Windsurfing and Electrostimulation, Aurelio Terry’s muscle hypertrophy success

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Windsurfing and Electrostimulation, Aurelio Terry's muscle hypertrophy success

In previous posts we have commented on some success stories that electrostimulation has in real personalities and of all kinds: from people who suffer from multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia, to cases of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. But electro is not only used for physiotherapeutic purposes or to treat pathologies.

Electrostimulation meets the objectives of elite athletes and sports professionals. That is why in this case we are going to talk about the athlete Aurelio Terry, a great Spanish windsurfer who is giving everything to fulfill his dreams.

Windsurfing as a sport

Windsurfing is a type of water sport that consists of moving on the water with a board and a sail. Unlike other systems, the windsurf board is articulated, thus allowing free rotation around a single point. This allows us to manipulate the rig depending on the direction we want to take, depending on the wind and the position of the board.

Within Windsurf we find different types of competition:

  • Wave. This modality consists of jumping and surfing the waves. In this discipline the lightest equipment is used.
  • Freestyle. Consists of the free movement of maneuvers that you want to execute. Within them are the new school and the old school, and both are accepted in competition.
  • Slalom. Consists of a race in which you zigzag and go around buoys. In this modality you need to do it with enough wind.
  • Race. This modality is limited to being a race in the style of sailing boats.
  • Indoor. This competition is held indoors and is one of the most competitive.

Aurelio Terry and his sporting experience in Windsurfing

Aurelio Terry, is one of our youngest Wiemspro athletes. Terry is professionally dedicated to Windsurfing, specifically to the IQFOIL sub 21 category.

This type of competition will be included as an Olympic class from the Paris Olympic Games in 2024.

In previous stages, our athlete Aurelio Terry was competing in the RS: X category, in which he came to get third place in the Under 19 European Championship, and runner-up in Spain Under 19. But these are just some of the recognitions that he has obtained in this skill.

In 2020 it was when Aurelio decided to compete in the IQFoil Olympic category, where in his first competition at the Spanish level he obtained third place.

This new category is characterized by needing a higher physical requirement, and this is the reason why he has been applying Wiemspro electrostimulation technology to his training for more than a year, thus improving his sports performance.

Improve sports performance in Windsurfing with electrostimulation

This sport requires a very high athletic performance, which is not always achieved conventionally, let alone in record time.

It is for this reason that athletes of recognized level end up choosing to resort to training with electrostimulation.

Electrostimulation or EMS is a training methodology in which the main protagonist is electrical impulses. These impulses are transmitted through electrodes strategically located in those muscle groups that we want to work. The electrical impulse penetrates the deepest muscle fibers, and produces an involuntary muscle contraction, causing it to activate.

Electrostimulation has many benefits, and thanks to this technology it is possible to activate many more muscle fibers at the same time, and with a controlled intensity. This makes the results much more visible and faster, since the work methodology is more precise and concentrated.

In this way, and depending on the type of training, you can use electrostimulation in your workouts to build muscle and gain strength, but also to tone up, lose weight, eliminate cellulite, or treat pain and other injuries.

Within Windsurf we find different types of competition

Achieve muscle hypertrophy with electrostimulation

A fundamental part of improving the sports performance of athletes, and in this case that of Windsurfer Aurelio Terry, is to increase muscle mass and develop muscle hypertrophy.

Muscle hypertrophy involves an increase in muscle fibers and therefore muscle.

Getting to a point of muscular hypertrophy is not easy, which is why electrostimulation is a fundamental complement in training to achieve this goal; since electrostimulation in training enhances the results.

In the current Windsurfing category in which Aurelio Terry competes, much more strength is required and, after a year of training with the Wiemspro electrostimulation system, he explains that he has gained 10 kilos exclusively from muscle fat, with fatty index levels being even lower than when it started.

With this, it can be said that to have a better sports performance, it is necessary to have a greater volume of muscle fat, and Wiemspro more than meets these expectations.

Aurelio Terry and his sporting experience in Windsurfing

How to maximize muscle hypertrophy in a healthy way

As we have said, to have a better sports performance it is necessary to develop a good muscular hypertrophy; but we have to be aware that, in order to develop this, it must be done within a healthy framework.

First of all we have to take into account food, which consists of three macronutrients:

  1. Proteins: These have to meet some minimum requirements in our body so that the increase in muscle mass is done correctly. We have to consume between 1.6 and 2.2 gr. of protein per kilo of weight.
  2. Carbohydrates: These are responsible for giving us enough energy to train with quality and intensity. The consumption of these varies according to the type of life, training and physical characteristics.
  3. Fats: Do not confuse this macronutrient with something negative. Healthy fats are necessary to promote the absorption of vitamins and minerals in our body. It is recommended to consume at least 1gr. of fat per pound of body weight.

Secondly, you have to carry out a progressive overload during training, and gain weight day by day. At the colloquial level, this is the basis of hypertrophy. If we move more weight every day, or the same weight more times, we will gradually get stronger.

If we cannot continue to progress, it is necessary to lower the training volume for a week or two to be able to perceive the change again.

Third, respect the break. It is very important that the body receives the necessary rest and we have good sleep hygiene if we want to perform daily and avoid injuries due to muscle overload.

What benefits has the windsurfer obtained with the Wiemspro system?

Aurelio Terry has recognized the many benefits he has obtained from training with the Wiemspro electrostimulation system. Some are:

Improves body composition

The Wiemspro system not only acts on the muscles, but also works to improve the body composition of people. This translates into various benefits:

  • Get hypertrophy faster.
  • It forces the body to use up to 90% of the force.
  • It is considered an explosive activity.
  • Prevents the loss of muscle fat in periods of weight loss.
  • Increases flexibility and elasticity of muscles.
  • It speeds up metabolism and reduces body fat.
  • Tones muscles and decreases the proportion of fat cells.

In summary, a training with EMS allows to make very important and visible physical changes.

Prevent and treat injuries

Avoiding injuries when you are a regular at sports is one of the biggest concerns on your mind, for this it is essential to have well-stimulated and strong muscles to help us create a habit of correct movements. It is for this reason that stimulation is a great ally if your purpose is to avoid injuries at all costs.

When we talk about treating injuries, electrostimulation behaves differently, since in this aspect what it does is imitate a muscle contraction to facilitate blood circulation and accelerate muscle recovery. Another key factor is that it also works as an analgesic by acting directly on the nerve endings that cause pain.

Enhances body recovery

In this aspect, electrostimulation performs a very specific job on muscle recovery. This is done through different lines of work:

  • Stimulates muscle fibers to prevent injuries.
  • Promotes intramuscular blood circulation.
  • Prevents muscle groups from weakening and corrects muscle imbalances.
  • Release muscle tension.

This translates into being able to carry out a more efficient and faster muscle recovery than in a conventional way.

Why Terry has chosen electrostimulation to improve his performance

As Aurelito Terry has previously commented, the IQFoil Olympic Windsurf modality requires greater strength capacity, and this led him to make a radical change with respect to his training in order to gain more weight and muscle strength, key objectives for this modality. sporty.

We can say that he has more than achieved his goal thanks to personal training with the Wiemspro Slim Plus electrostimulation suit.

In short, he feels that electrostimulation has improved his training potential and, personally, it has managed to increase training motivation, eliminating that laziness that haunts us all.