Wiemspro and Sports Performance: Electrostimulation and Swimming

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Swimming with electrostimulation

Electrostimulation training has become one of the greatest resources when it comes to improving performance in a variety of sports. An EMS suit may become your best ally and truly make a difference, especially if you’re a swimmer. In fact, electrostimulation and swimming are very closely related. EMS techniques have been tried by many professionals and found to be highly effective in various aspects, like muscle power and endurance.

Electrostimulation for swimmers: use of Wiemspro

There are still many athletes, amateurs and professionals, who wonder if electrostimulation can do something for them and if it could truly help them improve their physical condition for training and competition.

It’s worth noting that there are many athletes who have already seen the electrostimulation benefits. We’re talking about great professionals like soccer player Dani Carvajal from the Real Madrid CF or golfer José María Jiménez, two of the great champions who are already very familiar with Wiemspro.

If we move to the world of swimming, the first thing to consider are the muscles that come into play in this sport. The key to great swimmers is found especially in the glutes and lats. While it is true that the lower back and abdominals are also important, it is the previous two muscle groups that often determine who wins a competition.

These two areas, glutes and lats, can be greatly improved with electrostimulation training. Especially the lats. These are very large muscles that can withstand heavy workloads, so sometimes it’s difficult to find an exercise routine that works the lats to their full potential.

If we take into account the muscles we just mentioned, the improvement that electrostimulation offers for swimming comes from two different points. On the one hand, the total strength, where a vest is perfect for making new muscle fibers have greater power. On the other hand, we must consider endurance, a basic characteristic of every great swimmer.

Electrostimulation sessions accurately simulate the electrical impulse that the nervous system sends to the muscles when they are working during exercise.

Electrostimulation and swimming: How to get the best results

Combining all this is something that takes several phases. It’s not enough to simply use the electrostimulation suit; the training must be completed with other fundamental aspects.

What’s more, EMS must be seen as a complement to the rest of the phases that make up any swimmer’s training, and not as the definitive solution to all your problems or to achieve greater goals.

With this in mind, it’s essential to maintain routines in the pool or in open water, depending on the specialty in which you compete or in which you like to participate. Only through direct training in the water can the body get used to the demands of this medium and technique can only be acquired in this way.

To all of the above, we must add the right diet. Muscles, when it comes to power and endurance, are highly dependent on the nutrients you give them and on your body composition.

Add up all of the above, and you’ll have effective training. If you also add EMS sessions, the benefits of your routine will skyrocket. On the one hand, your muscles will receive an extra workload, improving the characteristics necessary to swim. On the other hand, your metabolism will accelerate thanks to the electrostimulation suit, helping you achieve muscle and fat levels that are perfect for doing the sport that you are so passionate about.

Electrostimulation EMS

EMS Training in Swimming

In addition to the basic guidelines that we have already set forth, you must take into account a series of exclusive tips for the use of electrical muscle stimulation equipment that are adapted to this sport. Keep in mind that electrostimulation training applies to almost any exercise, but we must know how to use it correctly in each case.

For starters, you must train the body parts that you’ll need when swimming in open water for a triathlon or in a pool. The vest is key here. The intensity that is applied should always go from lower to higher, creating a progressive training plan, since electrical impulses that are too intense could make the muscle contract in a way that is not suitable for the goals you wish to achieve.

Another of the most positive aspects of electrostimulation is that training sessions last less than conventional training. This way, you can combine laps in the pool and strength training with EMS sessions that work your lats and glutes to their full potential, but also your lower back and abdominals for the best performance in the water.

Electrostimulation is recommended for swimmers

Experts in muscle development and training for high-level swimmers no longer have any doubts about the benefits of the wireless electrostimulation system that we offer at Wiemspro. The data collected in various studies show that the increase in muscle mass, the quality of the new fibers, and their capacity for resistance are higher than that achieved with conventional training.

What’s more, there are many professionals who highlight the time you save when you use muscle electrostimulation devices. Swimmers have to spend many hours in the water, which makes it difficult to complete the right strength training due to lack of time.

Electrostimulation training is a solution to this problem. With the Wiemspro system, you will have all the fundamental tools to be able to achieve your goals, giving you extra productivity.

Are you a coach and want to use electrostimulation in your sessions?

If you’re a swimming coach, you know perfectly well that designing a suitable training plan for these athletes is far from easy. You have to factor in several variables and know exactly how to correctly apply the techniques.

So you may be wondering if you’re going to know how to properly combine electrostimulation and swimming. At Wiemspro, we’ve got you covered. Aside from the fact that EMS vests and other accessories are very easy to use and completely wireless, you have at your disposal a training course divided into two levels.

On the one hand, the basic level will teach you everything you need to know to start using electrostimulation. The second level, advanced, will help you master this type of training accessories. The keys to this training are to know the appropriate intensities for each case and to understand how EMS and the rest of the training techniques work together.

And if you have knowledge of physical therapy, your electrostimulation sessions will be even more beneficial. Keep in mind that working with a physical therapist is essential for any athlete, especially for swimmers who have to undergo heavy workloads.

EMS for competitive swimmers

Developing muscles, improving power, and boosting training are just some of the advantages that many swimmers have discovered in electrostimulation.

But there’s more. This technique has proven to be tremendously effective in preventing and avoiding muscle pain and other muscle injuries. The reason is that with electrostimulation you create stronger muscle fibers, fibers that have been shown to be much more resistant to injuries.

Boost performance in just two sessions

The periods in which electrostimulation shows its first positive effects for swimmers are very short. Direct experience and studies carried out in this regard show that, in just two sessions, we see the first changes in the internal fibers of the muscles.

In this way, combining the low duration of the sessions with the speed with which the first positive effects are seen, EMS is shown as a technique capable of saving time and boosting the results of training.

Swimming with electrostimulation


According to a study carried out by the department of medical physics at the University of Nuremberg, electrostimulation and swimming are perfectly combined, helping professionals who engage in this type of training improve quickly. If you want to unleash your body’s full potential and compete at the highest level in triathlon or swimming, EMS gives you that extra boost that your workouts need to beat whatever time you set for yourself.

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