The benefits of cycling combined with muscle electrostimulation

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cycling electrostimulation

World champions from various countries such as France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Germany, use the muscle electrostimulation system combined with their sports activity, such as cycling. In this way they manage to enhance their physical capacity and achieve greater performance.

Surely you know someone who has told you about the benefits of using an electrostimulation suit when you go out on a bike ride, or after training to work muscles that would otherwise be very complicated or impossible.

Within this post, we are going to discover the benefits provided by the Wiemspro system, before, during and after going out on the road with our bicycle.

Cycling and its benefits

Cycling is one of the most famous sports in the world. It consists of carrying out sports activities using the bicycle. This activity improves our cardiovascular system and strengthens the heart, which will help you to have a much greater physical condition and resistance.

Cycling has many benefits: it improves muscle tone, burns fat, reduces cholesterol levels, improves oxygenation, reduces the risk of cancer and diabetes, and many more benefits that will give you physical capacity and enviable health.

The importance of this physical activity, in addition to the large number of benefits it generates, is given by the ability to maximize your sports skills and the ability to help you reduce stress on the body and mind.

To achieve high performance, it is vitally important to take care of your diet, but, in addition, if you combine doing this sport with muscle electrostimulation, you will be able to enhance the results and achieve your goals more quickly and efficiently.

How to combine the electrostimulation system with cycling

When we perform physical activity, our brain sends electrical impulses to the muscles to contract. In the same way, the EMS system sends impulses to the muscles, even reaching areas that we would not be able to exercise without the electrostimulation tool.

Initially, electrostimulation was used as an analgesic for muscle recovery after a workout, but lately, its benefits for strengthening muscles, toning them, and even increasing physical capacity and performance have been recognized.

The ability to control the impulses emitted by the electrodes, their duration and intensity, allows athletes to adapt their muscles to the type of work that allows them to achieve the goals they have set for themselves to a greater extent.

We must not forget that we will obtain better results with the application of electrodes to physical activity, but that electrostimulation should not completely replace this activity if we want to achieve our goals. How can electrostimulation be applied with cycling:

  • As a recovery method: This method is the most used by professional cyclists and athletes. Its application after training allows you to relax the muscles, eliminate toxins, has analgesic effects and many more benefits.
  • With variations in the frequency used: The frequency of the impulses determines the physical capacity that we want to enhance. Thus, if we apply low frequencies, it will help us improve aerobic resistance, but if we program high frequencies, it will help you increase physical strength.

Cycling and electrostimulation: The Wiemspro cyclist

At Wiemspro we have worked to create the perfect electrostimulation tool for carrying out activities without the inconvenience of cables or without having to be aware of the distance we maintain from the measuring device.

With its Wireless system, you can perform exercises without cables that interrupt your movement. Additionally, the suit is designed for maximum flexibility and freedom of movement.

The electrodes that make up the different suits can act at different intensities and individually on the muscles, at the request of the athlete, to meet the needs requested in their training.

The tool we offer allows you to combine electrostimulation beyond recovery. It also allows its use during physical activity without bothering the user.

Practicing cycling generates important health benefits.

Wiemspro Suits

At Wiemspro we have revolutionized the electrostimulation market with the technology of our EMS suits and equipment. Always thinking about your comfort and safety, our electrostimulation suits are characterized by their ergonomic technology, since they adapt perfectly to your body; and for its absolute quality in more advanced textile materials. This technological advance in EMS equipment aims to make your training comfortable, safe and efficient. Our EMS suits are suitable for any type of user, whether you are an amateur athlete or an EMS training professional.

Have you decided to incorporate electrostimulation into your daily training? In this section we inform you about everything you need to know about the technology, types and use of our EMS suit.

At Wiemspro we have managed to create the most comfortable, versatile and flexible suits, so that they are not uncomfortable when you practice cycling.


Designed to give you maximum freedom. It has a performance capacity of up to 8 hours of uninterrupted work, it connects via Bluetooth 4.0, its pairing is automatic and its charging is done via mini USB. We invite you to get to know the device in depth in the section dedicated to the tool. Do not hesitate to ask any questions.


Wiemspro has an application that controls all the training parameters and functionalities of each device quickly and intuitively. Before starting the training you can configure the application and link each of the devices to have maximum control in the training. The APP will automatically store all the information related to the user and the training. The coach will be able to access the metrics and analyze the performance of each athlete.

Benefits of electrostimulation for the cyclist

What benefits can the combination of electrostimulation combined with cycling bring? We can locate several benefits such as:

  • Relaxing effect.
  • Analgesic effect.
  • Increased blood flow.
  • Increased explosive strength, movement strength and resistance.
  • Fatigue resistance.

These benefits are just a few of those that you can obtain by using the tool, but which are the most persecuted?

Reduced pain and accelerated recovery

It allows to correct imbalances, something very important for cyclists. But, in addition, it has analgesic effects for a quick muscle recovery after training.

Increased endurance and strength

It has been shown that a good use of electrostimulation, especially in warm-up stages, allows physical activity to be carried out with greater strength and resistance. Combining EMS with physical activity allows you to strengthen, tone and firm your muscles.

Increased muscle mass

Thanks to the hypertrophy programs offered by the muscle electrostimulation tool, you will be able to increase muscle mass.

To obtain good results within this field, you must work with higher intensities.

Practicing cycling generates important health benefits. Do the benefits increase if we combine cycling with electrostimulation?


Cycling has become a world-famous sport, and its practice is becoming more popular every day due to the large number of utilities and benefits it provides in our day to day life, and in our health and well-being.

To improve physical abilities and achieve greater performance, electrostimulation can be combined with cycling. Thus, favoring the recovery of the muscles, their toning, resistance and strength, will make it a less steep slope, and you will be able to reach much higher peaks.

In addition to cycling, the electrofitness provides benefits in the practice of various sports.