Electrostimulation and crossfit

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More and more people are becoming part of the Crossfit community. This sport is in increasing demand and is considered the fashionable sport in 2021. In this article, we are going to learn more about what this sport modality consists of, its training, benefits, and what we can obtain from this sport if we combine it with a training with Wiempro muscle electrostimulation.

What is CrossFit?

Crossfit is a hot sport, with demand on the rise in 2021. Crossfit workouts are based on constantly varying exercises focused on functionality and performed at high intensity.

When we talk about functionality, we refer to the use of safe, effective, and efficient movements, similar to those used on a day-to-day basis.

Crossfit trains the body exercising several disciplines at the same time, such as athletics, gymnastics, weightlifting and above all metabolic exercises. CrossFit programs focus on the work of different capacities and abilities: respiratory and cardiovascular resistance, muscular resistance, flexibility, speed, strength, balance, precision, and multiple added factors.

This sport is practiced energetically to effectively achieve a good state of form.

One of the characteristics that make it stand out is that it is a sport that can be practiced by any type of person, whether physically fit or not. This is because the workouts can be adapted to any condition.

History of crossfit

Greg Glassman was working with athletes at various gyms in California when he created this modality. In 1974, he created a high-intensity training program based on functional movements rather than routines.

This sport began as a technique to train policemen, firefighters, marines, and military, however, its popularity spread, making Crossfit one of the fashionable sports in 2021.

The creator of this sports modality, Greg Glassman, has designed several sessions, baptizing each group with the names of women in relation to the American hurricanes, and others with the names of military heroes, police officers, and firefighters, among others.

WOD Crossfit

WOD is the acronym for Work of Day, it is the way in which the training that is done every day in crossfit is called. No day is a training equal to another. This is one of the reasons that makes Crossfit attractive.

At CrossFit.com, the official website of the registered brand, they define sport as an adventure lived in a community.

The WODs last approximately 1 hour, and share a structure:

Warm-up: previous warm-up to prevent injuries. This stage includes exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups, squats, jump rope, etc.

Technique or Strength “A”: this stage is intended to practice the technique of strength and power exercises. It tries to use the greatest amount of weight that the person can support depending on the exercise and the number of repetitions. The exercises are related to deadlifts, squats, snatches, loads, deadlifts, bench presses, planks, etc.

Part “B”: Moment of greatest intensity of training. At this point the amount of weight is decreased, and the aim is to increase the respiratory capacity. Combinations of the exercises performed in part “A” are usually performed, in addition to exercises without weight for resistance such as jumping jacks, pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, running at maximum speed, etc.

Crossfit with EMS

Types of WOD in CrossFit

Depending on the type of day’s work we do, we can find:

AMRAP (As many repetitions as possible). It consists of performing the greatest number of repetitions or rounds of the exercises that you are performing during the work day. For example, when we talk about 15-minute Amrap, you should perform as many repetitions as possible during those 15 minutes.

By Time: This form of training tries to perform a target number of rounds, in a limited time. You must reach the proposed goal, or perform the activity as quickly as possible to get as close to the goal.

TABATA: It consists of 8 rounds in which intense exercises are performed for 20 seconds. Rest 10 seconds between each round, and count the number of total repetitions. This training mode can be performed with two or three different exercises simultaneously.

Benefits of CrossFit

Crossfit is a very complete sport as it uses training that is so varied, adaptable and based on movements of daily life. Some of the benefits that we can highlight are:

  • Helps eliminate body fat, due to high intensity exercises.
  • It improves resistance, which has a favorable effect on our quality of life.
  • Increase the muscles, the combination of resistance and strength exercises find the balance by which you will increase resistance without losing muscle mass.
  • It is a non-routine exercise, which prevents falling into boredom or routine. The variability of the workouts make it even more entertaining.
  • It allows results in a very short time. Being high-intensity exercises and well adapted to each person, it allows results to be obtained in shorter periods of time than with other types of sports.

Electrostimulation and Crossfit

Many high level athletes combine electrostimulation with crossfit. This is due to the benefits of electrostimulation both at the level of muscle recovery and for the development of fibers

  • During training to increase the activity of muscle fibers, obtaining better results.
  • It allows you to relax after a hard workout, avoiding muscle discomfort.
  • In stages of rehabilitation after suffering injuries, to recover mobility and muscle strength. This article will show you how to use electro to recover from injuries.

By combining muscle electrostimulation with muscle training, you are obtaining one of the most complete physical activities.

The high intensity and functionality of the crossfit exercises, added to the capacity of the Wiemspro electrostimulation suits, allows you to work the main muscle groups, thus favoring your health, the generation and regeneration of muscle fibers, the increase in strength, and a Greater capacity to work resistance.

Crossfit electrostimulation


From Wiemspro, we recommend doing sports to obtain a better quality of life. Crossfit seems to us to be one of the most interesting and complete sports today, due to its ability to adapt and its intensity. In addition, it is based on functional training with activities that take place in people’s daily lives, which will increase your daily resistance.

Combining the execution of sports with electrostimulation systems, enhances muscle development, resistance, and the ability to avoid injuries. At Wiemspro, we have adapted our electrostimulation suits to perform any sport without bothering the user, and with the ability to obtain a complete performance analysis thanks to our wireless electrostimulation device.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us without obligation and leave us your information here. We will contact you quickly.