What is Electrofitness and how does it work?

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Electrofitness is the joint work of electrostimulation and physical training to get the body fit and defined, effectively and quickly.

Electrostimulation is the electrical stimulation of the muscle, it is a form of electrotherapy in which the muscles are stimulated with electric current so that they contract intermittently, causing states of contraction in a controlled manner.

Below, we will explain what this innovative method is based on, how to practice it, and the results and benefits obtained thanks to electrofitness.

Electrofitness with Electrostimulation

Electrostimulation a few years ago was used for treatments related to muscle injuries, muscle recovery both for injuries and after training or competition in which a great effort has been made.

It does a great function of recovery of mobility and strength of muscles and joints. It has been widely used, especially by high-level athletes, since it also increases sports performance. Now these devices are becoming more affordable, being applied in many gyms, and allowing them to reach the majority of the public.

Electrofitness causes involuntary exercise with its use, which if applied to regular fitness training, marked results will be achieved in much less time. Muscles that are not normally activated in normal training sessions are also exercised and all muscles are exercised at the same time.

Every year that passes we can see how electrofitness is becoming more fashionable, especially to lose weight and define the body, contrary to how it began to be known, which was to recover from injuries and days of competition or training where the muscle has been overworked. Normally these devices can be found within the reach of anyone in gyms and specialized centers, where their use is recommended, since it will always be supervised by a professional who understands the subject and avoid muscle pain or injury.

The Electrofitness session

Electrofitness sessions last 20 minutes, and 2 sessions a week are enough to start seeing visible results in a short time, whether it’s toning muscles or losing weight.

The training starts with 5 minutes of warm-up, 10 minutes of training and ends with 5 minutes of relaxation. During training, cardiovascular exercises and strength exercises are practiced, working all muscle groups, both large and small. These 20-minute sessions are equivalent to 4 hours of regular physical exercises.

With very few sessions you begin to appreciate the results. This is because an average of 2,500 calories are burned in each session, since their energy expenditure is very high. The body after training sessions continues to burn calories for a few days. The effect it causes is known as the afterburn, burning fat due to the lack of oxygen that occurs in the body, due to the intense work done.

Placement of electrodes

To place the electrodes you have to place them in strategic places, depending on the muscle groups you want to work on, to produce a total contraction in them. These electrodes are located in a vest in which, on some occasions, no cables are needed, since they work via bluetooth.

When the electrostimulation vest is on, the intensity will be regulated according to the person, in order to work safely and not suffer any damage or injury. Higher-level athletes incorporate electrofitness into their workouts, and practice exercises working with dumbbells, doing sit-ups, jogging, or even using fitball or medicine balls.

The most important thing about these electrofitness training sessions is that they should always be supervised by a professional, who will indicate, guide, and advise you on what exercises should be done depending on the muscle group and constitution of the person.

Electrofitness results

Electrofitness gives very good results in the short term, but you have to have a constant training habit. Positive results cannot be achieved by using it without leaving the sofa. Together with daily aerobic or strength training, the proposed objectives are achieved in less time than it would take without the use of electrodes. 

Electrostimulation will help lose weight, since it increases our basal metabolism, as well as toning and defining the muscle. On the other hand, with only a diet, you can lose weight, but you also lose muscle tone and skin tone

This method also combats cellulite, because it eliminates toxins and metabolic waste, as well as the adipose tissue found in the first layers of the skin, which increase oxygenation and circulation.

Other notable results of electrofitness include:

  • Increased strength, endurance and speed of the muscles.
  • Avoid overloading the joints, ligaments and tendons, avoiding injuries and recovering.
  • Strengthens and increases muscle mass.
  • Fight sagging and improve posture.
  • Helps improve the muscular conditions of the body of premature mothers.
  • It treats diseases such as osteoarthritis or osteoporosis.
  • Considerable physical changes are obtained, the abdominals are tightened, the buttocks are lifted and the volume of fat is reduced.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety.
Electrofitness with wiemspro

Conclusions about Electrofitness

Electrofitness is an increasingly used element when it comes to losing fat, toning and defining the body. It is a highly recommended technique, but always if it is followed with a regular physical exercise in the person who wants to practice it, in addition to a balanced diet. If these steps are not followed, the electrostimulation training does not work correctly.

In addition to these indications, one very important is added, which is the supervision of a professional during the sessions, who indicates the levels of the sessions, depending on the person and where to place the electrodes.