspro is the leader in the European market. Wiemspro uses WB-EMS technology, that is, Full Body Fitness Electrostimulation, and offers a cost-effective training system for both fitness professionals and their clients.

This type of training lasts approximately 20 minutes, although it can be prolonged without any negative effect on the client.

In each session, an average of 2500 calories are burned, since its energy expenditure is very high and later, that is, we can continue burning calories 72 hours after having done the exercise.

This activity is carried out with an electrostimulation suit which has electrodes perfectly located in the main muscular areas to work and tone the whole body. This type of training with electrostimulation is increasingly in demand among clients thanks to the quality, visibility, and speed of the results they obtain; In addition, it has multiple health benefits.

Profitable Businesses in the Aesthetic and Body Care Sector

We like to pamper our bodies, to look healthy and fit, but many people don’t play sports, don’t have time, or don’t get the results they want.

In the field of body appearance there are several techniques that are on the rise in recent years:


This technique consists of a series of massages to tone the body, minimize fluid retention, treat localized fat, and stimulate elastin production. It is applied with different wooden instruments that adjust to the different areas of the body.


Onnafit works quickly and effectively in Body Sculpting without surgery, and below we will tell you why this Aesthetic Technology is so effective:

The system used by Onnafit is perfectly compatible with other aesthetic technologies such as LFU (Low Frequency Ultrasound), LLL (Low Level Laser), cryolipolysis or radiofrequency.

Aesthetic electrostimulation is based on its operation on electrical impulses generated by a wireless electrostimulation device or machine and electrostimulation pants. On the other hand, the LFU, or what we also know as Low-Frequency Ultrasound, is applied using a belt in the core or abdominal area, which favors and multiplies the effects of electrostimulation.

In addition, this system uses handsfree technology, that is, it is not technical-dependent, and does not require constant technical manipulation by the aesthetic professional or technician.

With this treatment your clients will be able to obtain an infinite number of benefits such as:

  • Reduce your waist in a few sessions.
  • Tone and define the body.
  • Raise the buttocks.
  • Fight cellulite and varicose veins.
  • Supple and smooth skin.
  • Liquid drainage.
What profitable businesses can be set up with little money


It is another of the most widely used treatments for body remodeling. This treatment is based on the application of electromagnetic waves that penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, thus activating fibroblasts, thus increasing the natural production of collagen, and improving blood circulation.


This treatment uses a highly effective aesthetic medicine therapeutic technique to treat conditions locally. Mesotherapy consists of the application of intradermal active ingredients through a series of superficial injections. In this case, this treatment is technical by the aesthetics professional. The substances that are injected are those that are responsible for stimulating the metabolism to achieve the desired results such as eliminating localized fat and reducing cellulite, reaffirming flaccid areas of the body, among other multiple benefits.

These are some of the most profitable businesses in the beauty sector. 

Profitable Businesses in the Technology Sector

The technology sector is advancing by leaps and bounds, and it is necessary to adapt to all the changes in the sector. That is why more and more are invested in profitable businesses linked to this sector.

Online software for the fitness or health sector

For training with electrostimulation, Wiemspro has developed an app available on iPads where you can calibrate the rest times, the frequency and intensity of the electrical wave, and the total training time, in addition to choosing multiple predefined programs for any type of objective and levels:

  • Toning programs.
  • Loss of fat.
  • Muscle Recovery.
  • Relaxation.

And a long etcetera.

Online software for personal care

To apply treatment in the aesthetic and personal care sector, Onnafit technology offers a free, simple and intuitive app. With simple preset parameters, you will be able to apply the treatment and control the intensity and frequency of the electrical impulse from a convenient app, without having to manipulate any instrument.

Nutrition applications

To complete our care, the nutrition sector is a good ally, especially if we can obtain this service through an app that advises us nutritionally, gives us advice on our diet, and configures a special plan according to our goals.


It is important to know that for a business to be profitable businesses, it has to successfully meet the needs of the customer, especially if we are talking about profitable businesses that are related to personal care and fitness.

The investment must be recovered quickly to obtain benefits as soon as possible, and Wiemspro and Onnafit are two highly profitable businesses and high-value options.

In addition, we advise you in each process and we will put in your hands a business model that has already been studied and optimized so that you can start your business as soon as possible, without risk, and with guaranteed success.

If you want to know more, leave us your information here and we will contact you.