What is an Electrostimulation Biosuit?

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The biosuit or electrostimulation suit is a tool that serves to enhance the results of your training. It is also useful as a complement to health treatments. At Wiemspro, we have developed ours in line with studies on EMS. Would you like to find out more about them? 

Learn about the elements of electrostimulation

Basically, electrostimulation or EMS consists of provoking muscular contractions by means of small electric shocks. It produces a reaction similar to the one that the nervous system generates in the muscles when it orders them to contract. This strengthens them and increases their volume. The best way to use it is by means of a biosuit. We are going to explain to you what it is and what it entails. 

Electrostimulation Biosuit Wiemspro

Electrostimulation suit

Our models are manufactured according to the latest technological advances. We offer you two types. 

This consists of a pair of pants and an electrostimulation vest which are attached at the waist. It is made of the latest generation fabric that provides ultimate design. Therefore, you will be able to do your exercises in complete comfort with it.

Additionally, you can find it in a wide range of sizes so that it fits the shape of your body perfectly. And the cables are hidden inside to give you even more freedom. However, this does not prevent it from being used by several different users.

This other model, on the other hand, is for personal use. Its state-of-the-art flexible materials allow you to exercise in complete comfort. At the same time, it allows electrostimulation to be performed in the most effective way.

In this case, it is a one-piece, more like a swimsuit, and is available in sizes ranging from XS to XXL. As a result, it fits the shape of your body perfectly.


Both biosuits are equipped with a device or electrostimulation machine. It is responsible for producing and sending electrical signals in a controlled and safe manner. And it does so with maximum performance and the lowest energy consumption.

“It allows you total mobility so you can do training both indoors and outdoors.”

It is a small size and is placed in a pouch that is within the suit itself. Therefore, it does not need any wires to connect it to an electrical outlet. Thanks to this, it allows you full movement so you can train both indoors and outdoors.

The device is charged via a mini USB connector and has a battery life of eight hours. It also has Bluetooth 4.0 which connects it to control software. In any case, it is linked to the app, in other words, you only need to turn it on for it to start working. 

EMS Decives Wiemspro


Another important element of our biosuits are the electrodes. They are made of cotton on one side and velcro on the other. On the inside they have conductive fabric and protective insulation. You should place them on the parts of your body where the muscles you want to work are.

It is very important that they are well placed, otherwise they will lose their impact. However, with our suits you don’t have to worry. These already have patches where the electrodes need to be placed. Just make sure the biosuit is properly fitted to match the core of the muscles that you want to work.

The electrodes are responsible for transmitting the electric current coming from the device. In order for them to work optimally, they must be in perfect condition and you have to moisten them a little with a water dispenser.


Finally, the suit has an app or electrostimulation software. It is in charge of controlling all the variables of your training and also other functionalities of the suit. Before you start working out, you need to set it up. The app will store all the data you have provided.

It will also save the results of your training in the cloud once you have finished, so you can retrieve them whenever you want. It also has a memory to automatically recall the intensity of a previous workout.

On the other hand, the app has ten settings. Each of them is designed for one of the ten most important muscle groups. Equally, it allows you to train with twelve clients at the same time. You can enter stats for each of them at any time.

App Wiemspro

What is electrostimulation for?

EMS helps you exercise your muscles through localized electrical stimulation. These impulses come from the device and are transmitted to your body via the electrodes.

They simulate the commands from the central nervous system that cause muscles to contract. Among the main applications of electrostimulation are the following:

  • Rehabilitation. It is also very useful in therapies aimed at recovery for various injuries. For example, it is beneficial for treating muscle issues, muscle atrophy and even as a pain relief treatment.
  •  Weight Loss It makes muscles contract and relax. Therefore, they are working, burning calories, and speeding up your metabolism. As a result, it is very effective as a support to weight-loss diets.

Moreover, EMS has no side effects or harmful effects. It is only not recommended for people with pacemakers and pregnant women. The electrodes should also not be placed on wounds, as this may impair wound healing. Apart from these few cases, it will have a positive effect on your health.

Benefits of electrostimulation

In view of everything we have explained, you will have seen that EMS is not a substitute for sport, but a complement to it, as well as a support to health treatments. In any case, electrostimulation offers benefits such as:

  • Optimizes training. It produces greater muscle activation and contracts the fibers. As for the latter, it even reaches some that do not participate in voluntary contractions. Therefore, exercise is more complete and healthier. And because it doesn’t cause excessive fatigue, it allows you to train more intensely and for longer periods of time.
  • Improves capillarization of blood vessels and lymphatic circulation. It also helps your body eliminate toxins.
  • Your muscles will have more muscular endurance and strength and in times of stress, it will help you to relax your muscles. And this goes hand in hand with decreasing pain.
  •  Benefits for your health. One of the major uses of EMS is for the TENS treatment of chronic pain, injury recovery and chronic pain relief. It also promotes blood circulation through the muscles and thereby reduces the tension and stress on them. Additionally, it corrects muscular imbalances by improving muscle flexibility, and even strengthens the pelvic floor, for example, after childbirth. 

Along with these main benefits of EMS, there are other aesthetic benefits. Among them is that it tones the glutes, eliminates cellulite and helps reduce fat, replacing it with lean tissue.

Discover the advantages of training with Wiemspro

Training with our Biosuits provides all the benefits we have indicated and many more. Among these, it stands out that these suits were created to adapt perfectly to your body. Not only will you feel more comfortable doing your workout, but you’ll also get the most out of your performance.

The fact that they are based on wireless technology contributes to this, that is, without cables. Wires are only used to attach the electrodes to the device. However, as the latter is attached to the suit itself, there will be no wire attaching you to a machine.

In fact, the app’s software transmits its data via Bluetooth.

Even the wires are placed in inner lining of the biosuit, in other words they don’t touch your body at all. Everything is designed to make you feel as if you weren’t wearing it.

On the other hand, our suits require very simple maintenance, consisting of four steps. The first is to disinfect it. To do this, simply spray an antibacterial product on it, leave it to work and then rinse it off.

The second step is deodorization. As you have sweated, it is advisable to apply an anti-odor spray and then rinse it off. Then just wipe it dry with a cloth. Simply avoid the heated area coming into contact with your suit.

Finally, the fourth step is washing, although you don’t need to wash it every time you use it. You can do this every five to ten uses. For this task, remove the wires and electrodes and avoid harsh detergents and soaps. It is best to do it with mild detergents and cold water.


Now you know what a Biosuit is and how the ones we offer at Wiemspro are composed and designed. You just need to get yours and start enjoying all its advantages. In any case, if you want more information about what EMS can do for you, feel free to subscribe to our blog and check our other articles about it.