Ana Peláez, the success story of the professional golfer and use of electrostimulation

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Ana Peláez , the case of the failure of the professional golfer and the use of electrostimulation

It is not even that we enjoy more than talking about our wonderful Wiemspro athletes, therefore, in the post of today we were going to talk about the Spanish golfer Ana Peláez, in her professional career, and the success of her training thanks to the incorporation of the technology fitness Wiemspro.

Golf as a sport

Golf is a fashion sport. Each day is more popular and counts with more participants. As you will know, the objective of this sport is to introduce a ball into the distinct hoyos that are distributed across the golf course, and it is scored with the least possible number of goals. Depending on the circumstances, the golfer can choose a type of pole or another.

In this sport, it is not only the power, the precision, and the well developed muscles of the arms and lumbars that are important. It is also important to keep your concentration focused, to be very familiar with the surroundings, to have a good vision of the game and, of course, a strategy of game.

In this feeling, when we refer to the precision we have of the calculations that the player needs to make in order to achieve his objective. For that, the player has to take into account factors such as the direction, speed or height he has to hit the ball, and the different types of golf hits to achieve his goal.

Ana Peláez and her experience as a golfer

The golfer Ana Peláez was born in the province of Málaga in 1998, and was all very small when she started to get involved with golf.

Her constancy, dedication and dilated experience have led her to participate in multiple tournaments spanning all these years; like the Open de España, the Campeonato de España de Valencia and the Santader Tour that was celebrated in Madrid. In all of them he demonstrated his great value and technical dominance, raising her to make the leap to the professional category in 2021.

Since Ana Peláez started to compete in 2012 in the Campeonato de España de Golf de Cadetes in Cádiz, she didn’t stop. This was held in multiple encuentros, such as the Girls’ British Open Amateur Championship of the year 2013, the Campeonato de España Sub 16 Femenino de 2014, the Campeonato de Europa Sub-18 played in the Czech Republic in 2015 or the Campeonato de Madrid de 2016, in which she prevailed as the winner. All these encounters gave her not only great skill as a professional golfer, but she also gained more and more experience and renown.

Despite being of Malaga origin, much of his training in golf was due to his training at the University of South Carolina, where a day in the past he converted into all one example, and he spent his time numerous participations in tournaments internacionales y nacionales celebrados en el país nortemaricano. Ana demonstrated her skills in the NCAA Columbus Regional of the year 2017, which joined the American Kelly Grasel, or The Landfall Tradition of 2019, in which she ended in the second position among the 91 players that were presented.

After finishing her studies in the United States, in 2019 and with a large number of tournament participations, Ana Peláez from Malaga returned to the Spanish market, with very surprising results that left her closer and closer to those top positions in her participations in Spain.

After these years, in 2021 she made the leap to the professional category. In this last phase, the golfer Ana Peláez has undergone tests in prestigious events, until she was able to become part of the Ladies European Tour, with a spectacular participation stage after stage.

The successful record of golfer Ana Peláez

As we have seen, the professional golfer Ana Peláez has participated in many events, each one more important to her. We are going to review her track record in the world of golf.

Inside his amateur facet he held great individual prizes such as:

  • 2013 Andalusia Cup.
  • 2015 Annika Invitational Europe.
  • 2016 Madrid Championship.
  • 2017 NCAA Columbus Regionals.
  • 2020 Andalusian Cup.
  • 2021 Andalusia Cup.

Among his team appearances, the following sporting events stand out:

  • Junior Solheim Cup (representing Europe) 2015.
  • Junior Golf World Cup (representing Spain) 2016.
  • Women’s European Team Championship (representing Spain) 2015 (winners), 2016.
  • European Women’s Team Championship (representing Spain) 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021.
  • Arnold Palmer Cup (representing the international team) 2021.

In her jump to the professional category, Ana was released in the Ladies European Tour competition thus achieving her first victory on May 8, 2022 at the Open Ladies of Madrid.

Ana Peláez and her Training with Electrostimulation

Ana Peláez and her Training with Electrostimulation

When the golfer Ana Peláez discovered electrostimulation training, she still did not know all the benefits that the Wiemspro system could offer her.

Ana’s goal was to power and improve strength and speed in the golf swing technique (The swing is characterized by being a movement that involves a great deal of muscles from all over the body).

The training of this athlete has been designed by combining multi-joint exercises with plyometrics, and later bringing the training closer to the technical gesture.

Electrostimulation increases the quality of muscular contraction and, thank you to this, your strength and power have been visibly improved.

Electrostimulation for golfers

Training with electrostimulation in golf is very useful, since it is capable of strengthening and enhancing each muscle group involved.

In general, the muscles that must strengthen a golfer are the men, the arms, the abdominals and the core. All these areas must be worked on to be powerful and tonified and, in this way, be able to maximize your performance and avoid future injuries.

In golf it is important that both technique and muscular training are duly worked out. It is a totally erróneo thinking to disregard the training, or to dedicate less time to training and relying only on the technical part, and vice versa. If we do not enter properly, our muscles may be debilitated, remaining effective in the technique, as well as causing important injuries.

For this reason it is essential that high performance golfers, those who dedicate themselves to the professional circuit, have very specific needs to improve their physical performance; and to achieve the best performance, it is essential to use a complement in training as is electrostimulation.

To undertake which training it is fundamental to keep in mind the basic aspects, the caloric intake and the body composition, since these will decide the intensity and strength that is applied to the training. This is why an electrostimulation system is fundamental to create a better physical base to be able to play golf in the best conditions, and prevent future injuries.

Considering that we are practicing golfers who belong to the professional category, any golfer who can do training with electrostimulation wants to improve both his physical form and performance on the course.

Ana Peláez and her Training

What benefits has Ana Peláez obtained with the Wiemspro Electrostimulation system

Ana Peláez came with the intention of improving her physical performance in the field of professional golf.

Through the exercises with Wiemspro electrostimulation, muscle contraction has also been improved, an increase in muscle mass, strength in movement and endurance. This is due to the fact that 90% of the muscle’s potential is used with an electrostimulation training, whereas in the conventional way the maximum potential is used that is 70%.

On the other hand, electrostimulation causes a acceleration of the metabolism during training and during many hours after, this is translated into multiples benefits with electrostimulation such as:

  • Improves circulation.
  • Eliminate cellulitis.
  • Improves blood oxygenation.
  • Gain muscle mass.

These are some of the extras that he obtained athlete Ana Peláez since joining the Wiemspro system.


Electrostimulation is very recommended as a complementary tool in the training, since it is safe and effective, and ofrece visible results.

One of the benefits most sought by sportsmen is to have the best results in the shortest possible time. With the Wiemspro wireless electrostimulation system we can achieve better sports performance, strength and muscular endurance. In addition, we improve our body composition, and protect us from future injuries due to overload or poor movement.

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