Work your calves with electrostimulation

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The main benefit that electro can bring is to strengthen calves. Complete an electrostimulation training and see the difference.

The calves are muscles that are used a lot in everyday life, being the muscles that suffer the most.

When we work these muscles doing sports, if they are given a lot of intensity, they can get injured, so strengthening the legs is a very serious issue, although sometimes it is not taken into account.

Electrostimulation for the calves will help us train them in a way that makes it easier to face any task.

Benefits of electrostimulation for calves

The main benefit that electrostimulation can bring is to strengthen calves.

The importance of leg strength is sometimes overlooked, and not just for athletes. Our lower joints are the ones that are responsible for supporting all our weight and moving around, and keeping them in good condition will help us, especially, in the future.

Electrostimulation is a great ally so that they do not suffer so much. This will make them more resistant and strengthen them. In addition, they will also achieve aesthetic changes since an adequate electrostimulation work will define and tone the entire worked area.

Another benefit of working with the twins with electrodes is the help they do on injuries or pain in the affected area.

Electrostimulation will help us, especially once after the injury, to start toning and strengthening the muscle. This process of recovery of the calf will have to be done little by little, so that during the progress it does not fall injured again.

Electrostimulation in the calves reduces heaviness in the legs. After spending many hours on your feet, working or even after a hard session of physical exercise, electrostimulation can be applied to the calf muscles, since, in addition to benefiting this muscle, it also helps to relieve the knees.

This method causes the secretion of endorphins, calming the pain and releasing the stress concentrated in the muscle, making the feeling of tiredness disappear.

A very frequent and effective use of electrostimulation in twins is in the field of beauty and aesthetics. This is mainly used to have more defined muscle without the need to do specific exercise in this part. The consequences of this treatment is the toning of the calves, losing volume and having a more defined muscle.

Whenever these methods are used, the advice of an expert in this field must be followed to avoid damage to the health of our body.

strengthen calves with an electrostimulation training

How to train the calves with electrostimulation?

The main thing to do a workout that gives optimal results, you have to know how to place the electrodes correctly, obtaining better results and avoiding injuries.

The position of these varies depending on the needs of each user.

If you want to recover muscle mass in a short period of time, you should work the thighs and calves especially.

It is recommended to place 4 larger electrodes on the quadriceps or hamstrings, depending on which muscle needs to work more. Another 4 will be placed on the calves, making sure that the negative electrode is on the upper part of the muscle.

The programs that can be used on these muscles are specialized in active recovery, training recovery and post-training.

Electrostimulation in calves to avoid cramps after training.

To avoid these situations after training, the base is to strengthen calves, or any other muscle. Having strong and resistant muscles help prevent cramps after physical exercise. Electrostimulation can help this process, reducing training time and obtaining better results.

It is also necessary to take into account more factors, such as the hydration of the muscle, that the less it has, the more complicated its recovery will be.

The more intense your training has been and the longer you’ve been at muscle limit, the more likely you are to have a muscle cramp at the end of your workout. These small or large muscle spasms that occur involuntarily can be very painful.

Electrostimulation to reduce muscle tension in the calves

If after training you have arrived very touched, with a lot of fatigue and muscular tension, you have to use a decontracting agent, and with your legs up, apply it for 10 minutes, placing your legs above your head so that the blood circulates better.

The decontracting agent helps set the rhythm of contraction so that the fibers work equally, stops spontaneous contractions within the muscle and stabilizes the internal electrical system so that the muscle fibers go at the same rate.

There will be many ways to place the electrodes to decontract the calves. You have to choose the one that is most comfortable for you.

It is important to make sure that the electrodes do not fall off when the feet are up and to clean the area where the pads are placed.

Benefits of electrostimulation in calves:

  • Greater muscle activation and contraction of all fibers.
  • Increased user stamina during the session.
  • Improved strength and endurance.
  • Improves capillarization, increasing blood circulation and lymphatic irrigation.
  • Helps in recovery after a training session and improves some injuries.

This technique of electrostimulation of the calves is especially recommended for experienced athletes, to improve their physical condition, recover areas of the body after high intensity training. It is also very useful for injury rehabilitation and even for the prevention of these.

It is important to combine the practice of these techniques with conventional sports training, with one electrostimulation session a week or two at most being sufficient.

For people who are not used to practicing sports, it would be necessary to start in a more progressive way and at a very low level. We should start using this technique without exceeding the intensity, in addition to combining it with exercise. To use electrostimulation, and more so if it has never been used, it is highly recommended to have a professional supervise it.

strengthen calves with electrostimulation


Electrostimulation to strengthen calves is a very good training and recovery option to combine with physical exercise.

In addition to enhancing training to tone and define, it is very useful to prevent and recover from injuries.