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Electrostimulation does not replace sport but rather works as a complement to your workout to achieve your goals in a faster, more efficient, and visible way. In this category, you will find posts related to health and well-being, and how an electrostimulation workout can enhance and improve the results you want.

Health & Wellness

Why do I get tired all the time?

Tiredness, we can all feel tired at some point, if we have done some strenuous activity or we have not slept well. In certain cases

osteoarthritis and electrostimulation
Health & Wellness

What is Osteoarthritis?

Have you ever wondered what osteoarthritis is? It’s a condition suffered by millions of people around the world and is, in practice, the most common

Myths and benefits to the electrostimulation
Health & Wellness

Myths and benefits of Electrostimulation

You’ve probably heard of electrostimulation on numerous occasions, but you’re also probably not very sure about what it entails or the various benefits of EMS