Electrostimulation to combat stress and release tension

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Electrostimulation to combat stress and release tension

Electrical stimulation is very effective against stress. Interestingly, despite providing excellent results, it is one of the least known practical tools for this technology.

Stress is a problem that affects millions of people in Spain. Is it your case? Explore how electrical stimulation can help you reduce stress and gain a sense of well-being.

Electrical stimulation against stress, a reality that has been studied

Neurostimulation, only in specific clinical cases and not at home.

Nerve stimulation should not be confused with electrical muscle stimulation, although both use electrical impulses and are effective methods of combating stress.

In fact, this type of treatment should only be maintained in the specialist clinical setting and only for very specific types of patients. However, we mention it because it is interesting to understand the power of electrical stimulation.

There are other types of actions that can help you in a much simpler way, equally effective and that can be applied with a good electrostimulation device in the clinical or even domestic setting.

Electrostimulation to combat stress by generating endorphins

Endorphins are the so-called happiness hormones, which are aids produced by the body to combat and relieve pain. Through electrical muscle stimulation, the body can secrete more endorphins at any given time.

By programming the electrical stimulation device for a specific time within a specific frequency range, the body will receive a series of stimuli. It has a number of responses, including an increase in endorphin secretion.

Electrical stimulation against stress, a reality that has been studied

But what effect do endorphins have on stress?

  • They block pain detectors in the brain and are 20 times more effective than oral pain relievers. Pain is the cause of physical and psychological stress.
  • They promote calm and actively contribute to creating happiness.
  • They can improve people’s moods and make them less susceptible to psychological and emotional stress.
  • They can lower blood pressure and help the body perform its best function without any changes, thus improving health.
  • They lower the level of adrenaline and thus help to relax the body and mind.
  • They help prevent anxiety and improve the quality of life and well-being of people.

Muscle relaxation with electrostimulation to combat stress

Electrical stimulation equipment can greatly improve muscle contracture quickly and effectively. When they appear in the shoulders, upper back, or neck, they are more stressful than other parts of the body and often cause headaches.

The use of electrical stimulation to combat stress by reducing and relieving muscle tension is a very effective method. Muscle tension and discomfort or pain are the two main causes of physical stress. Also, when these aches and pains make normal physical activity impossible, this often produces psychological pressure which, in turn, causes the fibers to tighten in a vicious cycle that is difficult to get rid of.

By applying electrical stimulation, this vicious circle can be broken. This will have a noticeable effect by loosening the fibers and shrinking the affected area. This will help you feel better, calmer, more relaxed and will significantly reduce stress.

Physical exercise fights stress

As we all know, physical exercise can combat stress from different angles. In addition to releasing endorphins, as we have already mentioned, it can also improve oxygenation of the brain and blood and minimize blood pressure. In addition, it increases the energy level.

If necessary, electrical stimulation can counteract the fibers, as can muscle exercise. This work produces the same reaction in the human body as physical exercise. In the fight against stress, its incidence is the same.

Muscular oxygenation and de-stress

The recovery program through electrical stimulation takes as one of its effects the best muscle oxygenation.

Adequately oxygenated muscles feel less fatigued and do not notice the symptoms of hypoxia, which are usually a lack of energy. In other words, they feel less tired and fatigued, which are both to blame for physical and emotional stress. Therefore, when these are fully oxygenated, energy levels and physical health will improve greatly. In this case, it is more complicated that you suffer from stress or anxiety problems.

You will discover that electrical stimulation is very effective against stress. It acts on the body from different angles and has a clear common goal: to help you relieve stress by preventing it from reappearing. As a result, you will feel calmer and have a significantly improved sense of happiness and vitality.

How is Wiemspro different from other muscle electrostimulation equipment?

Let’s start with the smart EMS software. Unlike other EMS devices, Wiemspro allows the automatic adjustment of the intensity of the impulses in the program within the training protocol. You only need to make an initial adjustment once.

Our system is wireless and has Bluetooth. In addition, it allows group training to ensure successful training for all participants. Many companies have been able to take full advantage of the benefits of electrical stimulation for their centers. People are no longer satisfied with going to the gym, especially for the new generation who are looking for the fastest and safest way to exercise.

Electrostimulation to combat stress and release tension


As we have told you, there are few who know this method to combat stress, this being one of the mental states that most accompanies people in our country. With the help of electrostimulation you will be able to cut that feeling of fatigue and emotional exhaustion, you will be able to relax as if it were a training session.