The importance of having a good recovery post-workout

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Muscle recovery after training

We all know that eating a balanced diet and doing physical exercise helps to improve the state of our health. However, we must also pay attention to muscle recovery. In this post, we will talk about the importance of this being adequate and the benefits it brings. We will also show you some methods to do it effectively and we will mention some foods that will help you speed up the process. Last but not least, we will explain how to carry out this process with electrostimulation (EMS). Let’s go!

Why is it important to complete a good muscle recovery?

Depending on the sport you do, you will exercise some muscles more than others, and depending on the intensity and frequency, they will suffer more or less wear and tear. Obviously, running a marathon is not the same as going for a walk; however, it all depends on how fit you are and your personal limits. What is for sure, is that recovery after physical activity is essential for better sporting performance, in addition to preventing injuries when it’s time to start exercising again.

In this reconditioning process, the body will apply a defense mechanism to adapt to the demanding conditions it has been exposed to, thus regaining the strength it needs to face another sports session. Do you know how long this process takes? Approximately, we should rest between 24 and 48 hours, although, again, we would like to emphasize that everything will depend on how tired you feel, and your training routine.

It is essential that you respect this rest time so that fatigue disappears after an effort, you renew your energy and your muscles repair the tissues that were worn out during the physical activity. However, your level of fitness and the experience you have as an athlete will determine whether this time is reduced or extended.

Benefits of muscle recovery

Besides being necessary for all the factors explained in the previous section, such as avoiding injuries and repairing damaged tissues, another of the benefits to highlight is that your body will regulate itself and you will be able to sleep more and sleep better. In addition, by letting your muscles recover, you will help rebuild them, avoid weakening your body and replenish the energy reserves you have used up.

What is more, this whole rehabilitation process will help you to obtain better results in subsequent training sessions, in a short amount of time, you will avoid fatigue and activate the acceleration of muscle growth.

Muscle recovery methods

Now that we know the importance and benefits of muscle recovery, it is time to talk about the available methods for performing this process.

Therapeutic massage 

This type of massage is aimed at all people who have suffered a sports injury, although they are also recommended to prevent sports injuries. This technique is characterized by the inclusion of various manual methods of therapy that accelerate the muscle recovery after physical exertion, as well as avoiding potential overloads. Therefore, we should not consider it only as a reconditioning tool, but as a very effective preventive treatment.

Among its most outstanding benefits are that it is perfect to facilitate relaxation, improve circulation and relieve bodily aches and pains


Electrostimulation and muscles are two concepts that are closely linked. In fact, this is one of the best ways for you to recover faster and better after physical exertion. If you apply it at low-intensity frequencies, you will increase blood flow, accelerate the regeneration of damaged fibers and promote the supply of nutrients to the tissues. In addition, a specific electrostimulation program can help you relieve stress and eliminate tension.

In the event that slight stiffness has appeared after exercise, the electrical impulses will help you to get rid of it. And if you can feel an area that has been really overworked, they will give you a satisfying sense of relaxation in the affected area. And if that wasn’t enough, these controlled discharges release a greater amount of endorphins, ideal for reducing pain in your muscles.

Muscle recovery with Wiemspro

Compression devices 

Compressive clothing is your best friend for significantly reducing pain and inflammation that you might have in a muscle, as well as giving you an extra dose of comfort. Therefore, it is perfect to use this compliment to recovery after intense sport. Socks, in particular, are the type most commonly used by elite athletes.

Stretching after exercise

Stretching has a specific purpose, which is none other than to return the muscles to a state of proper relaxation. It is advisable to always do these gentle exercises after finishing your sports practice to avoid the possibility of your muscles suffering possible shortening and/or stiffness, as well as to prevent injuries. Also, by including them in your daily activity routine, you will acquire more power and resistance, and you will also improve your elasticity.

You should also know that electrostimulation promotes muscle elasticity and flexibility.

Muscle regeneration with electrostimulation

The EMS by Wiemspro technology is basically a wireless system that transmits electrical impulses to the muscles that you want to work. These impulses travel through electrodes strategically placed in the muscle groups that the user is most concerned about. These impulses cause beneficial muscle contractions that, depending on the intensity, will more or less accelerate the process of repair and strengthening of muscle fibers. The Wiemspro electrostimulation suit is the perfect addition to any treatment plan, both sporting and physiotherapeutic.

Electrostimulation in sport

The great thing about EMS is that it will help you elevate your sports performance, as you will be able to train your muscles in a way that traditional exercise routines can’t achieve. With its use, you will be able to perform workouts more efficiently and with more focus, and therefore get the most out of your sessions. It should be noted that you can adjust the intensity according to your personal needs and goals.

The electrostimulation suits are perfect for promoting blood flow to the muscles that are affected by a workload. In this way, they will help you to prevent the infamous, annoying stiffness, especially if you have overexerted yourself or exercised an area that is not used to physical activity.

Electrostimulation in physiotherapy

Physiotherapy uses electrostimulation garments to improve the muscle tone of bed-ridden patients, as well as to improve their strength. Therefore, these innovative devices are beneficial for so many different treatments, such as the prevention of atrophy, and rehabilitation processes.

This technique provides the specific current that professionals need to achieve the sufficient electrical impulse to generate a motor response. Thanks to the technology, this system offers different programs to target fibers, as well as reaching muscles directly for a faster and more effective response. This method of electrotherapy is also known as TENS.

Recovery after training

Foods that help muscle recovery

Nutrition is a fundamental tenet for providing our muscle groups with essential substances to improve the regenerative processes. Especially in cases where you have pushed yourself in a demanding, intense sports session, after which you should look to focus on your protein intake

As mentioned above, it is very common to find people who, after exercising with moderate effort, suffer muscle damage. Protein will help you improve glycogen replenishment and recover faster. If you have doubts about which foods you can eat, we recommend, in addition to beans and pulses, dairy products, such as milk or cheese, and meats.

We all know that fruits and vegetables are very good for the body, but, in particular, the keratin in garlic and onions or the resveratrol in grapes and some red fruits have a greater anti-inflammatory effect and, therefore, will accelerate your muscle regeneration. Don’t forget to drink coffee and tea. Their high caffeine content, a substance that reduces pain, will help you recover after physical effort.

Don’t forget to hydrate. There’s no better way than doing it with liquids such as water or isotonic drinks. If your hydration is optimal, the blood supply to the affected areas will also be optimal, and will therefore favor your muscles’ rebuilding. On the other hand, spices such as ginger and turmeric have powerful properties for stopping inflammatory processes and helping you recover after sport.

We recommend that you take ginger as an infusion or in the form of soup, and adding turmeric will give color and flavor to recipes such as cauliflower or grilled chicken.


After reading this article, we hope that all the information provided will help you realize that to perform well and reach your next goal, the key is to train consistently and in accordance with your physical condition. For this, you need a large dose of energy and muscles at 100%. That is why, after each session, we must perform satisfactory muscular recovery.

Electrostimulation, together with the other methods we have shown you, will help you to achieve this objective, making the process shorter and more effective. Of course, don’t ever forget the fundamental role played by a good diet. If you want to stay informed, subscribe to our blog!