ABS stimulation and Muscular Electroestimulation

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ABS stimulation

Abs comprise the muscle group that is the most difficult to define, and are among those that are most sought-after aesthetically. Will we get a six pack using a muscular electrostimulation system?

In this post we will answer the question, and we will talk about the health benefits that we can obtain with an abs training with electrostimulation.

How to define your Abs using Muscular Electrostimulation? 

In order to define our abs muscles and exercise them in a way that achieves visible results, we need to know about their composition and the role they play.

The abs area is formed by a large variety of muscles but we will refer to the 4 most important ones in terms of aesthetics and health: internal and external oblique, deep transverse abs muscle and the rectus abdominis.

The role they carry out is directly linked to holding organs in place, the flexibility of the torso, balance and the capacity to remain upright, and they are also a crucial part in the breathing process. The lack of maintenance of abs muscles results in health problems or difficulties with the mobility of our torso.

Rectus abdominis

It enables us to remain upright, it limits maximal inspiration and helps exhalation, it also causes the flexing of the spine. It is a very specific muscle in the human and is located on the upper edge of the pubis.

External oblique

This muscle is the largest of all and is located on the lateral and surface face of the abdomen.  When it is contracted it brings the ribs together, reducing lung volume to produce exhalation and it enables the rotation of the thorax.

Internal oblique

Located just under the external oblique, it produces the movements that are required during respiration, above all it improves the exhalation phase. 

Deep transverse abs muscle

It is located in the anterior and lateral part of the abdomen, at a deeper level than the oblique muscles. One of its main roles is related to respiration, it is involved in coughing, and it enables us to contract and tense the abs wall.

Electrostimulation for Abs

Now that we know the abs composition and the muscles that form the stomach, as well as their importance on the organism, we know that have an abs routine is of vital importance to having a strong and healthy body. However, reaching the deep fibres is difficult, as we cannot work them at depth using traditional abdomen exercises.

The Wiemspro device is designed to specifically exercise all the muscle fibres we cannot reach using traditional abdomen muscles, which makes muscle electrostimulation the perfect complement to the abs exercises routine.

This system has been tested by coaches and elite sportspeople in order to take performance to the optimum level and achieve better results.  Also, it is used in rehabilitation clinics and physiotherapy in order to enhance the development of muscle density, mobility and flexibility. Therefore, it can be said that the muscular electrostimulation system boosts your training.

“Wiemspro allows you to develop an abs training without obstacles.”

The electrostimulation tool provided by Wiemspro makes it possible to carry out abs training without obstacles and without harming mobility, due to the fact that it has been created with the focus on user comfort as a highly important factor. The electrodes are arranged in a way that makes it possible to work all the muscle fibres and, furthermore, it acts precisely on the fibres that most need it.

abs stimulation

Importance of performing Abs Exercises

In most cases we focus on only strengthening the external muscles of the abdomen, the visible ones, and this is considered an error. We must understand the importance of working the internal muscles, as forgetting about them, can lead to serious health problems.

The internal muscles of the abdomen are responsible for holding in the organs and keeping them firm, therefore, if we stop strengthening them, it could lead to shortcomings in this task, resulting in an abs prolapse.

The muscular electrostimulation system is used in rehabilitation therapies to prevent muscular atrophy as it makes it possible to exercise the internal and external muscles of the body.

Exercise focused on the abdomen, contributes to the correct functioning of the body, it reduces postural pains and eases discomfort, and also boosts breathing and exhalation.

Abs exercises to strengthen the abs muscles

When it comes to exercising our abs, we will offer a routine in order to involve all the muscles in the abdomen when working them. Training programme for the abdomen:


With your body positioned face down, you raise yourself using the tips of your toes and arms which you place level with your shoulders with your elbows on the ground. Prolonging this position and breathing normally creates tension in the muscle, and it can also be combined with leg raises.


Lying face-up, with the soles of the feet on the ground and knees bent, you carry out raises of the torso, allowing you to contract the abdomen muscles. These raises can be combined between torso raises to a mid-height or with touching your knees, at a greater or lesser speed. By alternating the intensity, we manage to work the abs area more effectively.

Front raises

Lie face-up with your legs straight. Raise both legs at the same time without bending your knees, trying to form a right angle with the torso and, when bringing them down, try to keep your legs a few inches from the ground. Thus, you will keep your stomach tense and this will provide better results.

Side raises

Place yourself on the floor with your body in a lateral position supporting yourself on your arm with your elbow resting on the ground. From this position you put one foot behind the other and raise the outer leg repeatedly. When you finish with one leg, turn around and repeat the exercise in order to work the other side.

Going running and doing spinning exercises also work and strengthen the abs area, therefore it is possible to create different routines to work the stomach and attain a healthy body.

Carrying out activities that directly exercise the stomach combined with muscular electrostimulation, helps to see better results and in a shorter space of time than if we carry them out individually.

What does science say about Muscle Electrostimulation in the Abs?

A study carried out on users of Go Fit facilities to test the effectiveness of the muscular electrostimulation system obtained positive results. The author of the article, concludes the study outlining the need to have alternative training for muscle strengthening and, in turn, it can be used as a means for treating injuries.

Although electrostimulation does not work miracles by itself, it is a great sporting complement when it acts precisely on the fibres of the body which are toughest to work on with traditional exercises. In order to obtain visible abs, it is necessary to reduce the fat % and to do so, it is necessary to carry out physical activity that includes strength and cardiovascular exercises.

Training combined with muscular electrostimulation improves muscle tone, flexibility and we will obtain results that boost our health.



Wiemspro gives you the tool needed to achieve better results when it comes to toning and strengthening muscles in the abs area if you combine active exercise with electrostimulation. This perfect combination will encourage fibre recruitment, so you can be proud your health and a stomach with a well-defined 6-pack.

Frequently asked questions about abdominal electrostimulation

What does electrostimulation do in the abdomen?

Abdominal electrostimulation is a technique that uses low-intensity electrical impulses to stimulate the muscles of the abdomen. When applied correctly, it can have several effects on this area of the body:

  • Muscle strengthening: Electrostimulation causes involuntary and repetitive muscle contractions in the abdominal muscles. These contractions mimic those that occur during physical exercise, which helps strengthen and tone abdominal muscles.
  • Improved muscle endurance: Electrostimulation can increase the endurance of abdominal muscles, which may be beneficial for those who want to improve their ability to perform traditional abdominal exercises.
  • Reduction in body fat: Although abdominal electrostimulation is not an effective way to burn fat on its own, increased muscle tone can contribute to a slimmer, firmer appearance in the abdominal area, which can help reduce the appearance of abdominal fat.
  • Relief of muscle tension: Electrostimulation can also be used therapeutically to relieve muscle tension and pain in the abdominal area.

It is important to note that while abdominal electrostimulation can be a useful addition to abdominal muscle training, it does not completely replace traditional exercise and a balanced diet when it comes to achieving optimal results in terms of toning and fat loss. Additionally, it is essential to use electrostimulation devices safely and follow the instructions of a health professional or qualified trainer to avoid possible injuries or unwanted side effects.

How many sit-ups are equivalent to 20 minutes of electrostimulation?

The equivalence between the results of an abdominal electrostimulation session and the number of traditional sit-ups that must be done to obtain comparable results is difficult to establish precisely. The effectiveness of electrostimulation and the number of sit-ups required vary depending on the intensity of the stimulation, the frequency with which it is performed, and each person’s individual ability to build muscle.

However, generally speaking, one could say that a well-targeted, intense abdominal electrostimulation session can stimulate the abdominal muscles efficiently and can be equivalent to performing a significant amount of traditional sit-ups in terms of muscle strengthening. But this does not mean that electrostimulation completely replaces conventional abdominal exercise, since both approaches can complement each other.

The amount of traditional crunches that would be needed to match the effects of a specific electrostimulation session will depend on several factors, such as technique, individual muscular endurance, and personal goals.

How effective is electrostimulation?

The effectiveness of electrostimulation depends on several factors, including the specific objective, the intensity and frequency of use, the technique used, and the user’s expectations. Here are some key aspects to consider:

  • Muscle strengthening: Electrostimulation can be effective in strengthening muscles when used correctly. Muscle contractions induced by electrostimulation can help improve muscle strength and endurance in the treated area.
  • Muscle Toning: May help tone muscles, which can lead to a firmer, more defined appearance. This is especially beneficial for people who want to improve the aesthetic appearance of certain areas of the body.
  • Rehabilitation and pain relief: Electrostimulation is also used in physical therapy to rehabilitate weakened or injured muscles, as well as to relieve muscle pain and improve blood circulation.
  • Complement to exercise: Although it does not completely replace traditional exercise, electrostimulation can be a useful complement for those who have difficulty performing conventional exercise due to injuries or physical limitations.
  • Fat Loss: Electrostimulation alone is not an effective way to lose significant body fat. To lose weight and reduce body fat, it is necessary to combine electrostimulation with a balanced diet and regular cardiovascular exercise.
  • Consistency and adherence: The effectiveness of electrostimulation also depends on the consistency in its use. Significant results generally require regular sessions and over time.

It is important to note that the effectiveness of electrostimulation may vary from person to person. What works for one person may not work the same for another. Furthermore, not all areas of the body respond in the same way to electrostimulation.

Before beginning an electrostimulation program, it is advisable to consult a health professional or personal trainer who can provide specific guidance and recommendations based on your individual goals and needs. It is also essential to use electrostimulation devices safely and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid potential injuries or unwanted side effects.