Spanish Fitness Studios that use Electrostimulation by Wiemspro – it works!

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Fitness Studios by Wiemspro

Electrostimulation or EMS has proven to be a perfect complement to exercise and diet to improve your physical condition. There are more and more fitness studios that allow you to use these types of materials for  your business’ personal training sessions. This means that the alternatives so that you can have, for example, an electrostimulation vest are growing all the time. Here are four fitness studios in Spain that have joined the Wiemspro revolution, providing you with the tools needed to take your fitness classes to a whole new level. 

Round in Sevilla

If you are looking for the ideal place for your workouts in Seville, the Round Sevilla is the studio you need. Located next to the Hotel Vértice Sevilla, it is equipped with two fully functional rooms where you can exercise with EMS.

The layout is totally innovative, and its commitment to technology will delight any fitness enthusiast.

At Round Training Center you will find two different types of training, always under the watchful eye of an experienced manager like Laura Ramos.

On the one hand, Round Training guarantees that, with dedication and effort, you will be able to burn up to 1000 calories in each session. But not only that: up to 36 hours after the session, your body’s metabolism will continue to be active.

You’ll be able to lose fat, improve your endurance and tone your muscles.

Routines can be cardio or strength training. Even a circuit in which you will alternate between the two forms of exercise. High intensity, professional workout systems supervised by your instructor, strength interval training, dumbbells, rowing, air bikes… The options are numerous and varied, but they’re always focused on getting the best results for your body.

On the other hand, R4W Training is designed so that you can push your limits in imaginative sessions created especially for you on the weekend. You will compete against yourself, you will overcome the strength or endurance series or any other plan prepared by the specialized team, getting you out of your comfort zone and moving a step closer to improving your fitness.

You can also choose to do exercises with a partner, a memorable experience based on synchronization and precision. Teamwork always produces excellent results!

Carolina Cayuela in Barcelona

Manning the controls of Fit Garage – Personal Training is Carolina Cayuela, an experienced coach who will bring out the best in you thanks to her different training methods. Carolina is an expert when it comes to programming sessions involving electrostimulation, which will help to seriously intensify your sessions.

One of the center’s defining features is the desire to break with monotony, as they will offer you activities in which fun and technology go hand in hand.

An example of this kind of activity is electro-boxing, where electrical impulses will play a key role in boosting your performance.

In addition, Fit Garage are real specialists in caring for your personal appearance. If you want to lose weight, you’re in the right place. But not only that, as you will find services such as laser hair removal, press therapy, mesotherapy, radiofrequency or ultrasonic cavitation, everything within the framework of  advanced beautician services with which you will achieve a perfect understanding of your body.

José Ramón Lakunza in Bilbao

José Ramón Lakunza is an experienced trainer, and a pioneer in the use of electrical stimuli to enhance the results of his training sessions. Thanks to his years of experience and his high level of expertise, he has developed a unique method with which he manages to exponentially boost results.

Sessions are individual and fully personalized to ensure that your needs are always met. For example, you can work with TRX bands, dumbbells, BOSU balls… José Ramón Lakunza will find the type of exercise that suits you best and will help you achieve the muscle mass gain you desire. And if you are looking to control your weight or eliminate cellulite, with the help of technology and your effort, you can also achieve it.

Another of its strong points is the friendly and professional service that will be provided to you, almost instantly creating a feeling of trust that will allow you to train in a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. Trust is essential to be able to work out comfortably and create the right conditions for the results that are to come!

Óscar in Vélez Málaga

Óscar is the manager of Sparta Sports, a state-of-the-art gym that uses electrostimulation as part of its training sessions. As you know by now, it is the ideal complement to boost your performance. What is more, you have to factor in that this system has been proven to work from the great results achieved by professionals in various sporting categories.

At Sparta Sports you will also find a great team of professionals who will enhance your talents in many areas.

From an individualized training routine to specialized nutrition, the services they offer take care of every detail. For example, you will have a qualified professional at your disposal who will teach you how to eat well with various diet options, and who will slowly tailor the progress you make. You can get what you want!

They also offer a number of scheduled classes, such as indoor cycling, where you can battle against yourself to the beat of music in a simulated bike race. Changes of pace, sprints, climbs, accelerations? You’ll burn a lot of calories every time you pedal! And the best of all is that you don’t need a lot of training to start, as it adapts perfectly to your current physical ability.

Last but not least, services such as physiotherapy or chiro-massage will help you to prevent and heal injuries. Therapeutic and rehabilitation treatments are extremely important, as they will allow you to recover from your illnesses, so that you can face the new training methods you are going to try with total confidence.

Training with electrostimulation

The benefits of Wiempsro in your studio

Now that you know some of the fitness studios where you can enjoy training with an electrostimulation vest and other latest generation technological materials, we want to go a little deeper into the different advantages that this type of system can provide.

First of all, a very important point to bear in mind is that this type of technique does not pose any health risk, as you will not be exerting yourself unnecessarily. Since the increased intensity comes from the small electric shocks, none of your ligaments or joints will be subjected to extra wear and tear.

“A high metabolism means your body will burn stored fat more easily and produce a greater amount of muscle mass.”

In a very similar way, and thanks to the functioning that we have just explained, electrical muscle stimulation can be used for the recovery of injuries, as it can act on weak or atrophied muscles without the need to force them. This is very useful in the case of disabled patients because no real physical activity is necessary to work the muscles.

However, if you are interested in developing your physical potential to the max, EMS is a very useful tool for optimizing the performance of your exercises in the gym. This is because it increases the intensity with which your body and muscles work. Usually, you only manage to use between 40 and 70% of your strength threshold when training.

However, thanks to the contribution of EMS, you will reach 90% of that potential. You’ll get better results in less time!

In addition, it will also be very useful with another of the common purposes that usually motivates someone to join a gym or hire the services of a personal trainer: losing weight. EMS produces high levels of metabolic activity both during the session and in the hours that follow.

As you know, a high metabolism means that your body will burn stored fat more easily and produce more muscle mass. Likewise, in the case of women, it helps to reduce volume in problematic areas such as the thighs, hips or waist. The ideal tool for your fight against the scales!

In short, EMS is a really useful tool to make the most out of the time you spend taking care of your body. In a world in which we suffer from more and more stress and in which we do not have the necessary time to dedicate to ourselves, having tools to help us increase the intensity and performance of our training becomes almost essential.

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