Wiemspro and Sports Performance: Electrostimulation and Tennis

Tennis Electrostimulation

Did you know that the legendary tennis player André Agassi complemented his training with electrostimulation for tennis? The world-famous tennis champ of the 90s knew and took advantage of the benefits of this technique. He used it to perform more and better, at a time when this technology had not advanced as much as it […]

Wiemspro and Sports Performance: Electrostimulation and Hockey


Electrostimulation in hockey has proven to be a very effective tool to improve players’ physical condition. Also known as EMS (electrical muscle stimulation), electrostimulation is a novel way of exercising muscles. In this article, we’ll explain what it consists of and its benefits for those who play hockey. Electrostimulation in hockey players: use with Wiemspro […]

EMS Training and Soccer

According to Andre Filipovi (one of the most recognized researchers in the sector) it is possible to have better results with an electrostimulation workout. During fourteen weeks, an investigation was carried out on soccer players. The linear sprint, sprint with changes of direction, maximum strength of each leg, vertical jump and ball hitting speed were […]

WiemsLab: R&D laboratory specialized in WB-EMS

Science for Progress We continue to progress. In Wiemspro we always pursue innovation and continuous improvement. Without research, there is no future. Exclusively, we’re pleased to introduce you WiemsLab, our R&D laboratory specialized in the study of WB-EMS, where we analyze and quantify how Wiemspro contributes to society based on 3 fundamental pillars: Health Productivity Science […]

New Academy, more dynamic – Now available!

Forum of Wisdom and Knowledge, at your feet. After months of effort and lots of love, we’re pleased to share with you a new version of our training platform Academy, leader in the EMS industry. Now even more dynamic, efficient and direct, including more practical content… You will find endless of new scientific documentation and […]

Functional WB-EMS, new concept based on science

Combine either way. For you, for them. Once again, we break the trend. Because we don’t like the conventional, we always look for the most advanced, different, innovative, unique. Discover the evolution of electrostimulation: the Functional WB-EMS.  We have developed a new line of programs and a methodology so that you can adapt electrostimulation to […]

Covid-19: Wiemspro Disinfection Guidelines

Desinfección covid

See you never Covid-19? Welcome dear ‘New Normal’! We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, however the uncertainty and fear are still there… That’s why we wanted to make sure that all Wiemspro users are aware of the maintenance and desinfection protocol to follow with our electrostimulation suits. Because we take […]

Wiemspro system in Entrenum

Introduce yourself and tell us who you are in your center. My name is Marcelo Fabiano, I am co-founder of Entrenum, we are a center for Personal Training and injuries Rehabilitation, Nutrition and Osteopathy. What made you become a personal trainer? My passion for sports and exercise has made me devote my body and soul […]

The rise of electrostimulation

A few days ago an article with this title was published in the Spanish newspaper “Huelva Información”. The interview and demonstration of the system was carried out at the Move On center in Huelva, they are working with the Wiemspro technology. It is true. Whole-body electrostimulation is booming. After a period in which this system […]

Wiemspro in Portugal Fit

Wiemspro participates in the biggest Fair of Fitness and Sport in Portugal. The event will take place in Braga, European City of Sport in 2018, on 24 and 25 November. You can´t miss the Wiemspro stand with LCD screens where interesting videos about the operation of our system will be screened, individual and group classes […]