Myths and benefits of Electrostimulation

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Myths and benefits to the electrostimulation

You’ve probably heard of electrostimulation on numerous occasions, but you’re also probably not very sure about what it entails or the various benefits of EMS training. In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about it and clear up any doubts you may have.

It’s time you learned how it can become your best ally towards achieving those goals you have set for yourself physically. Want to lose weight? Want to tone or sculpt your body? Do you dream of making cellulite disappear?

Find out, one by one, what its advantages are, as well as those false myths that surround it.

What is electrical muscle stimulation?

This term is used to refer to a specific way of exercising the muscles. It is based, in fact, on the use of localized electrical impulses, which cause a specific set of muscles to contract, with no intervention from the brain. Also known as EMS, electrical muscle stimulation is used in the world of fitness, where it enjoys tremendous success.

You might be wondering how these electrical impulses are generated. They come from a device capable of generating a mild electric current. This current is transmitted directly to the muscles that you want to exercise in your body through several electrodes. You just have to place them in the right spots. You can choose several locations in which they may act simultaneously.

This is the way in which the contraction is generated, and it has a similar effect to what we know as traditional physical exercises. After all, what muscle contraction does is mimic the movement that takes place at the origin of the central nervous system.

This is a type of training that helps you take care of your body thanks to the complement of electrostimulation. You only have to try it to discover how it helps your muscle tone, at the same time combatting flabbiness. There are several uses you can find for it. Let’s find out what they are.

What is electrostimulation for?

We may give it various uses, and there are several areas in which it may be used. There are mainly three, which we’ll see below:

  1. In the areas of fitness and sports in general, it has found a space of tremendous success. And it’s not surprising given the benefits it offers. On the one hand, it improves the performance of any physical exercise session. It results in an increase in aerobic and muscular endurance, as well as strength. On the other hand, it’s used once the training sessions are over in order to achieve the relaxation of the muscles that have been worked.

  2. It’s also frequently used in the fields of physical therapy and rehabilitation. Its objective is none other than to reduce the time it takes to recover from some muscular injuries and various surgical procedures that you may undergo. It’s also used as an effective method to treat some forms of pain.

  3. The third use, characterized by the fact that it is becoming more and more popular, is linked to world of aesthetics and lymphatic drainage. There are already numerous beauty centers that offer the most innovative services to shape your figure, tone certain areas of your body, and sculpt your physique, most of which use stimulation through electrical impulses. It also helps combat cellulite. However, for the best results, the usual recommendation is to follow a nutritious diet.
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What is electrical muscle stimulation training?

A training program with electrostimulation is the kind where you use a device and an electrostimulation suit, like those offered by Wiemspro, to turn your conventional training into a high intensity workout. As a direct consequence, the results you get after a session of this type will be greater, since you combine physical exercise with an extra effort.

If you are looking to lose weight, tone your body, or achieve greater muscle volume, it will be easier to achieve through this technique. It’s the perfect solution if you have been doing sport for a long time and trying to reach the goals you have set for yourself, but still not managing to reach the desired results.

Don’t despair and trust the ultimate method that will help you. The following are the different applications of training sessions involving stimulation based on electrical impulses.

Training with electrostimulation as a substitute for weight training

Using, for example, an electrostimulation suit as a substitute for lifting weights allows you to increase your physical performance by 30%.

If, on the other hand, you consider it a complement to the physical exercise that you do, it will lead you to considerably increase the final results.

What’s more, it can compensate for the lack of weight in cases where you can’t lift more than what you initially lifted. The muscle tension it causes leads to increased performance.

The complement to voluntary exercises

In this case, both active or voluntary exercise is carried out simultaneously with what is commonly known as passive exercise. If you go for this combination, the effects will be amplified even more than if you were to just stick with active exercise. You will therefore get a higher return for the same effort and time.

Injuries and several types of muscular discomforts

The application focuses this time on solving problems you may be experiencing. That is the case of a knee injury, lumbago, or numbness in the hands. It will allow you to deal with these situations through programs called stabilization programs. This function of electrostimulation is known as TENS or Transcutaneus Electrical Nervous Stimulation, which consists of using the electrical impulses for rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Myths and truths about electrostimulation

You may have heard a lot about this technique, but not all of it is true. There are a number of myths going around through word of mouth, with no scientific basis.

We invite you to analyze with us the things that are usually said to find out if they are true or if they merely respond to unfounded beliefs that should be banished once and for all.

It can’t be practiced every day

It is true that the stimulation carried out by means of electrical impulses can’t be performed every day. Experts recommend using it only twice a week. It is possible to include a third session in the case of more experienced athletes. Increasing the number of sessions may result in a risk of injury.

It lets you get in shape while resting or watching TV

This is an example of one of those false myths. It’s not true that by sitting on the couch at home or lying on table at a rehabilitation center, you are going to get the results you want as if by magic. It’s a lot more complex than that. If you want to exercise a specific set of muscles, you will have to resort to postures that contribute to their direct action, not to mention the physical exercise that is recommended to boost your results.

You will only get results if you are constant

It is absolutely true that the results you are aiming for will only materialize if you are constant. You’ll never get the results you want if you only use this method for a few days. You need to be perseverant and accompany this practice with a sporting activity, as well as with a diet that is in line with the efforts you make.

It helps you lose weight with no effort

Just wearing the electrostimulation suit does not work. It’s not magic; it’s science. You need perseverance and some form of physical exercise, but it is true that it helps improve your physical shape and that you will burn fat more effectively during the session than if you didn’t use the electrostimulation vest or suit. However, for your health and to further enhance your results, you should follow a diet and do physical exercise, like going to the gym, running, swimming, or other sports that will help you reach your goal.

It offers you the opportunity to do more targeted work

This statement is true. Because the electrodes can be moved and positioned in specific parts of your body, you can focus their intervention. You don’t have to develop the same work across the board. One of the main uses you can give it is to focus on treating a particular injury and make it better, or work on a specific area of the body, for example, build and shape your buttocks. Now that you know how electrostimulation works, its false myths and its truths, as well as how you can apply it to your sports training, it’s time for you to finally move from theory to practice. We encourage you to introduce it into your weekly exercise routines and enjoy the many benefits it brings. The results you obtain will convince you to continue using this method. Subscribe to our blog to learn more about this topic!

myths and benefits to the electrostimulation