Wiemspro and Sports Performance: Electrostimulation and Tennis

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Tennis with electrostimulation

Did you know that the legendary tennis player André Agassi complemented his training with electrostimulation for tennis? The world-famous tennis champ of the 90s knew and took advantage of the benefits of this technique. He used it to perform more and better, at a time when this technology had not advanced as much as it has today. Years have gone by and, today, we have new resources that allow us to obtain spectacular results.

Welcome to the next level of training for tennis players of the new millennium.

Electrostimulation for tennis players: use of Wiemspro

The Wiemspro system relies on electrostimulation to boost sports performance in a progressive, efficient and risk-free way. Safety is assured, since it has the endorsement of a top brand, a world leader in terms of trust, reliability, and results.

This is a system equipped with a wireless connection, so you can train any time of the day. It is a procedure certified by several scientific institutions, like the FDA, and incorporates the latest technological advances in EMS. In any case, it is an optimized system to improve people’s quality of life and their metabolism.

Applications of electrostimulation in tennis players

You may benefit from the Wiemspro system no matter what sport you play. But, if tennis is your thing, this electrostimulation system will come in handy if you wish to optimize your performance on the court.

Specifically, it will help you meet the following goals:

  • Recover between training sessions or matches. You will be in better shape for the following tennis match, with a body that is better prepared for a new workload.
  • Prevent injuries and speed up recovery from injuries. Being in better shape before each practice reduces the risk of physical injury or discomfort. The ankles, the rotator cuffs, the knees, the lats, the arms, the lower back… These are especially sensitive areas of the body for tennis players. You can strengthen them and prevent them from being injured through electrostimulation. If you have sustained an injury, this system will help you speed up recovery and return to normalcy.
  • Relieve pain. The transmission of electrical impulses to the nerves prevents the pain stimulus from reaching the brain. There are also specific therapies capable of increasing blood circulation and releasing endorphins, whose main function is to inhibit pain.
  • Develop your weak spots. Not all of us have a homogeneously developed musculature. When we play tennis, we have morphological deficiencies that we must compensate for or avoid entirely. Thanks to EMS, you can apply a more specific activation in certain areas and, in this way, promote significant physical and functional progress.
  • Increase body strength and endurance. Training is vital to achieve this, but our circumstances don’t always let us exercise as much as we want. What’s more, an excess of hours of practice may turn out to be harmful. This doesn’t happen with electrostimulation training, which is much more bearable and customizable.
  • Enhance hand-eye coordination. This ability is essential to make a difference on the tennis court. The speed of reaction and the accuracy of each shot depends, to a large extent, on this factor. Enhance it with electrical muscle stimulation!
  • Facilitate workouts. Another of the outstanding advantages of electrostimulation training is that it generates more relaxed and enjoyable sessions, because it provides manageable sequential impulses. The result is an obvious physical improvement, with less feeling of difficulty and effort.
  • Lose weight. If you need to boost the effects of your diet on your metabolism, this system will come in handy.

As you can see, the benefits of EMS are many, varied, and very interesting. If you complete your tennis workouts with electrostimulation, you will obtain significant advantages.


Electrostimulation and tennis: How to get the best results

Electrostimulation in tennis is certainly interesting. When you apply the resources of the Wiemspro system the right way, it won’t take long before you see positive results. It’s also a progressive and synergistic process: the longer and better you do it, the more your results will multiply.

In fact, in gyms and other sports centers, they talk about nothing else. Now, do you know how these systems work? Knowledge is power, and that’s why we’ll detail the dynamics and components of these processes below.

The best electrostimulation systems, for tennis and other racquet sports, consist of three components, mainly:

  1. Electrostimulation suit. It may be a vest or a full body suit. It’s a good idea to use flexible, versatile, up-to-date, and comfortable equipment.
  2. Device. This is advanced, state-of-the-art technology. In the case of Wiemspro, we’re talking about an exclusive, European design. Its reliability is proven.
  3. Application. Through it, the training process is perfectly controlled, step by step and in a way that is as thorough as it is effective.

Having a coach with knowledge of this method, or acquiring it yourself, is essential to getting the most out of these workouts. For this reason, Wiemspro offers permanent guidance and specialized training for users, thanks to which it is much easier to master the procedure. The result is personalized training sessions that are tailored to each case, situation, and sporting expectation.

EMS Training and Tennis

There’s no doubt about it. If you play tennis, you should get used to electrical muscle stimulation. In this sense, the main question is where and how to apply this electrostimulation. The truth is that the muscles most used by these athletes may improve when they train, too, with EMS.

Electrostimulation is recommended for tennis players

Let’s review the most important muscle groups for tennis players, which you may incorporate into your EMS training.

  • Legs. Stamina is essential to playing for every point and winning a match, even more so when they run long. A tennis match may easily last over two hours, so the demand you put on your legs is high. There are specific EMS programs to improve your response to these sporting situations.
  • Arms. The upper extremities are critical to tennis success. The more strength, power, and control you have over them, the more difficult it will be for your rivals. That’s why we recommend you apply strength or resistance sessions to your arms a couple of times a week. You’ll see how much you improve!
  • Lower back and abdominals. The waist is also essential in this sport, when you jump to make an overhead shot or slide to a corner to hit a ball close to the ground. If you have a strong core, your shots will have more force. In the preseason, you must work hard to develop this strength, and continue to enhance it throughout the season, about three times a month.
  • Dorsal muscles or lats. When it comes to serving with power, and not losing it as the match progresses, you need to have powerful back muscles. It’s important to work on both sides, not just the dominant side. Otherwise, muscle decompensation may lead to injury. In general, the recommendation is to work on this area together with the arms.

In addition to training with these resources, you should also apply them when doing relaxation and massage sessions. These systems include massage programs: they are great for relaxing the back and legs, getting rid of pain in the calves and lats, for example, or to prevent and alleviate the typical tennis elbow.

EMS for top competitive tennis players

Obviously, elite athletes are already using these procedures to improve their performance and optimize their training. In fact, programs and guidelines vary more in terms of intensity and continuity, rather than quality.

Each athlete’s personal trainer is the most qualified coach to determine how and when to incorporate EMS sessions for tennis players into a personal training program.

Boost performance in just two sessions

In any case, when the goal is to boost performance in a faster and more intense way, increasing the number of sessions is the best course of action. The most common is to double the number, although this should always be done with discretion, analyzing each tennis player’s personal situation and physical condition, as well as the rest of the workload.

Tennis with electrostimulation


At this point, you may already be convinced. If tennis is your thing, and you’re determined to improve your performance and your physical fitness, electrostimulation is a marvelous complement. This is a system promoted by Wiemspro, which has received well-deserved international recognition, and one that more and more elite and amateur athletes are incorporating into their routines. It won’t take long to start seeing results, and in the case of tennis, the effects are multiple in terms of power, relaxation, toning, endurance, injury recovery, and muscle strength development.

Try electrostimulation in tennis and take a giant step in your sports development. Would you like to know more? Subscribe to our blog and you will receive all the news related to EMS.