EMS for knee injuries

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Electrostimulation in knee injuries

The knee is the largest joint in the human body. It is vitally important to take care of them and keep them strong, since they are responsible for supporting the weight of the body when we run, walk, or stand. Above all, because your muscles are in charge of movement.

So, what are the benefits of using muscle electrostimulation in the knee? Let’s investigate knees and Wiemspro technology.

Muscle electrostimulation in knees with Wiemspro

The knee is a joint that joins two of the most important bones, the femur and the tibia. It is located in the center of the legs and allows them to rotate, bend or rotate. In addition, the muscles that are inserted in it are those that allow movement and exert great force.

Among the best known muscles, the quadriceps, the biceps femoris or the rectus femoris can be highlighted. All of them make the movement of the legs possible in one way or another, and some of them are even involved in more than one movement.

To strengthen this important joint, routine stretching and physical activity should be done where the knees are worked. Otherwise, injuries may arise that make mobility difficult.

Electrostimulation is a tool that helps you activate muscles and muscle fibers when training, doing any sport or muscle exercise. Also when you are at rest. Causing an increase in your physical abilities, improving health and helping to prevent injuries. It also improves and increases the rehabilitation capacity after an intervention or injury that you may have suffered.

In a large number of clinics, the Wiems tool is used to strengthen and improve physical abilities after an operation, or to maximize your physical potential.

The role of electrostimulation in knee injuries

As we’ve discussed before, the knees are put under a lot of pressure by bearing weight and being involved in all leg movements. That is why, to avoid injuries, exercises that strengthen the knees and help us prevent their deterioration should be performed regularly.

Knee injuries mainly affect the limitation of movement. Within these injuries, you can find some very common, such as:

  • Sprains: they are caused by a partial or total rupture of some of the ligaments of the knee.
  • Strain or stretched knee muscle: usually caused by excessive physical exercise.
  • Ligament rupture: this type of injury occurs when you make a sudden knee movement, and the knee is not able to withstand it. This injury is the most common among elite athletes, who put the joints under greater pressure.
  • Patellar tendinitis or jumper’s knee: it is an injury that occurs due to overload, when the repeated performance of an action injures the knee. It can appear when jumping, running, or changing direction frequently.
electrostimulation knee

When the body sustains a knee injury, treatments often vary depending on the severity. However, during recovery, or once recovered, the most important thing is to strengthen the muscles of the joint to prevent further injury.

Electrostimulation is a highly valued tool among experts for the rehabilitation or recovery of the knees when an injury occurs, or simply to strengthen them during training.

One of the most useful moments is when exiting a trade. When you have surgery on your knee, the muscles are disinhibited and lose strength, so you need to recover them to return to normal as soon as possible. These muscles can accelerate their recovery through the electrostimulation system, since its discharges cause an increase in fiber recruitment and improve muscle recovery.

Exercises to strengthen the knees

At Wiems, we want to help you have strong and healthy knees, so we recommend several exercises that will be very useful for you, and that you can do at home without needing help:

Proprioception exercises

These exercises will help you improve your balance, stability, coordination, and strength. This type of exercise is very important as it will improve your ability to react to certain situations, such as a stumble. It is very simple, simply, with the leg straight, contract the quadriceps for 2 seconds and then relax it for another 2 seconds. We can perform this exercise in intervals of 10 movements, and it will help us wake up the muscle.

Isometric in 4 directions

Push your foot into the ground, first with the ball of the foot, then with the heel, and the same with the inside and outside of the foot. When you do this exercise, remember to feel the tension in your knee.

Load and balance exercise

If the previous ones were simple, this one is even more so. You simply have to lift one of the two legs bending at the knee without reaching a 90º angle, and maintain balance with the other leg bending the knee just 5 degrees. In this way, tension is caused on the knee of the leg that It is on the ground, which will help strengthen your muscles and maintain your balance.

Tension and Flexion

Slightly lift your foot off the ground, and make movements of tension and flexion, as if you wanted to clean a stain on the floor with the sole. Give wax and polish wax.

What does the science say about muscle electrostimulation applied to the knees?

At this point, we are going to distinguish between two devices that can be used to improve knee recovery.

The knee TENS system consists of a device that produces small discharges, and is used as an analgesic for pain that may arise from an injury.

The EMS system is a device that performs shocks to stimulate the knee muscles, causing them to strengthen and speed up recovery.

Exercises to strengthen the knees

Scientific articles can be found on experiments carried out with EMS for the recovery of knee injuries, as well as to avoid pain.

Bassas García, in 2017, carried out an analysis of an exercise and electrostimulation protocol to re-adapt a jumper’s knee. The results found showed that the jumper’s recovery rates improved with the use of electrostimulation and that, by eliminating this tool, the levels of readaptation decreased again, slowing down rehabilitation.

There are several articles that carry out research on the advantages or disadvantages that electrostimulation produces in the rehabilitation of knee surgery patients, demonstrating that the improvement of the recovery process increases when electrostimulation is used. But in addition, its use combined with physical activity is recommended to achieve greater toning and strength of the muscles. If you apply the EMS system in the warm-up round, before jumping exercises, you can boost your performance.


The knees are of great importance in our daily lives, and having strong knees will allow you better and more comfortable mobility, as well as greater safety in preventing injuries. The muscle electrostimulation systems, applied to the knee muscles, combined with physical exercises, improve the most important joint of the legs, strengthen it, and tone the muscles that compose it.