Muscle electrostimulation to increase strength

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Muscle electrostimulation to increase strength

Strength is a concept that we can find in many different fields, from mechanical physics, through physics, to sports. But since we have come to know the benefits of muscle electrostimulation to increase strength, we will talk about strength in sports and the human body.

To generate strength, we must perform physical exercises, such as; sit-ups, push-ups and squats, or any other that imposes a resistance to overcome. But, does muscle electrostimulation influence the increase in this capacity?

Types of force

Strength can be defined as the muscle’s ability to generate tension and overcome resistance. When we run, for example, force is generated to support our body weight and gravity.

Before starting to investigate the benefits of electrostimulation, we must know the different types of strength in the sports field:

Absolute strength

The athlete tries to apply as much force as possible regardless of their body weight. This force is applied in various sports, such as soccer or basketball, when the player must move his body as fast as possible, jump as high as possible, or any mountaineer when climbing. This force should be just enough to lift the athlete’s body.

Resistance force

Resistance force, as its name suggests, is trying to resist by applying a force for as long as possible. A triathlon would be an example of a sport that applies this type of force, as well as jogging and Indoor Cycling exercises.

Power force

Power force could be defined as applying a certain force in the shortest possible time. That is, the ability of an athlete to generate force quickly.

We can find this type of strength in sports such as weightlifting, powerlifting, and bodybuilding.

In any type of force, our body achieves movement thanks to the muscles and the muscle fibers are responsible for transforming the energy into that movement. Therefore, we must work the fibers and carry out regular sports activity to keep our body healthy and strong.

Wiemspro and muscle electrostimulation to gain strength

We already know the different types of force that we can apply with our body to overcome obstacles, but is the Muscle Electrostimulation System useful to gain strength?

As we said before, the force is generated through the muscles, and the muscle fibers are responsible for the process of transforming energy into movement. This occurs through contraction and subsequent stretching.

To generate a greater amount of force, we need our muscle to recruit a greater number of fibers so that they intervene in the process, and manage to transform a greater amount of energy, so the Wiemspro muscle electrostimulation system is a good ally for this task.

Wiemspro and muscle electrostimulation to gain strength

The Wiemspro tool helps by downloading the activation of these fibers, causing the body to use a greater amount of them when exercising our physical activity.

Its effectiveness has been proven by a large number of elite athletes or physiotherapists, when active exercise, combined with electrostimulation, increases strength gains. Above all, it is very useful and useful in the early stages of surgery.

For example, in the early stages after knee surgery, when there is muscle inhibition and the quadriceps is not activated correctly, it has been proven that the use of electrostimulation causes the muscle to begin to recruit a greater amount of fiber, accelerating recovery.

The different Wiemspro EMS suits have been created to carry out any type of activity, or to be used on any patient, with the greatest possible comfort, without the use of cables that reduce mobility or devices that make the task difficult. Its Wireless system means that the task of providing electrostimulation to our muscles while we exercise does not harm us in our activity, and we can control the development of the training, both during its completion and once it is finished, since it allows the registration and storage of the activity in time.

Exercises to improve Strength without resorting to the gym.

Strength training contributes to the health and well-being of the body in both young people and adults, improving metabolic capacity, even while at rest and, in turn, helps strengthen the cardiovascular system. This combination favors weight loss and the improvement of the physical condition of the body.

That is why, at Wiemspro, we offer you some exercises that you can do without going to a gym, which will allow you to stay fit and have a better quality of life.

Exercises to improve strength without going to the gym:


We place the legs until they are close to a perpendicular position with the shoulders, and keeping the back straight, bend the knees and stretch the legs again without getting completely straight, keeping the tension in the calves.


We can find countless exercises to strengthen the abdominals, in this case, we will resort to explaining the most basic. Lying on our back, we will raise our legs with our knees bent and we will raise our torso trying to touch our knees with our chest.


We support the hands and the tips of the feet on the ground. From this position, with our arms at shoulder height, we flex our arms until we are a few centimeters from the ground and stretch again to return to the starting position.


Try to stand tall and lunge forward alternating both legs. Make sure that the knee that is left behind does not touch the ground, and the one that intervenes in the stride does not exceed 90º, because in that case we would be exercising badly and we will not achieve the same result.


With the tips of the feet and the hands resting on the ground, we leave the arms straight without bending. The next step is just as simple, we bring our knees up to try to touch our arms, alternating first one and then the other.

What does Science tell us about muscle electrostimulation and strength?

We can find a large number of articles and scientific research about the benefits that the EMS system provides for muscle strength gains.

A study carried out on 20 young people to check whether the muscular electrostimulation system causes improvements in jumping capacity and muscle grip strength, showed that the capacity for activities improved after using a warm-up with the electrostimulation system.

Another study tried to verify the EMS effect in patients who suffered a grade II fibrillar rupture. The research used 30 patients to check whether, with the help of electrostimulation technology, it would improve muscle strength gains without altering the patient’s flexibility. The results showed that recovery using active exercise and EMS technology caused accelerated improvement compared to active exercise alone.

Exercises to improve Strength without resorting to the gym

Finally, a study was carried out to determine the implication of muscle electrostimulation in the development of maximum strength applied to weight lifters. The results reflect a positive correlation between the use of EMS Systems and the increase in strength. They add that, in addition to its frequent use as a tool within aesthetics and fitness, the muscle electrostimulation system causes physical improvements in athletes and in the health of users.

Scientific articles from which the above information is extracted:


Now that we know what strength is and the different types of strength that exist when applied to sport, we can make sure that it is an essential ability in our day-to-day lives. To stay strong, we must strengthen the body by performing exercises, and also, if we combine it with the Wiemspro muscle electrostimulation system, we will obtain better results and increase our capacity to a greater extent.